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Subj: Its time again for Century's favourite thread--the Avengers Sex List!
Posted: Sat Feb 21, 2009 at 12:18:21 am EST (Viewed 2146 times)

Well, we're about a week late for Valentine's Day, but I figured we're due for our semi-annual update to the list, especially in light of all the additions to the Avengers roster in the past year or two.

Just a reminder of the ground rules--we're compiling a list of all established sex partners of the various Avengers members...which means there should be some on-panel evidence of a sexual relationship. When possible, try to include an issue # for reference, or an example of the evidence to support them being on the list.

To get us started, I'll repost the list as it stood from our last update session:

Avengers Sex List

Compiled by Century

Thor: Aside from being raped by Moondragon, in modern times, Thor's only been with the Enchantress and the Valkyrie (the Blood and Thunder-era one, not either of the Defenders ones). And I seem to recall her being just his hallucination. Possibly Lorelei , too. Mythologically, Sif is Thor's lover, but they've never slept together in modern/Marvel times. In ancient times, Thor loved and slept with classic-Valkyrie when both of them were in different human personas as Siegfried and Brunhilde in ancient times (3+?)

Yellowjacket: Maria Pym/Wasp/Tigra. Ian Watson adds "possibly that scientist/manager woman who started out pretending to be his lab assistant but turned out to be running a research company for Ultron." (name, anyone?—Alice Nugent), but that sounds like an outside chance at best. (3)

Wasp: Hank Pym. Hawkeye. Tony Stark and Paladin have been speculated, but there's no evidence to say so (although a lot of you certainly seem to think so...). Ditto various unnamed guys during her time in Europe (as mentioned in flashback in the Giant-Man miniseries). Her willingness to have casual sex with Hawkeye lends more support to the other speculations (2+)
* Al says: "It's Stark, the #1 *banned word* for getting it on with anything with a pulse Do you think he would not have got it on with her?"

Hulk/Bruce Banner: Angela Lipscome (or whatever her name was from the Jenkins run, she was Banner's college girlfriend), Betty Banner, Mrs Abomination, Nadia Blonsky and Rick Jones' future wife Marlo, too, during the "Mr Fixit" days (during which Hulk was quite the banned word). Hulkie was also raped by one of the Maestro's harem-girls while immobilised, too. Jarella's also been suggested, but I've seen that heavily disputed before. X-foe Selene is also speculated. (LOTS)
Nightmare has claimed that some events from Hulk's recent past were false, so maybe not Nadia?

Iron Man: Tony Stark is the #1 slut of the Avengers, with a list that includes no less than Sunset Bain, Meredith McCall(?), Madame Masque, Marriane Rodgers, Bethany Cabe, Kathy Dare, Veronica Benning, Black Widow, Mantis (still want that to be the Space Phantom?, Pepper Potts (Heroes Reborn version), Countess De La Spiroza, Calista Hancock and Rumiko Fujikawa. Plus Wasp and Tigra are speculated, but unconfirmed, too. (12+, and that's a conservative guess)
What about Rae La Coste and Indries Moomji?

Rick Jones: Marlo, Epiphany, Major Vron-Ikka and possibly some of his Microverse groupies. I'm also seeing Lou-Ann Savannah named. Proof/evidence/facts, anyone? (2+)

Captain America: Peggy Carter, Betsy Ross/Golden Girl, Bernie Rosenthal, Connie Ferarri and even Blind Al from Deadpool have all been speculated, but none confirmed. Cap slept with an LMD of Diamondback in Kirkman's run, which also implied that Cap had slept with the real Diamondback as well. Cap impregnated Sharon Carter before his death.

Hawkeye: Eden, Black Widow, Mockingbird, Maryanne Sherbrook, Wasp and possibly Moonstone (Songbird's accused her of sleeping with him, and she didn't deny it), Shelia Danning and Marcella Carson are all possibilities as well. (evidence, anyone?) Shelia is probable, since she was hired to seduce Hawkeye as a distraction, and he seemed to have fallen very hard for her. (3+?)

Quicksilver: Crystal (1)

Scarlet Witch: Vision, and Wonder Man.

Swordsman: Mantis is all we know (1+?)

Hercules: In ancient times, he had a wife and was cheating on her (as in the Hulk: Hercules Unleashed one-shot). In modern times, Herc seemed more one for the nameless groupies, and being a general slut, once even throwing a toga-party at the mansion. There are claims about him and Black Widow, but I've yet to see proof. There's also an outside chance of Deathcry. (LOTS)

Black Panther: Nikki Adams, Monica Lynne, and Storm (3)

Vision: Scarlet Witch and Mantis (*&^%* Celestial Quest....). (2)
I'm not listing the Gatherer Jocasta from their encounter in his first miniseries, since she's built like the AlbinoVision.

Black Knight: Possibly Sersi, but there's no strong evidence either way. Didn't get anywhere with Crystal, and you just know he went home alone from Hercules' toga-party, too. Lots of speculation on the late Victoria Bentley, too. \(\?\)

Black Widow: Red Guardian II*, Hawkeye, Daredevil, Iron Man, and some guy in her Marvel Fanfare story (Michael Corcoran.) Hercules is also speculated. (5+)

Mantis: Swordsman, Vision, That, and she was working as a hooker when Swordsman met her. (LOTS)

Beast: Like Hercules, was all about the groupies. Trish Tilby. His early-X-Men-era girlfriend Vera is speculated, too. (LOTS)

Moondragon: Raped Thor. Had a relationship with Rick Jones' wife Marlo, and the got involved with Phyla-Vell (2+)

Hellcat: Mad-Dog and Daimon Hellstrom. (2)

Whizzer: Miss America (1)

Two-Gun Kid: Nancy Carter, his wife who died in childbirth.

Wonder Man: Tigra, Enchantress, Scarlet Witch. Nothing to suggest he ever slept with Alex Flores. (2+)

Warbird: I have no idea. Both her boyfriends from her solo series were killed, and have no idea how close she was to them, or anyone else previously, but Col. Rossi and Mike Barnett are supposedly the most likely two, and she's been pretty much celibate since Marcus raped her. There's an outside chance of the original Captain Marvel, even less so of Wolverine. \(\?\) Perhaps Wonder Man in HoM. Possibly Johnny Storm, during their embarrasing weekend in Vegas mentioned in MS Marvel #1?

Falcon: Has a long-term girlfriend Leila, no idea how close they were. And then there's his pimp days... Sam was sleeping with Agent Ali Morales in Cap&Falcon. (1+)

Jocasta: Anatomically incorrect and proud of it. And yes, her new body may be more "correct", but it's a child's body. (0)

Tigra: Stark's opposite number, with Bill Nelson, Wonder Man, Hank Pym, Balkatar, some random guy from her miniseries, Cage*, and possibly Tony Stark. Moon Knight is heavily speculated, too. Also threw herself at Jarvis/Graviton/US Agent, but I don't think she got anywhere with them. (5+)

She-Hulk: Starfox, Cage*, Wyatt Wingfoot , Zapper Ridge, Mika, John Jameson (unidentified in FF:Foes, but Slott says its John. Also established in She-Hulk vol.2 #2); various one-night stands. (5 +) She has apparently slept with Daredevil in HoM.

Captain Marvel: Una? Elysius? Outside chance of Warbird (2?)

Photon: I got nothing. \(\?\)

Starfox: She-Hulk, Heater Delight and legions of alien women, because he's a professional slut (LOTS). Demonika, presumably.

War Machine: Marcy Pearson, and the woman whose name he forgot in The Crew #1. Also possibly Rae LaCoste (apparently they were shown in bed together in War Machine) and Officer Marcy Howard (2+)

Mockingbird: Ka-Zar and Hawkeye are all we know. That, and about fifteen years after it happened, they finally admitted that the Phantom Rider raped her. (2+)

Moira Brandon: I don't even wanna know. \(\?\)

Thing: Alicia Masters and the She-Thing, when they were both human. Possibly "that idealized female version of himself from beyonder's battleworld during his Rocky Grimm Space Ranger days" (Tara) (2+).

Firebird: Dude, she's like a nun! (0)

Sub-Mariner: Dorma (maybe not—she was killed before their wedding), Marrina, being Namor's wife's a death-sentence. And then there's Llyra, while she was disguised as the Invisible Woman, and "some pirate woman from a Marvel Fanfare issue". Possibly Betty Prentiss? (4+)

Dr Druid: Who the pimp-daddy? Druid the pimp-daddy! Terminatrix, ShadowWoman and Nekra. (3+)

Moon Knight: His longtime partner Marlene, possibly Tigra (1-2)

Marrina: Sub-Mariner and "the Plodex tentacle-thing" (2)

Terminatrix: Druid, Kang. People have speculated that she slept her way around the whole Council of Kangs to steal their technology, but as I recall, all she needed to do was flirt with them. (2)

Yellowjacket II: Time-travel makes this one confusing. Possibly Irish Wolfhound in the GoTG future, and something with Wonder Man/Hollywood, (was it there and then in the GoTG future, or was it supposed to be in his past/her [never-happened] future?). Also claimed something with Hank Pym, but appeared to have been lying. \(\?\)

D-Man: \(\?\)

Gilgamesh: Nothing known, although there's much speculation about the legendary Gilgamesh and his monstrous companion Enkidu (sp?) \(\?\)

Mr Fantastic: (1)
Invisible Woman: (1)
Aside from each other, nothing I know of.

Quasar: Kayla Ballantine is speculated, but seems highly unlikely. He had a fiancée, Jeanine—did anything happen with them? \(\?\)

US Agent: Possibly Kali Vries

Human Torch I: Ann Raymond and Spitfire both speculated \(\?\) He slept with Llyra in the guise of Phoebe Marrs (1+?)

Sersi: In modern times, possibly Black Knight? Probably a number of others we don't know about. \(\?\)

Spider-Man: Mary-Jane, and possibly the Black Cat (she claims so, anyway) (1-2).

Stingray: his wife Diane (1)

Machine Man: Anatomically incorrect and proud of it (0)

Rage: Nothing I know of (0)

Sandman: \(\?\)

Living Lightning: Had his girlfriend Mona living with him at the AWC compound, to the shock of half the team. Strongly suggested that he was sleeping with his previous girlfriend Asuka too. Miguel has come out as a gay man, but no male lovers have been established as of yet (1-2)

Spider-Woman II: Her ex-husband Larry. No evidence either way on Moonraker. (1)

Crystal: Quicksilver, and Norm the estate agent (heavily implied but never outright stated). Despite the bashing of her, she didn't sleep with the Human Torch, nor Black Knight (you'd be missing the whole point of that storyline to think they had, too). (2?)

Thunderstrike: His ex-wife Marcy Masterson-Steele. Also implied that he slept with Jackie Lukas/Bloodaxe (1+?)

Darkhawk: Nothing I know of. \(\?\)

Swordsman II: Magdalene, and possibly the Mantis from his timeline (who looked like Moondragon) (1+?)

AntiVision: Claims to have had an active life in his old body, yet failed to notice that his new body was anatomically incorrect... \(\?\)

Deathcry: Outside chance of Hercules \(\?\)

Magdalene: Swordsman II, possibly Proctor (1-2?)

Masque: No-one we know of \(\?\)

Iron Boy: No-one we know of \(\?\)

Justice: (0)
Firestar: (0) Both still waiting until they're married

Triathlon: No-one we know of \(\?\)

Silverclaw: No-one we know of \(\?\)

Jack of Hearts: Marcy Kane during his days on Earth, but wasn't getting anywhere with space-nun Ganymede thanks to his power-problems and her choosing to hunt Tyrant over being with him. (1)

Ant-Man II: His ex-wife (Peggy), and Jessica Jones from Alias. Prison-style. Still lusts after the Purple Man? (2?)

Captain Britain II: Her ex-husband. She was possibly raped.

Luke Cage: Married to Jessica Jones. She-Hulk, Tigra, Jessica Drew, Harmony. Possibly Dr. Claire Temple.

Spider-Woman: Luke Cage, apparently. Jerry Hunt (SHIELD agent), David Ishima (her landlord), that other Hydra guy (I forget his name but he was in Marvel Spotlight #32) She accidentally killed her boyfriend at 17 whose name escapes me at the moment. Jared was a romance when she was with HYDRA however he was ordered to start a romance with her so it was a one-sided love affair.
In Spider-Woman # 23, Tim Braverman, an L.A Times reporter who also moonlight as the criminal Gamesman, starts a romantic relationship with Jessica...(she doesn't know he is a costumed villain) they kiss on-panel, share a picnic, and she really falls hard for the guy, who unfortunately was only using her.
Her partner, Scotty McDaniel was in love with her, but she didn’t return the feelings.

Sentry: His wife, Lindy.

Wolverine: It's probably easier to ask "Who hasn't Logan slept with?" Definites include Mystique, Tiger Tyger, Domino, The Native, some un-named woman from the Wolverine/Cable one-shot, and someone-whose-name-I-forget from the second Wolverine/Punisher miniseries, un-named mother of his un-named child from the Savage Land". Flex from Alpha Flight was supposed to be his son as well, but they never got around to actually saying so in the comics. The full list would likely surpass Tony Stark and steal his title as the Easiest Avenger. (6+, at a very conservative guess)

Possibly Mariko, Viper, Silver Fox, Warbird and Storm? Despite speculation and the cravings of the worst elements of fandom, Wolverine hasn't slept with Jean Grey and/or The Phoenix.

Ronin/Echo: Matt Murdock? Wolverine?

And now we have a bunch of new Avengers to include:

Iron Fist:

Dr. Strange:


New Captain America/Bucky:

Iron Patriot: