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Subj: Wolverine #6 and the long lost Avenger...
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Logan fills in for Mickey Mouse

This issue wasn't that much fun...

Adjectiveless Wolverine v6 006

Although Black Knight fans may want the 411 that Dane appears in this story for some super...ficial scenes. See attached.

Also, Avengers fans might take comfort in the [oddly presented] reveal that Faiza was crazy enough to channel Echo's previously - awkward? advantageous? absurd? ploy of easily posing undercover as the MALE superhuman(Ronin) as a smart play. Hands up if you miss Echo(RIP)? Ronin? Okay then moving on, why was Faiza drawn to look like The Offer? Has she been undercover with the fake identity all along or was she just a random guy in Logan's bar, just trying to trip up Offer's Squad(Which is as boringly named as Offer himself)?

As nitpickingly trope it is for flightless -NOW POWERLESS- Wolverine to jump out of the sky at least this issue made decent effort to explain how he would land safely in the company Reflex (or is it Fuel? No, probably 'Flex - they're hardly distinctive after ½year). However, they turn around and test logic again with Pinch's crazy landing! Did she actually see that rope from that high up, to go her own way, and appaaarently TK it into some sort of kinetic absorbing coil to land on? Why not just backpack a rope, if she's that much a daredevil - she's only a little more distinctive as member who was able to entice Logan to cheat on Storm(X-man and presuuumably an EX-Avenger at this time).

Now jumping out of a plane in his Wolverine costume only to change into a tux upon landing was dumb (although he prooobably stashed his suit at the docks). Why not just completely leave his "Avengers" colors behind since they've been implicating as a criminal in this series timeframe. Thor seems to have already given him a pass. [Not that he's got too much to worry about since SHIELD would probably vouch for him if charges were laid and he'd not lose his membership since Superior Spider-man has gotten off for doing worse.] Speaking of monkey suits, a "KILLABLE" Hawkeye should invest such lightweight and invisible armor that Logan has under his http://www.comicbookresources.com/prev_img.php?pid=21585&pg=5.

Back to Dane: so, are we to believe that these MI13 agents are working for SHIELD trying to locate this thingamawhatzit? Or should we just assume it's a joint collaboration contrary to the PrevPage statement of fact? Confusing. Making it a lite moment by paying homage to James Bond "Q" character with the intro of "O" wasn't distracting enough. However, it is good to see that MI13 is concerned about the Kingpin of the East and maybe Black Knight will get to have a go (and predictably lose) with Sabretooth. Although, Dane might not, because if there's any justice to this book, it's extremely unlikely (with the perdictable narrative setup) that Logan will stick to the plan. Wolverine will likely just try to kill Creed by himself with that bloody cliffhanger.

Sidebar: How many one-time Avengers has Creed gone up against?

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