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There is no merit, only Zuul

Welcome to the Spider-Man Message Board, the oldest board here at ComicBoards.Com, having been established back in 1996 with a strong online presence ever since. We hope you enjoy your visit! But first, click on the Spider-Signal and familiarize yourself with the rules of the board before posting - thanks!


Burn, baby, burn. It's a disco inferno.

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The SMB has long been a place of negativity. We're Parker fans; we know from pessimism. We tried a meritocracy, but it was so much work it fell apart in a matter of years.

But your mods still love you. (As friends, anyway.)
Will Peter Parker's absence be longer or shorter than Superman's during the "Death of" storyline of 1992-93? (Roughly 50-60 issues, total.)
 The TRULY Superior Spider-Man: SPIDER-SENSE...tingling.

REMEMBER: The mods can sense trouble.


Amazing Spider-Man Message Board
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