Blue Diamonds
Classification: Rare raw material so far only found in one place in Africa
Creator: Believed to have been part of a meteor which landed on Earth along time ago
Possessors: None, both the British Intelligence and Chinese Intelligence tries to get their hands on them
Powers: The blue diamonds are vital for Maser technology. Maser technology being systems of light enhancements similar to lasers, they require the blue diamonds fo the focusing of their concentrated beams
First Appearance: Master of King-Fu #113
List of Appearances:
Master of Kung-Fu #113 (Shang-Chi, Reston and Leiko arrives in Africa where they meet Gaboa who takes them to he mountain where the blue diamonds are believed to be. There they discovers that the Chinese are also trying to find them. Shang-Chi tries to get to the blue diamonds before the Chinese can get their hands on them. The Chinese manage to find them by blowing up parts of the mountain, but the explosion sets off an earthquake, which causes a fuel tank to explode which in the end destroys the blue diamonds)

Classification: Steamshovel
Creator: Unrevealed
Possessors: Westman Construction Company
Powers: Designed to dig quickly and efficiently, able to dig into the ocean
First Appearance: Sub-Mariner #28
List of Appearances:
Sub-Mariner #28 (used by Sam Westman as a weapon against the Sub-Mariner)

Control Pearl
Classification: Mystical artifact
Creator: Unrevealed
Possessors: Serestus
Powers: Able to control the minds of undersea creatures
First Appearance: Avengers Vol.3 #43
List of Appearances:
Avengers Vol.3 #43 (used by Serestus to control Torg in battle against the Avengers; pearl knocked away by Triathlon)

Crystal of Vontsalvant
Classification: Alien power source object
Creator: Unrevealed
Possessors: Vigil of Vontsalvant, Fantastic Four
Powers: Used as a power source in other devices
First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents #105
List of Appearances:
Marvel Comics Presents #105 (one of the crystals won by the Thing in the Negative Zone; revealed that the Vigil of Vontsalvant had hundreds of them to watch over, ensuring they wound up in the possession of worthy people)

Electroplasmic Wand/Wondrous Wand
Classification: A magical wand
Creator: Unrevealed
Possessors: Tiboro
Powers: The wand can release powerful electroplasmic blasts
First Appearance: Strange Tales Vol.1 #129
List of Appearances:
Strange Tales Vol.1 #129 (used by Tiboro to battle Dr. Strange)

Harvester Of Sorrow
Classification: Weapon of Mass-Destruction
Creator: Annihilus
Possessors: Annihilus & his Annihilation Wave
Powers: ?
First Appearance (mentioned): Annihilation: Prologue #1
First Appearance (seen): ?
List of Appearances:
Annihilation: Prologue #1 (Annihilation Day: mentioned by Krees)
Annihilation: Super-Skrull #1 (used by the Annihilation Wave to destroy the planet Aks'Lo.)

Golden Beetle
Classification: Ancient hypnotic item
Creator: Unrevealed
Possessors: Seth-Amon, Fah Lo Suee
Powers: The Golden Beetle in itself is a beautiful item, but other than that is has no powers, the powers lies in the ruby eyes of the Golden Beetle, which have hypnotic abilities for the ones who possesses the ruby eyes, the ruby eyes has been destroyed by Shang-Chi
First Appearance: Master of Kung-Fu #26
List of Appearances:
Master of Kung-Fu #26 (The history of the legendary “Golden Beetle” is discovered by Sir Denis Nayland Smith at a library in the Egyptian city of El-Khârga. The Golden Beetle was owned by the pharaoh Seth-Amon and believed to have hypnotic powers. In modern time, Fah Lo Suee begins to hunt for the Golden Beetle to use in her fight against her father Fu Manchu. By using Robert Greville as her pawn she manage to get the Ruby Eyes of the Golden Beetle, and becomes more powerful)
Master of Kung-Fu #27 (mentioned only, Fu Manchu tells his Council of Seven that Fah Lo Suee now possesses the ruby eyes of the Golden Beetle. Later Fu Manchu tells Shang-Chi that Fah Lo Suee manage to escape the explosion of the pyramid of Seth-Amon with the ruby eyes)
Master of Kung-Fu #28 (Shang-Chi meets Fah Lo Suee at Fu Manchu’s fortress in China, there he discovers that she has turned the ruby eyes into a pair of earrings and that she wears them. Fah Lo Suee has used the earrings to get control of some of Fu Manchu’s Si-Fan assassins, and sends them against Shang-Chi. During the fight without Fah Lo Suee discovering it, Shang-Chi manage to take the ruby eyes. After the fight Fah Lo Suee escapes, but Shang-Chi still has the ruby eyes. He smack the ruby eyes together destroying them.)

Jeweled Demolisher Beam
Classification: A magical gem
Creator: Aggamon
Possessors: Aggamon
Powers: It could emit powerful magical demolisher beams
First Appearance: Strange Tales Vol.1 #119
List of Appearances:
Strange Tales Vol.1 #119 (used by Aggamon to battle Dr. Strange)

Mystic Prod/Rod-Wand
Classification: A magical wand
Creator: Unrevealed
Possessors: Nightmare
Powers: Unrevealed
First Appearance: Strange Tales Vol.1 #116
List of Appearances:
Strange Tales Vol.1 #116 (used by Nightmare to battle Dr. Strange)

Purple Crystal
Classfication: A magical gem
Creator: Unrevealed
Possessors: Aggamon, Dr. Strange
Powers: It was a portal to the Purple dimension
First Appearance: Strange Tales Vol.1 #119
List of Appearances:
Strange Tales Vol.1 #119 (used by Dr. Strange to enter the Purple dimension)
Strange Tales Vol.1 #123 (used by Dr. Strange to rap Loki)

Sacred Water-Skin
Classification: "Holy" water
Creator: Unrevealed
Possessors: The Samurais of the legendary Samurai City, Abner Little of the Collectos once held a small potion of the water-skin, but it was lost
Powers: The Sacred Water-Skin gives people eternal life
First Appearance (mentioned): Black Panther I #4
First Appearance (seen): Black Panther I #6
List of Appearances:
Black Panther Vol.1 #4 (The Collectors tells T'Challa that they think he is the only one who can get to the Samurai City and back. Abner tries to persuade T'Challa to go there, and Silas Mourner cries "I-I Need The Sacred Water-Skin")
Black Panther Vol.1 #5 (Princess Zanda tells T'Challa about the sacred sustance that keeps samurais alive in the Samurai City)
Black Panther Vol.1 #6 (Abner Little finally discovers the sacred water-skin and tries to steal some of it, but is discovered and chased by the samurais)
Black Panther Vol.1 #7 (T'Challa bargins for Abner's life, the bargain means that the tow of them shall leave the city immediely and leave behind the asacred water-skin. When the two of them returns to Narobia, Abner reveals that he has taken a small potion of the sacred water-skin, and the Collectors begins to fight each other to get the potion, Abner throws the potion to T'Challa but one of Zanda's soldiers accidently shots the vial containing the potion)

Screaming Idol
Classification: Statue, pagan idol
Creator: Tiboro
Possessors: Tiboro, Dr. Strange
Powers: The Idol linked the Earth dimension to Tiboro's Sixth dimension
First Appearance: Strange Tales Vol.1 #129
List of Appearances:
Strange Tales Vol.1 #129 (Dr. Strange used the Idol to enter the Sixth dimension)

Classification: Automobile
Creator: Unrevealed
Possessors: Spider-Man
First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 #130
List of Appearances:
Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 #130
Spider-Man/Human Torch #?

Staff of Polar Power
Classification: A magical sceptre
Creator: Unrevealed
Possessors: Nebulos, Dr. Strange
Powers: The Staff of Polar Power draws to itself the evil force of each new victim and can polarize users as well as be used for magical blasts
First Appearance: Strange Tales Vol.1 #162
List of Appearances:
Strange Tales Vol.1 #162 (used by Nebulos to trick Dr. Strange)
Strange Tales Vol.1 #163 (used by Nebulos to fight the Living Tribunal)

Classification: Valuable diamond
Creator: Unrevealed
Possessors: Unrevealed, "The Star" a valuable diamond, was one of the attractions at the 1988 Los Angeles Manufacturers Exposition
Powers: None
First Appearance: Solo Avengers #10
List of Appearances:
Solo Avengers #10 ("The Star" was the main attraction at the 1988 Los Angeles Manufacturers Exposition, a gang of criminals tried to steal it, but they were defeated by the superhero known as Hawkeye)

Tripodal Observation Module
Classification: Special military vehicle
Creator: Unrevealed
Possessors: General Thaddeus Ross, the Leader
Powers: Moves with three tripod legs; equipped with a force beam blaster
First Appearance: Incredible Hulk Vol.2 #123
List of Appearances:
Incredible Hulk Vol.2 #123 (transported by General Ross, stolen by the Leader; used in combat against the Hulk, wrecked by him)