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An Interview with Geoff Johns by Randy "Moonstonelover" Burtis

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My thanks to Lightnin Strike & DragynWulf for providing some of the questions. And of course thanks to Geoff for taking the time to do this interview.

Background Questions
  • Q:Who inspired you to become a writer, and then to write comics?
  • A: Everyone that created the comic books I grew up reading. I think the first time I actually looked at a name on a book was when Peter David first started doing Hulk. From there it exploded to a dozen different names. John Ostrander, Mark Waid, Grant Morrison and many more.

  • Q:What was your first published work?
  • A:Star Spangled Comics #1 March 1999.

  • Q:What character has been most enjoyable for you to write?
  • A: That's an extremely hard question. I really enjoy writing a lot of characters: Hawkman, Star Spangled Kid, Captain Cold, Mr. Terrific, Jakeem Thunder. But I'd have to go with the Flash, Wally West.

  • Q: You had previously said that writing Flash was your dream book, what would be that book now?
  • A: Still is the Flash (though I'd kill to do a CAPTAIN COLD mini-series).

  • Q: Since the news that you will be taking over the writing of Avengers fans are wondering how that will affect your current projects?
  • A: It won't. I co-write JSA. It's a nice sized workload, but one I feel I can handle for awhile.

  • Flash Forward
  • Q: What would you say to someone who doesn't read Flash to try to point out what the book offers to them as a reader?
  • A: We're going for a very classic, edgy and intriguing super-hero book. We spend as much time on the city, the villains and the supporting cast as we do on Wally West. We want you to enter an entirely new world when you open this book -- and Scott Kolins beautifully depicts Keystone City and its population.

  • Q: Right now you write the Flash (Wally), the JSA (with Jay) and soon to be Avengers (with Quicksilver). Do you have a love for speedsters or is it just coincidence? Which Flash do you most enjoy writing(Jay, Wally or Barry)?
  • A: I love two powers. Speed and Cold. Always have, and I have no idea why.

  • Q: Would you ever consider doing a 'Barry Allen' flashback story?
  • A:Yes. Scott and I will definitely be doing one at some point.

  • Q: .In other interviews you have said that with Flash you wanted to bring more character to Keystone City, and enhance the Rogues gallery, which you have already done\doing, what present and future goals do you have for the Flash title?
  • A: To just continue to build his world, and progress him as both a character and a hero.

  • Q:Which character would you like to see Flash face off in the upcoming JLA\Avengers crossover?
  • A:Obviously, Quicksilver. But we've seen that. I'd like to see the Flash and Green Lantern try and tackle Thor together.

  • Q:What story are you most satisfied with in Flash? Most satisfied in general with your body of work?
  • A:So far, Flash 181 or 182 I think. I'm extremely proud of the Return of Hawkman and JSA 29.

  • JSA Legacy
  • Q:Can you tell us about any changes in store for the team?
  • A: We'll have several new characters popping up next year, though who will stay and go is up in the air. And the Ultra-Humanite returns.

  • Q: You write solo and team books, how does that differ as you plan plot lines and character development for these books?
  • A: I think almost anyone will tell you that solo books are easier to write. Obviously, with a solo book you have much more space to delve into the characters more, and it's easer to introduce the character to new readers. With a team, I focus on a common theme throughout -- with the JSA legacy.

  • Q: With you writing the JSA and the Avengers next year, could there possibly be a team up with these two teams?

  • A: I think the JLA/Avengers team-up is the one to watch. I don't see JSA/Avengers happening anytime soon.

  • Q:Atom used to have the ability to become intangible, but he hasn't used this power since the start of this JSA book. Does he still have this power, and if so, will he ever use it?
  • A: Let's just say he's evolved beyond it -- and we'll get to that in a future story.

  • Movie and Misc Stuff
  • Q:Besides your writing for comics you are involved with several Hollywood productions. What is your opinion of the recent surge in superhero movies being produced? Is it good for comics?
  • A: Sure is. Especially if they're good ones.

  • Q:If you could write the script for a superhero movie what hero would you choose?
  • A: Captain America.

  • Q: As a writer what is your view on crossovers?
  • A: They can be great when you get inspired by them, or tough when you don't. That's about all I'll say.

  • Q:You have a hectic schedule writing for the number of projects you do, where do you get inspiration? What do you do to maintain a balance in life?
  • A: On average I work M-F from about 9 to 7. I write about 4-5 hours a day. I get my inspiration from everywhere -- life, film, comics, tv, my friends and family.To balance my life? It's easy, since I don't JUST read comic books.

  • A:Is there some project you want to plug, or some topic close to your heart that you really want people to know about?
  • A:I'm just very thankful I've had the chance to work with so many characters I love. Thanks everyone for your support.

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