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Subj: Re: True. I forgot... Marvel went and made them retroactive.
Posted: Fri Sep 19, 2008 at 12:47:39 am EDT
Reply Subj: True. I forgot... Marvel went and made them retroactive.
Posted: Thu Sep 18, 2008 at 11:18:54 pm EDT (Viewed 208 times)

> You're kidding right ?
> So you think that you or I could step into Asgard or Mephisto's Realm, clap our hands together and both Odin and Mephy would then be looking for new homes ?
> There is no doubt that the writer at the time went out of his way to impress upon his readers the enormity of those two feats.

To answer your (possibly retorical) question, no, but I doubt we'll ever see the Hulk demolish Asgard with a thunderclap either. The reason I challenged the Herc feat, which I believe is what started all this, is because it's an unquantifiable feat. As you said in Hulk's case, the author is trying to impress the enomity of the feat. It's not something you can take literally because there is no way to compare it to anything. Hulk's thunderclap abilities seem to far eclipse anything another in his tier could do. Unless they have been retconned out, there is no way to make it just about strength when we have seen a calm Hulk do these things yet somebody like Abomination can't. It's some kind of EP for sure.

> Furthermore, until we know what hunger state Galactus was in at the time, Sentry stalemating him means little. Even Thing has knocked the Big G on his ass already.

Oh, I agree, but much like your example, the author included it to give the reader a sense of awe about the character. He was described as omnipotent, far exceeding the other heroes. Perhaps he is weaker now because of the nature of his powers or maybe Marvel just wanted to tone him down. We'll see. Regarding the Hulk comparison, seeing as how most of the high end strength feats can't be compared, we only have battles to go on. So far Sentry has done fairly well.

> > Sentry - High feat:
> >
> > Emitting enough power to destroy worlds and stalemating uber Genis while, as it is said in the comic, he is still holding back.
> >
> That was actually a statement made by Cap which has to be considered hyperbole since he didn't have any instruments or other devices to actually measure how much energy was being given off by Sentry and Genis. Not to mention it boggles the mind how Cap could even survive being able to witness two beings giving off that kind of energy when he was witnessing it up close. \:\-\)

You don't need instruments to say what they are doing, but in general I agree. Cap shouldn't be able to witness this event any more than Hulk should be able to able to pull tectonic plates together without them breaking in his hands. It just doesn't make sense. But you can't have it both ways. You can't say that Sentry's feat doesn't count because it's hyperbole but Hulk's does. In reality, Hulk could have maniulated a small piece of ground and prevented a chain reaction. We take the word of the people around him much like we take Cap's word. You have to have the same rules for both sides though.

On an unrelated note, Cap once survived a nova blast (that destroyed Ultron) by hiding behind his shield about twent feet away from the Human Torch. He's magic.

> > Sentry - Low feat:
> >
> > Getting knocked into another state by Ultron while he was looking the other way.
> >
> Like I said... its easy to look good when you don't have the highs and the lows of 40+ years of continuity to drag your averages down a bit. So right now you are essentially comparing apples to oranges.

I agree. I think the only way to compare them is through battles. Once characters get so strong their feats get silly and you can't really take them literally. You'll never see Thing punch a hole in reality but he'll always be able to give Hulk a bloody nose.

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