Well I started working on a un-official handbook of the Marvel Universe, because I have always been fan of the real thing (the official one), and have alot of them. But I think that the official version lack something, it isn't updated, the last one was made in the beginning of the 90's, and some characters from before that time, never had an entry in the official one, and needless to say, alot has happenend since the early 90's. So this un-official handbook is devoted to all characters in the Marvel Universe.

Why me? you ask!. Well can't give you a good answer, besides the point that I felt like it, and as I told you above always been a huge fan of the official ones. In my work I will use my own collection of american comics which is excactly 8300 comics (7496 of them being Marvel Comics), if you like you can see my collection here

The handbook it build much like the only handbooks, where there is a few "books", which is seen on the front-page. The reason why there is a few As, Bs and Ss are not to make it harder to read, only to make sure that when you try to read the page, the loading time should be shorter that way. There are also a few appendixes in the handbook, they are also done to help loading time for the other "books" (letters), and often done when there is something clearly seperating them from the other beings in the "books", like alternate realities, alternate futures, alien races, but also different bios like countries which excists in the Marvel Universe but not in the real world (one of my true passion, Marvel Countries), companies exsisting only in the Marvel Universe and special items. To try to make these bios stand out from each other I have tried to seperate them with different colors;

Hero & Team, Villain & Team, Supporting Character, Neutral Being, Alien Races, Country, Company, Items, Dimensions

Now I'm almost finished with this introduction, and I'm certain you're already tired of listening to what I have to say :-), so finally I will gladly accept any help you can give me, as I stated before, I have only 7496 Marvel comics, so alot of information is missing, please sent information if you have any e-mail me

If anyone is interested in my monthly purchase of Marvel comics this is the list: Amazing Spider-Man, Astonishing X-Men, Black Panther, Cable & Deadpool, Daredevil, Fantastic Four, Friendly Neighboorhood Spider-Man, Incredible Hulk, Marvel Team-Up, Moon Knight, Ms. Marvel, New Avengers, New Excalibur, New X-Men, Punisher, Runaways, Sensationel Spider-Man, She-Hulk, Spider-Girl, Spider-Man Unlimited (bi-monthly), Thunderbolts Uncanny X-Men, X-Men, X-Men Unlimited (bi-monthly), Young Avengers

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