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Subj: Re: There's a MAJOR flaw to your theory.
Posted: Fri Sep 19, 2008 at 05:07:45 pm EDT (Viewed 1 times)
Reply Subj: Re: There's a MAJOR flaw to your theory.
Posted: Fri Sep 19, 2008 at 11:57:36 am EDT (Viewed 163 times)

> That's all fine and good.
> And I agree with everything you said.
> But it doesn't change the fact that the Hulk is consistently the only character Marvel calls the strongest (and I don't mean when the Hulk is speaking about himself). Even if you dismiss the handbooks, he's the only character billed as such in them, while Hercules has never been called this in the handbook.

Just for kicks, and it certainly doesnt mean a thing related with what the comics show (the Handbooks, i mean) but there are Handbooks, where Hercules have been rated higher than Thor and Hulk, iirc. He has been rated as "incalculable".

> Also...
> Hercules stalemates the Hulk one-on-one.
> Then the entire East and West Coast Avengers (including Hercules) stalemate with a Hulk that is getting weaker by the second.
> This complements the theory that the Hulk gets as strong as need be in that particular fight (he doesn't shoot a fly with an RPG...he doesn't hit Secret Wars mountain-bracing levels when fighting Captain America).
> > And that is that the Hulk has never beaten Hercules when he was at full power and fighting back. Every fight between savage Hulk and immortal Herc have been draws and they have been consistantly portrayed as peers in strength by Marvel, even if some of the more rabid Hulk-fans try to spin it otherwise. Nor has savage Hulk ever proven stronger in any head to head strength comparison.
> >
> > WW Hulk did do some damage to Hercules while he was not fighting back. A Hulk who was channeling the power of the Heroes Reborn universe gave a decisive beatdown to a mortal Herc, but this was a powered up Hulk and a Hercules whose powers were diminsished, so this proves nothing towards a comparison of their normal strength levels. Even when the Banner-less Hulk fought the Avengers, when Hercules fought this Hulk, there was no clear cut winner or really advantage on either side.
> >
> > As much as the Hulksters on this board try to twist what happens in continuity, Bannerless and WW Hulk are not savage Hulk and what they might have been capable of (though wasn't really shown in continuity) is pretty much a moot point. Personally, I do believe that certain versions like Banner-less Hulk is capable of surpassing Hercules in strength, but we didn't directly see that in the fight. WW Hulk not only was "angrier than he had ever been" and had his Banner persona in agreement so no longer a mediating factor, but also had absorbed the radiation from the warp core breach. Even with all that, Hercules seemed to be giving as good as he got until he stood down and stopped fighting to prove to the Hulk that he was on his side and there to help him. If (and I don't know that this is what you were referrring to) you are trying to compare Herc sripped of his godhood to a Hulk whose power is enhanced by an outside source, then that is pretty desperate and pathetic.

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