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Subj: How would you connect Warlock with Thanos, the Avengers, the GOTG, etc.?
Posted: Fri May 29, 2015 at 08:17:09 pm CDT (Viewed 338 times)

I recall that in the Guardian Of the Galaxy movie- the Collector had a certain Mysterious Cocoon in one of his containers. This probably means that Warlock has not been on Earth for quite sometime. The Enclave (his creators) must be seriously looking for him all this time. Thus, the Enclave, in order to find him, could create a Female version of Warlock to look and retrieve him back to Earth in Kismet. Now, as many of you recall Kismet is very physically strong, and her Cosmic Powers is so high that she could give the Sufer a REAL run for is money; plus, she also has Psionics abilities as well. Kismet, as in Warlock, supposed to be the Ultimate Pinnacle in Human Evolution.


So now- how exactly would you connect Kismet to the Avengers and the MU movie world? Easy.. Just have the Enclave search for the missing Warlock. After their greatest creation mysteriously disappeared, (again)they went ahead and created a female version of him- to not only find Warlock but to mate with him in order to create a new race of Human Super-Beings. Now, the reason why Warlock disappeared was because he sensed a great and significant Cosmic disruption in the Universe that will Ultimately destroy the Earth, and he went off to investigate. Appearing hundreds of light years away from Earth using his Cosmic powers to teleport- he came across a world almost twice the size and volume of Earth that was being assailed at the time by none other than Thanos; who was using an Infinity Gem to destroy the Planet. However, being too close to this world- he literally had no chance to get away when it suddenly exploded. He quickly surrounded himself with a Cocoon structure to not only preserved his life, but to automatically heal himself from severe injuries following the result of the Planet explosion. Had he not acted in seconds- it could've been too late for him. A Space Pirate found the cocoon several months later and sold it to the Collector for a relatively high price.

In the meantime, Kismet flying through U.SA. airspace in N.YC. in search for Warlock is directly contacted by Shield, but did not listen to any of their demands- they decided to fire some weapons around her- in order to grab her full and divided attention. This does not went well with a being that thinks she's far superior to mere mortals. She quickly disabled four ships by creating a small Electro Magnetic Pulse. Two other Shield's "Invisible" ships that was hovering just in case things turned bad fire upon her full blast, but she created an impenetrable force field- and later dispatched both ships by blasting them into oblivion. Nick Fury called upon a Shield Globemaster to neutralized the threat once and for all, but it was quickly obliterated as well by Kismet. An enraged Fury decided to use his Hellicarrier for even more fire-power to obliterate Kismet as she's becoming a threat to all. She was hit hard, but quickly recovered and started to do some serious damage to the Hellicarrier. The Hellicaarier was about to fall from the sky when Iron Man did a "Spear" on Kismet traveling at supersonic speed, but she quickly recovered and melted most of his Iron Armor, enough to put IM out of contention, and barely surviving a land fall. The Hulk who was at the Hellicarrier at the time (as Banner) jumped down to smash Kismet, but was easily contained in an Anti-Gravity Force-Field. Then, she use her Cosmic Powers to mutate the Hulk back to Banner controlling by his gamma radiation (apparently she knew who the Hulk was). However, Banner quickly turned to the Hulk again, but Kismet decide to blast the Force-Field along with the Hulk all the way to Japan- almost landing in a Nuclear Plant.

Odin sense a disturbance on Earth. The power signature was unlike anything he has felt before on Earth. As he look upon the situation with Kismet- he concluded that mortals were literally playing with fire- and sent Thor to stop her. Thor materialize right in front of Kismet and ask her to stop her assault on Earth. She responded that she didn't started this, and quickly sent the most powerful blast yet at Thor- about three times more powerful than the blast she hit the Hulk with. However, Thor's Hammer deflected the blast right back at her- causing her to go through five Skyscrapers at speed well exceeding Mach Ten (or more than 7, 400 miles per hour)- and landing in Atlantic City, NJ. Kismet looked like a blur when she across into NJ. Hurt and angry like she never has been- she turned her attention back at Thor. Thor didn't waste anytime and fire a lightning bolt at her, but she quickly created a Force-Field around her, but Thor pushed the lightning to an even greater degree- causing her Force Field to literally shatter. However before she could created another force-Field- Thor pushed the lightning bolt strength even further- and her agonizing scream was heard literally miles away. Suddenly Iron Man showed up with the Extremist Iron Armor hitting Kisment with a Mega-Blast from his chest. The assault continued for three seconds more and Kismet fell down unconscious.

Kismet woke up about three days later in a fortified container back in a Secret HQ. Fury promised not to harm her- if she provide information as to who she was and what she was searching for. After several days searching for Warlock it was concluded that he was not on Earth; and with the help of a certain Dr. Strange- it was ascertained that Warlock unique energy signature came from a world that The Collector was operating several weeks ago, but was no longer there.. The Asgardians contacted Xandar- and seek the help of the Collector's new whereabouts. The Xandarians contacted the Guardian of the Galaxy for this task. The Guardians appeared on Earth and took Kismet with them on a mission to find Warlock- who will inevitably have a score to settle with Thanos...

Conclusion: I think Warlock should be a Central figure in the Final Confrontation with Thanos as much as are the Avengers, Guardian of the Galaxy, etc.... What do you think?

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