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Author Topic: To Mr. Busiek: Question regarding your opinions on strength [SPOILERS]
Erik the Reddish-Brown

Just a question that occurred to me. Do you then feel that Superman is significantly stronger than Thor? I mean they were both arguably equally weakened in the course of the fight, & they both started at (or seemed to start at) relatively equal strength. That being said, it seems to me that if two humans of relatively equal strength got into a fist fight & then one was given a metal bat, there is no way the other one would be able to catch it in his hand without breaking most of his arm. What with Thor's hammer being magical (thus bypassing Superman's forcefield) it seems to me that he would have a significant advantage in that particular "tug-o-war" as it were. Anyway, I'm not challenging you on anything, I merely wanted to know your opinion on this question: Do you feel Superman is stronger than Thor? If so, by how much? If not, then what allowed him to catch Thor's hammer? Thanx much!

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