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Exclusive to, the following are interviews with various comic book talents conducted by our very own moderators and posters!

  • Joseph Mallozzi by Runciman, October 2011
  • Baltimore Comic-Con 2010 by Fred Chamberlain, September 2010
  • Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez by Fred Chamberlain, September 2010
  • Fabian Nicieza by Highfather Izaya, August 2010
  • Don Rosa by Fred Chamberlain, October 2009
  • John Ostrander by Highfather Izaya, July 2009
  • Tom Grummett by Randy "MSL" Burtis & Michael "Dermie" McDermott, October 2005
  • Ethan Van Sciver by David "DragynWulf" Wiltfong, December 2004
  • Mike Lilly by Randy "Moonstonelover" Burtis, November 2004
  • Bryan Lee O'Malley by Neil "neil" Shyminsky, September 2004
  • Devin Grayson by Randy "Moonstonelover" Burtis, August 2004
  • Joe Casey by Richard "rc" Caponetti, July 2004
  • Dan Jurgens by Richard "rc" Caponetti, June 2004
  • Dan Jurgens by Richard "rc" Caponetti, February 2004
  • Fabian Nicieza & Kurt Busiek by Randy "Moonstonelover" Burtis, January 2004
  • Robin Laws by Randy "Moonstonelover" Burtis, August 2003
  • Mike Grell by Randy "Moonstonelover" Burtis, April 2003
  • Tom Brevoort by Randy "Moonstonelover" Burtis, January 2003
  • Drew Gilbert by David Gallaher, September 2002
  • Kurt Busiek by Randy "Moonstonelover" Burtis, July 2002
  • Jay Faerber by David Gallaher, March 2002
  • Dan Jurgens by David "DragynWulf" Wiltfong, March 2002
  • Joe Gentile by Randy "Moonstonelover" Burtis, January 2002
  • Steve Ince and Jane Irwin by Randy "Moonstonelover" Burtis, December 2001
  • Tom Brevoort by David "DragynWulf" Wiltfong, December 2001
  • Geoff Johns by Randy "Moonstonelover" Burtis, November 2001
  • Fabian Nicieza by David "DragynWulf" Wiltfong, November 2001
  • Walt Simonson by Gavan "DONAR" Carstensen and "Mad Mod" Sean Walsh, October 2001
  • Bob Almond by Steven "Paradox" Pott, September 2001
  • Tom DeFalco by Dave "Cap" Galanter, September 2001
  • Patrick Zircher by David "DragynWulf" Wiltfong, August 2001
  • David Michelinie by David "DragynWulf" Wiltfong, July 2001
  • Mike Deodato, Jr. by David "DragynWulf" Wiltfong, June 2001