Alvaro's Community Message Board Rules And Guidelines

Please read, and understand these rules before posting.

General Banning Policy: As a general rule, only blatant rudeness (including fighting or flaming) will earn someone an immediate ban. Other times a banning may be handed out for technical reasons (i.e. flooding the board or spamming) or for ignoring repeated warnings such as posting spoilers. In any case, if you have been banned, you should immediately contact the mods, and be polite. If the mods are convinced that the infraction was caused by a momentary lapse in judgment or an error, you're likely to be reinstated more quickly.


While it should go without saying, all of the Rules and Guidelines of ComicBoards and TVShowBoards apply here.

Take care when stating your opinion on sensitive subjects, as others will likely disagree with you. Taking offense unnecessarily at others' opinions may put you at risk for removal from the board as well.
If you have a comment about the operation of the board or another poster's behavior, email the mods. Please don't bring up "board business" on the board itself.
Have you been banned? If so, please contact the mods, and be polite. Occasionally technical problems may have caused you to be banned along with someone else - and either way, a polite response may help you be reinstated more quickly.
Be careful when using sarcasm in your posts or subject lines, as it can easily be misunderstood. Take into account that someone reading may be in a foul mood and take it as an insult.
If you encounter a rude, crass, or insulting thread, do not reply to it. Instead, notify the mods. If you reply in kind you risk being banned along with the perpetrator.
General Courtesy. In order to help the board run smoothly, we also ask these things to remember when posting.
If your message contains no additional text, please state as such in the Subject.
Please do not use ALL CAPS in the subject line.
Endorsements/Advertising. ComicBoards and TVShowBoards will not endorse any special interest groups, political groups, or corporations. Advertising such things is prohibited on this board and all others, except with the specific written permission of management or the mods.
Deletions. The mods reserve the right to delete any thread on the board for any reason. If you believe a post has been deleted by accident, please contact the mods via email rather than posting your comment to the board. Note that often times a reply of yours may be deleted along with an offending thread due to technical limitations of the software.
Technical Glitches. The world is an imperfect place, and occasionally posts or replies may not quite make it to the board. If a post of yours has vanished, please contact the mods before considering that it's been deleted without cause.


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