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Q. So what's this place all about?

A. Why, comic books, of course! Well, about discussing comic books, and their creators, and the comic industry.

Q. How long has this place been here?

A. Under the domain, since May of 2000, but before that we were the Midtown Message Boards, going all the way back to the first board in 1996.

Q. And that board was?

A. The now famous Spider-Man Message Board, still one of our most popular message boards. Alvaro Ortiz -- our founder -- needing a place to talk about all things Spider-Man, created the Spidey Message Board in the spring of 1996. Eventually, he added more and more boards for your reading and posting pleasure.

Q. When it looks like a comic pro is posting here, is that really them?

A. Yup. We don't allow impersonations, and we're proud to say that more than a few comic professionals are members of our community.

Q. What are all dialogue boxes and buttons for in the POST MESSAGE page?

A. Ok, ready? Here's what everything does:

NAME: Put your posting moniker/handle here. Whether your real name or not, we ask that you use the same one all the time. (No impersonating other posters or comic professionals, please.)

E-MAIL: This is not required, but if you want to share it you may.

SUBJECT: This is where you put the 1-line blurb that will attract others to your post. Change it often in a thread.

SPOILERS?: Check this if your post contains spoilers, and a [SPOILER] tag will automatically appear next to your post alerting your fellow posters.

PASSWORD: You don't need to put one in to post, but if you enter a password here, you can go to your message later and edit it for errors or make changes.

RECEIVE REPLIES VIA E-MAIL: The default is "no," but if you want the replies e-mailed to you, click on yes and enter your e-mail address. If you want all of the board's messages mailed to you, click on the "SUBSCRIBE" link in the main menu and you can set that up though

SETTINGS: If you have "cookies" enabled on your system (you probably do), you just need to press this button and you can make sure you don't have to re-enter all the above info into every post. You can set up tag lines, your time zone, and set up personal preferences of how you view the board.

PREVIEW: This nifty feature allows you to see what your post will look like before you submit it. You can make sure any HTML code you used is working properly.

POSTPONE: If you start posting and want to look at something else before you finish your post, press this button and the information will be saved in your cookie until you press ...

RESUME: After you have saved a partial post by pressing "POSTPONE", you may return later, press this button and your unfinished post will reappear and you may add to it before it is posted.

CLEAR: This button clears any text in the message field. Who knows? You may want to start from scratch.

Q. Ok, seems pretty clear. If I have trouble later on, I'll just email the moderator of the board I'm posting on. So, tell me, why do you have boards on some topics, but not on others?

A. Some topics can support a board and some cannot. We're always open to suggestions, but no matter how fantastic a comic book or topic might be, that doesn't mean a lot of people want to discuss it. But we do have a variety of boards where you'll probably find a home to discuss the comics you enjoy. If you're ever not sure where to post about something, just ask on any of the boards. The moderators will suggest the best place you can post on the topic that interests you.

Q. What's a moderator do?

A. A moderator ... well, moderates. Our moderators are in place to see our rules are followed. They make sure the message boards have a non-combative tone that will foster mature debate. They see that the board runs smoothly toward that end: calm and open discussion of their board's main topic.

Q. Can I be a moderator?

A. Perhaps. If you're a good poster and there is an opening, one of the other moderators may ask you. Feel free to let it be known once or twice to the moderator of the board or to the management that you're interested. That doesn't guarantee you a moderatorship -- it just means we know you may be interested. There are moderator's rules, and it's sometimes a stressful job. Best thing you can do if you want to become a moderator is be an excellent poster and let us know you have the time and energy necessary for moderating the discussions between your fellow posters.

Q. What if I think I'm a good poster but the moderator doesn't treat me in what I feel is a fair way?

A. Discuss it with the moderator(s) of the board, and if they don't give you an answer you're satisfied with, feel free to contact's management.

Q. What if this FAQ didn't answer all my questions?

A. See the answer to the last question? Same answer. :-)