Amazing Spider-Man Vol.1 #251
April 1984


Story: "Endings!"

Credits: Roger Stern (plot), Tom DeFalco (script), Ron Frenz (breakdowns), Klaus Janson (finisher), Christie Scheel (colourist), Danny Fingeroth (editor)

Featured Characters: Spider-Man (next in Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #1)

Supporting Characters: J. Jonah Jameson, "Robbie" Robertson, Harry Osborn

Villains: Hobgoblin

Other Characters: 5 unnamed firemen, two unnamed men, three unnamed cops, lots of unnamed people in a crowd, unnamed cop, unnamed police diver, three unnamed people, three unnamed people

Synopsis: Spider-Man and Hobgoblin continues their fight in the burning hideout of Hobgoblin's. When Hobgoblin is about to beat Spider-Man, the ceiling begins to fall down, and Hobgoblin decides to leave in his van, without Hobgoblin notizing Spider-Man get's onboard the van. After a short drive, Spider-Man get's up from under the car, and begins to break the window while Hobgoblin continues to drive. After a while Spider-Man climbs up on the top of the van, and manages to get inside, the two fo them now fights inside the running van. The van drives into the water, and Hobgoblin accidently makes the van explode. Spider-Man gets out alive, but he can't see Hobgoblin, only discovering his mask. Later he goes to see Jameson, only to learn Jameson has written the story about Scorpion, and that he has decided to step down from Daily Bugle, to let "Robbie" Robertson be the new editor-in-chief. Hours later he has a short conversation with Harry, and just when he is about to get onboard a bus, his spider-sense alarms him. As Spider-Man he rushes to a nearby park only to find a huge futuristic stonehenge looking building. He decides to go inside and is teleported away.....

Amazing Spider-Man Vol.1 #252
May 1984



Story: "Homecoming!"

Credits: Roger Stern (plot), Tom DeFalco (script), Ron Frenz (breakdowns), Brett Breeding (finisher), Joe Rosen (letterer), Glynis Wein (colourist), Danny Fingeroth (editor)

Featured Characters: Spider-Man

Supporting Characters: "Robbie" Robertson, J. Jonah Jameson, Curt Connors, Billy Connors, Martha Connors, May Parker, Nathan Lubensky, Black Cat

Guest-Stars: Avengers (Captain America, Hawkeye, Thor, Captain Marvel II, Wasp, Iron Man)

Other Characters: three unnamed cop, unnamed reporter, three unnamed people in the streets, unnamed mugger, unnamed victim, Justin (first appearance), Weezie (first appearance), 9 unanmed people in the streets

Synopsis: At the Daily Bugle building, Jameson and "Robbie" are talking about the headline about the heroes who has been missing. Meanwhile in Central Park, a bright light appear, and Spider-Man now in a black costume jumps out of the same building he went inside a few weeks earlier alongside Curt Connors. Spider-Man realizing he is back on Earth, jumps high in the air out of joy of being back. Soon after the Avengers appears too, and while the Avengers talks to the cops, Spider-Man returns Curt Connors to his home, reuniting him with his wife and son. Later he returns to his apartment, and gives his aunt a call, telling her that he is alright and that he was called out of town unexpectedly. He then calls Felicia Hardy, but she isn't home, so he leaves his apartment to go out for a pizza. Soon after Black Cat herself comes to see Peter but learns that he is out. When Peter returns to his apartment, he eats his pizza, and then begins to develop the pictures he took on the Beyonder's Battleworld, realizing that nobody will believe that the pictures are real, he destroys them, and goes to bed. An hour later he wakes up, and his new costume comes slithering across his apartment, and before he realizes it, Peter is wearing his costume, he goes out in the town, saving a guy from a mugger, and sees Justin and Weezie arguing, he decides to take them high above the city to show them what's so great about the town, after beinging them down again Weezie thanks Spider-Man for the trip

Amazing Spider-Man Vol.1 #253
June 1984



Story: "By Myself Betrayed!"

Credits: Tom DeFalco (writer), Rick Leonardi (artist), Bill Anderson (inker), Joe Rosen (letterer), Glynis Wein (colourist), Danny Fingeroth (editor)

Featured Characters: Spider-Man

Supporting Characters: Wendy Thorton, May Parker, Nathan Lubensky, Betty Brant Leeds, "Robbie" Robertson, Ben Parker (flashback only)

Villains: Johnston, Varley, The Rose, Buglar (flashbakc only)

Other Characters: Ray Nesters, Hammer, Hodman and 6 other unnamed professional football players, thousands of unnamed people in the audience, Carl (voice only), Bill (voice only), Tony Nesters, Wood, Smith, three other unnamed professional football players, Neil, unnamed people in cars, James Albertson, two unnamed Daily Bugle employees, unnamed cameraman (flashback only)

Synopsis: Peter Parker is on an assignment with Wendy Thornston covering the football match between New York Mammoths and San Francisco Skyhawks. While trying to take a photo, a young guy approaches Peter, telling him that he was one of Parker's students at E.S.U, and his name is Tony Nesters. Aftet the match which is lost by NY Mammoths, Peter introduces Tony to Wendy, who learns that Tony is the younger brother of Mammoth quaterback Ray Nesters, quickly seeing a chance for an interview with Ray Nesters, she goes with Tony, while Peter leaves. Later Tony and Ray returns to Ray's house, Tony goes inside, while Ray meets with Johnston and Varley two gangsters send by The Rose. The two gangsters wants Nesters to lose the next match as well, but Nesters won't do it because of the upcoming play-offs. Meanwhile Peter is having dinner with his aunt and Nathan at May's house. Afterwards Peter goes to the Daily Bugle building to try and sell his pictures of the football match. "Robbie" buys them. Later in order to get Ray Nesters to lose the next match, The Rose and his men kidnaps Ray's brother. Spider-Man comes to the rescue, but the gangsters manages to escape. The next day on the cover of the Daily Bugle, Ray Nesters confesses to have ties with organized crime


Amazing Spider-Man Vol.1 #254
July 1984



Story: "With Great Power..."

Credits: Tom DeFalco (writer), Rick Leonardi (artist), Josef Rubinstein (inker), Joe Rosen (letterer), Christie Scheel (colourist), Danny Fingeroth (editor)

Featured Characters: Spider-Man

Supporting Characters: Harriet Palermo, Victor Palermo, May Parker, Nathan Lubensky, Sophie, Martha, Arthur Chekov, Betty Brant Leeds, Tony Falcone, "Robbie" Robertson, Wendy Thorton,

Villains: Jack O' Lantern, Al, Lou and 3 unnamed criminals working for Jack O'Lantern, Hobgoblin (flashback only)

Other Characters: 6 unnamed people working on getting Hobgoblin's van out of the water, unnamed man, 6 unnamed people in the streets, 6 unnamed people working at the Daily Bugle, unnamed man, two unnamed cops, Bernie, other unnamed passanger in truck, unnamed girl, 8 unnamed Daily Bugle employees, lots of people in the streets unnamed waiter, unnamed persons in toy store

Synopsis: Spider-Man in down at the docks, watching as the city's people brings the Hobgoblin's van out of the waters taking pictures for Daily Bugle. When Spider-Man leaves, one of the men is seen calling a mysterious looking guy on the phone. Spider-Man finds the nearest phonebox and calls his aunt's house. Victor Palermo answers the phone, while his wife screams as always in the background, May is playing cards with Sophie, Martha and Nathan and refuses to come to the phone, still disappointed that Peter has left school. He decides to go the Daily Bugle to sell his pictures. Meanwhile the mysterious looking man orders his people to steal Hobgoblin's van, and they succeedes. Later at the Bugle, Peter is having a conversation with Betty Leeds. Tony Falcone comes out of "Robbie"'s office telling them all that "Robbie" is impossible having changed the headline copy three times, and leaves, a few seconds later, "Robbie" comes out of his office asking for Tony, telling them that he has a new idea for the headline. Nathan calls the Bugle and have a short conversation with Peter and the two of them decides to meet at Gino's later. After the conversation, Wendy tells Peter that Hobgoblin's van has been stolen. He goes there and begins to fight the criminals who stole the van, the man behind the operation is revealed when Jack O'lantern attacks Spider-Man. Meanwhile at Gino's Nathan and May are waiting, May learns that Nathan has set her up for a date with Peter. Spider-Man manages to defeat Jack O'Lantern, but later when he as Peter goes down 72nd street and passes Gino's he has a terrible conscience hoping that they're still there, but realizing that they aren't there. Suddenly a man from behind says "so you got here", revealed to be Nathan, telling Peter that his aunt left an hour ago, and Nathan stayed on to give him a piece of his mind..

Amazing Spider-Man Vol.1 #255
August 1984



Story: "Even A Ghost Can Fear The Night!"

Credits: Tom DeFalco (writer), Ron Frenz (artist), Josef Rubinstein (inker), Joe Rosen (letterer), Glynis Wein (colourist), Danny Fingeroth (editor)

Featured Characters: Spider-Man

Supporting Characters: Mrs. Muggins, Nathan Lubensky

Villains: Black Fox (first appearance, next in #255), Super Apes, Red Ghost, Hobgoblin, Jack O'Lantern (flashback only)

Other Characters: 3 unnamed cops

Synopsis: A cat burglar manages to get past all security to get in an apartment, revealing himself as Black Fox, saying to himself he won't be greedy, just take enough to subsidize his retirement. He takes a vase, but before he knows it, the vase transforms inself into an ape, and before he knows is he is surrounded by three apes, and a man appears... Meanwhile at Peter's apartment, Peter is thinking about his most recent adventure with Captain Marvel and Starfox, and after trying to fix a lunch, thinking about going out too look for Hobgoblin's missing van, or find out why Jack O'Lantern wanted the van. Back at the other apartment, Black Fox learns that the burglary was a set-up made by Red Ghost. Red Ghost wants Black Fox to steal to get him funds so he can finish his cosmicizer. The next day, Peter wakes up, because Mrs. Muggins knocks on his door wanting her rent. After Muggins leaves, Peter tries to call his aunt, but Nathan answers at phone and tells him that his aunt won't talk to him. The same night Black Fox and the Super Apes are out to rob a jewelry store, the police arrives, and Black Fox tries to escape, but the Super Apes are on to him. Suddenly Spider-Man appears and the Super Apes escapes, Black Fox tells Spider-man about Red Ghost, and thinking that he is now to be arrested, but Spider-Man leaves and goes for Red Ghost, while Black Fox escapes with the loot from the robbery. Spider-Man arrives at Red Ghost's apartment and fights Red Ghost and his super apes. The police arrives, but Red Ghost and his super apes manages to escapes. Elsewhere a man is seen is the shadows in possession of the Hobgoblin's van, saying how very disappointed he is that Spider-Man hasn't come to get him yet

Amazing Spider-Man Vol.1 #256
September 1984



Story: "Introducing... Puma!"

Credits: Tom DeFalco (writer), Ron Frenz (artist), Josef Rubinstein (inker), Joe Rosen (letterer), Christie Scheel (colourist), Danny Fingeroth (editor)

Featured Characters: Spider-Man

Supporting Characters: Black Cat, "Robbie" Robertson, Betty Leeds, Mary Jane Watson

Villains: Frankie Silvera, Ralph Mac and 11 other unnamed criminals (first appearance of all), "Prince" (first appearance), "Babyface" (first appearance), Varley, Johnston, The Rose, Puma (first appearance

Other Characters: Jenna Taylor (first appearance), Congressman Crespi (first apparanance),

Synopsis: Spider-Man and Black Cat busts a gang of criminals who operates from a warehouse full of stolen goods, while Black Cat in the beginning takes pictures of the fight, she later on joins Spider-Man in the fight. The two adventures leaves the defeated criminals for the police. Spider-Man and Black cat goes their seperate ways, Spider-Man to his apartment to get some sleep. When he sleeps his new costume sneaks out of the apartment, and in the streets are watched by two bums. Early next morning at the headquaters of The Rose, Rose is talking with Varley and Johnston, it is revealed that the operation Spider-Man and Black Cat destroyed the night before was runned by The Rose. The Rose decides to call in outside help. Meanwhile in New Mexico at Fireheart Enterprises, Jenna Taylor is talking with Congressman Crespi telling him that Thomas Fireheart is out. She hears Fireheart's phone calling, and walks in to his office. She hears The Rose on the answering machine and calls Fireheart's helicopter. Elsewhere Fireheart is out hunting as his other self Puma. When he returns to the helicopter he listens to Jenna's message from The Rose, and decides to return home. Back in New York City, Peter is selling his newest pictures to Robbie. Robbie asks Betty to give Peter a voucher for the pictures, suddenly behind them a voice says "It's party time", Peter turns around and sees MJ, who is to see Betty for lunch. Elsewhere The Rose is having a meeting with Thomas Fireheart, telling him to hunt him down. Fireheart accepts the mission. Later he gets the sense of Spider-Man and attacks him, Spider-Man's arm is badly hurt in the fight

Amazing Spider-Man Vol.1 #257
October 1984



Story: "Beware The Claws Of The Puma!"

Credits: Tom DeFalco (writer), Ron Frenz (artist), Josef Rubinstein (inker), Joe Rosen (letterer), Christie Scheel (colourist), Danny Fingeroth (editor)

Featured Characters: Spider-Man

Supporting Characters: Black Cat, Mary Jane Watson

Villains: Puma, Kingpin, Arranger, 5 unnamed criminals in employment of Kingpin, The Rose, Varley, Johnston, Hobgoblin,

Other Characters: Alice & Bill (first appearance), Jenna Taylor, unnamed man employed by Fireheart Enterprises, 3 unnamed people in a gym, lots of unnamed people in the streets, 6 unnamed people on a bus, unnamed cab driver

Synopsis: Puma is about to kill Spider-Man, when Black Cat joins the fight. By using her "bad luck" powers she manages to break the roof below Puma, making him drop down the roof, while Spider-Man and Black Cat gets away. They goes to Peter's apartment, where Peter has a hard time making his costume come off. Meanwhile at the Kingpin's office, The Arranger tells Kingpin that The Rose has hired someone to eliminate Spider-Man. Kingpin tells him that he has plans for Spider-Man himself, and that a meeting with The Rose is necesarry. Meanwhile at a hotel room in town, Thomas Fireheart calls Jenna to get an update. Meanwhile at the Rose's office, The Arranger comes to get The Rose. Back at Peter's apartment, Black Cat leaves Peter, who is then visited by MJ. Suddenly Peter's spider-sense alarms him, and he quickly throws MJ out of the door, locking it, before Puma comes crashing through the window, the two of them begins to fight inside the apartment, while MJ tries to get in through the locked door. They takes the fight outside, and moments after MJ manages to get through the door, suprised to see the apartment totally trashed and no Peter Parker. Meanwhile at Kingpin's skyscraper, Kingpin meets with The Rose, and tells him to stay off Spider-Man. The fight between Spider-Man and Puma continues, they crashed through a window to a gym, but no one is harmed, when Puma throws a large machine at Spider-Man it crashed through the wall, and drops from great height. Spider-Man uses his web to prevent the machine from hurting people down on the street. Deciding that Spider-Man is a courageous foe, and deserves a better death, he lets him go, to return at a later time when Spider-Man has regained full strength. Later at his hotel room, Puma is visited by Johnston and Varley who tells Puma that the Spider-Man mission is off. Later at The Rose's headquaters, Varley and Johnston tells The Rose about the meeting with Puma. Then suddenly Hobgoblin appears, introducing himself to them. Peter himself returns to his apartmane finding MJ there, he tries to come up witn an explanation, but MJ reveals that she has known for years that Peter Parker is Spider-Man....

Amazing Spider-Man Vol.1 #258
November 1984



Story: "The Sinister Secret Of Spider-Man's New Costume"

Credits: Tom DeFalco (writer), Ron Frenz (artist), Josef Rubinstein (inker), Joe Rosen (letterer), Bob Sharen (colourist), Danny Fingeroth (editor)

Featured Characters: Spider-Man

Supporting Characters: Mary Jane Watson, Black Cat,

Guest-Stars: Fantastic Four (H.U.B.E.R.T, Mr. Fantastic, Human Torch II)

Villains: Puma, The Rose, Varley, Johnston, Hobgoblin, 6 unnamed men in employment of The Rose, Harry and three other unnamed criminals,

Other Characters: Willis (first appearance), Jenna Taylor, 6 unnamed people in the streets, unnamed person in Fireheart Enteprises, William Slattery, unnamed woman, lots of unnamed members of the press

Synopsis: Peter tries to explain away MJ's theory that he is Spider-Man, suddenly Black Cat comes through the window, destroying Peter's last hope of keeping his identity a secret from MJ. Black Cat demands to know why the woman is, and MJ leaves. Black Cat says "You don't need that bimbo anyway, who is she anyway", and Peter gets angry at Felicia, saying thta she is a friend and that she has just ruined their friendship. Black Cat gets hurt and is about to leave, when Peter stops her with his web, until that moment unaware that his costume could do that. In New Mexico Puma returns to Fireheart Enteprises and have a short conversation with Jenna. Back at Peter's apartment, Peter decides to give MJ a call, at MJ's apartment MJ is home but she won't answer the phone, about to pack her bags and get out of town, until she sees a picture of her sister, and decides she can't leave Peter as she left her sister. Back at Peter's apartment, Peter falls asleep in the chair, but in the middle of the night, his new costume takes over him, and while he sleeps goes out for the night. The next monrning Peter wakes up after having a nightmare about his new costume fighting his old one, he thinks he sees the costume moves on the chair, but not believing it to be true since he always thought the costume needed a mental command from him. He decides to go to the Baxter Building to see Reed Richards, who once volunteered to analyse the costume for him. While there he have a short conversation with Johnny Storm before going through tests with Reed. Elsewhere The Rose and his men puts Hobgoblin through a few tests of their own. Back at the Baxter Building, Reed tells Spider-Man the disturbing news, the costume is alive. The three of them manages to get the costume off Spider-Man by using a sonic blaster and Human Torch's fire. Now Spider-Man without a costume is given an old F4 uniform and a bag over his head so no one will recognize him, and Johnny drops him off in town. There Spider-Man helps officer William Slattery capturing 4 robbers. But when the press wants a statement from the "new hero in town", the "bag-man" have no comments and escapes. Later in his apartment, Peter watches the news, sees himself on tv as the "bag-man", learning that the officer William Slattery is in a stabilized condition. MJ knocks on the door, telling Peter that now since she has known his secret for sometime now, it's about time he get's to know hers. Meanwhile at the Baxter Building, the alien costume is seen trying to get out of it's prison

Amazing Spider-Man Vol.1 #259
December 1984



Story: "All My Pasts Remembered!"

Credits: Tom DeFalco (writer), Ron Frenz (artist), Josef Rubinstein (inker), Joe Rosen (letterer), Bob Sharen (colourist), Danny Fingeroth (editor)

Featured Characters: Spider-Man

Supporting Characters: Mary Jane Watson

Guest-Stars: Fantastic Four (She-Hulk, Mr. Fantastic)

Villains: Hudson (first appearance), Louie and two other unnamed employees of Hudson (first appearance of all), Hobgoblin, "Venom", The Rose, Johnston

Other Characters: 12 unnamed people in a park, unnamed ice cream seller in park, unnamed people in the streets outside the Santellios store, lots of customers inside Santellios, lots of people in the backroom of Santellios running an illegal gambling business (first appearance of all), Mr. Santellio (first appearance),  unnamed people in the streets, unnamed tv-reporter, Madeline Watson (flashback only), Philip Watson (flashback only), Gayle Watson-Byrnes (flashback only), 4 unnamed college students (flashback only), 3 unnamed classmates of MJ (flashback only), unnamed teacher of MJ (flashback only), three unnamed friends of MJ (flashback only) lots of people at a ceremony for Philip Watson (flashback only), unnamed four relatives of MJ (flashback only), May Parker (flashback only), Anna Watson (flashback only), Frank Bowen (flashback only), Bowen's two sons and his daughter (flashback only), Timmy Byrnes (flashback only), lots of unnamed high school students (flashback only), Gayle's unnamed dance teacher (flashback only), two other unnamed dancers (flashback only), lots of unnamed people in a crows at a football match (flashback only), unnamed football player (flashback only), unnamed people in the crowd at a ceremony for Timmy Byrnes (flashback only), audience at a ballet where Gayle dances (flashback only), unnamed "actor" at school play (flashback only), audience at the school play (flashback only), people at Gayle & Timmy's wedding (flashback only), audience at a play (flashback only), unnamed customers at fast food restaurant (flashback only), Kevin Byrnes (flashback only), Tommy Byrnes (flashback only)

Synopsis: Peter and MJ decides to go for a walk in the park. MJ begins to tell her the story about her life, how her mother and father met and fell in love, and how their marriage fell apart when her father became abussive, and how she, her mother and sister had to live with relatives. Meanwhile Hobgoblin pays Hudson a visit, Hudson is setting up an illegal casino in a "deserted train yard", Hobgoblin wants 10% of the profit. MJ continues her story, how they at last came to her mother's cousin Frank Bowen. How history repeated itself when her older sister Gayle got married to high school football star Timmy Byrnes and how he left Gayle before the birth of their second child. Elsewhere Hobgoblin pays Santellio a visit as well, Santellio is also running an illegal gambling operation. MJ continues her story about how MJ's mother became ill, and died before the coming of her second grandchild, and how MJ decided that she no longer could stay with Gayle, that she had a life of her own, and left. Meanwhile at the Baxter Building, Reed is talking to She-Hulk, Reed tells her that he is trying to communicate with the alien costume. Elsewhere Hobgoblin pays The Rose a visit, telling him that the next he wants to pay a business call to are Mr. & Mrs. Harry Osborn. Later at Peter's apartment, Peter watches the news, learning that Hobgoblin is back, he decides to put on his (old) costume and look for Hobgoblin....

Amazing Spider-Man Vol.1 #260
January 1985


Story: "The Challenge Of Hobgoblin!"

Credits: Tom DeFalco (writer), Ron Frenz (artist), Joe Rubinstein (inker), Brett Breeding (finisher), Joe Rosen (letterer), Bob Sharen (colourist), Danny Fingeroth (editor)

Featured Characters: Spider-Man

Supporting Characters: May Parker, Arthur Chekov, Mary Jane Watson, Harry Osborn, Liz Osborn, Betty Leeds, Ann MacIntosh (last in Amazing Spider-Man Annual 18), J. Jonah Jameson (last in Amazing Spider-Man Annual 18), "Robbie" Robertson

Guest-Stars: Franklin Richards, Alicia Masters (imposter)

Villains: The Rose, Hobgoblin, Johnston, Varley, "Venom"

Other Characters: 8 unnamed men employed by Santellio, Santellio, 6 unnamed people in the streets, unnamed bus driver, two unnamed bus passangers, 7 unnamed people in the streets, two unnamed people in a car, lots of people outside Osborn Manufacturing, lots of people inside Osborn Manufacturing, Menken, unnamed secretary, unnamed members of the board of Osborn Manufacturing, unnamed woman, 4 unnamed people in the streets, 5 unnamed people in the streets, 6 unnamed people in the streets

Synopsis: At May's house, May is staring out of the window, looking sad. Chekov ask her to call her nephew, but May tells him that she and her nephew has nothing to discuss. Elsewhere Spider-Man comes to Santellio's illegal gambling room, where he fights Santellio's men. He easily defeats Santellio's men, and tries to capture Santellio, Santellio himself tries to run away, saying "please don't hit me, I'm not a well man!". Spider-Man captures Santellio and ask him if the rumors are true that he is about to retire, which he thinks is a good idea since illegal gambling can be dangerous to his health. He tells him that he is not there to hurt him but to learn more about Hobgoblin's little visit last week. Santellio tells Spider-Man that Hobgoblin's trying to muscle in on his action wanting 10% of his weekly take, and that he can't afford to pay him, but Hobgoblin has given him no choice threatening to kill him if he don't pay. Santellio also tells Spider-Man that it's The Rose's men that comes to collect the money, so Spider-Man learns that there is a connection between Hobgoblin and The Rose. Leaving Spider-Man thinks to himself that Santellio really should think about retiring. After leaving Santellio he thinks about recent events in his life. Elsewhere The Rose have a short conversation with Hobgoblin. And Hobgoblin is send off to his mission. Johnston asks The Rose how long they have to put up with that jerk, but The Rose says "he's an important ally". Meanwhile Mary Jane meets with Harry and Liz Osborn, while Harry leaves, the women goes to the Garden restaurant for dinner, while two men in a car watches them. Meanwhile at the Baxter building Franklin Richards have a "run-in" with "Venom", "Venom" tries to seize control of Franklin's will through his cage, but Alicia comes and gets Franklin thereby saving him. Meanwhile at Osborn Manufacturing Harry returns to his office, he have a short conversation with Menken, and is suddenly attacked by Hobgoblin. Spider-Man arrives and begins to fight the supervillain. Meanwhile at the Daily Bugle, Betty is talking to Ann MacIntosh. They're talking about Jameson, but he appears and ask Ann if she hasn't work to do. Ann leaves, and "Robbie" comes out of his office asking for a photographer, Betty tells him that she haven't been able to get either Parker or Bannon. Back at Osborn Manufacturing Hobgoblin manages to escape Spider-Man, and outside the Garden Restaurent, Liz and MJ are kidnapped by the men in the car, before Harry comes to meet with them.