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Subj: Korvac Saga #4...
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Korvac Saga 004

• Lord Michael Korvac's kingdom of The Forest Hills is all but overwhelmed by a dark plague of madness, and the crisis threatens to draw down the wrath of God Doom himself.

• Korvac's rival, the Wonder Man Simon Williams, has decided to move against the governor, deploying his Avengers in an effort to seize power and spare both Korvac's kingdom and his own from Doom's displeasure. Only Korvac's loyal Guardians stand in the way of this ruthless power play, and a terrible, world-shattering secret is about to be discovered...

• Michael is powerful enough to hide his potential from Doom but God Emperor is still more powerful than Michael.

• Michael secret knowledge reveals seems to contradict the story point parameters of his pact with Doom to 'live in peace' in Forest Hills.

• Michael allegedly reporting that he is a survivor of the 616 that was (inadvertantly?) pulled into Doom's Battleworld patchwork efforts might explain the convenient plotline of his being stranded in the Present of 2015 BUT it only further offputtingly confounds the understanding of Doom's reported saving/copying/brainwashing revealed so far NOT TO MENTION seemingly makes that Guardians 3000 series a wasted/ignored/moot plotline that gave us Geena Drake.

• Fans of every superhero featured basically get to enjoy seeing each one get one shot in against the unbeatable Korvac. Then Korvac ends up killing them all and resurrecting them. All either clever or cheap recreation of Avengers #177 - depending on how you accepted this mini. The art is much weeker and no comparison to that classic battle.

• "Black Widow" feels she had to knockout Nikki to steal her guns to shoot at Korvac?! That moment was ODD for how it was presented. That moment suggested her Widow Stingers are comparitively useless, she amateurishly ran toward danger unprepared, she mistook "Nikki's" words of caution as traitorous? This may have made a cool movie screen moment for 2 other characters but just felt it was disrespectful of a true Black Widow image.

• "Herc" is the Avenger that got in the best shot against this godling. Next was probably those blasters of "Nikki".

• A few character interchanges touched on some character dynamics (through this mini) - that might make decent movie script too but will disengagingly go nowhere after the mini ends and the Reset.

• The Astral Plane was also salvaged from reality when Doom did his patchwork for those who consider it as a dimension of it's own instead of a naturally occuring pseudo-science phenomena of existence.

• The True Origin of Battleworld has been made known to the survivors of these teams.

• Cheap plot device that Doom can't locate the Lifeboat and Cabal folk but can conveniently locate this gathering because his Big Secret is revealed.

• This newest count put the Thorsguard number at 52 (take that, DC! ;\) ) - and yes wasted my time counting those dots in the air.

• Wow, did this 2nd big battle scream unevenness when compared to the earlier battle. eg.: Here "Mjolnir" could destroy "Cap's Shield" and smash thru the skull of "Mar-Vell" (ewww, gross! ). This was also a visually messier fight by comparison too but it appears that Thorguard manage to kill everyone. On hand, this is a rarely seen feather in the Thors' hats and proof that Doom has means to keep his Secret for 8 years now.

• Further homage to Avengers #177 http://www.comicboards.com/php/show.php?rpy=avengers-2015042018072606 has Korvac resurrecting the dead with his dying breath. Missed opp to show that "Moondragon" survived and stood next to a "Thor" (who could have been handcuffing her). Whether the Avengers were brought back to life and it was a poor story telling point not to tell readers either way. It will be interesting which other mini http://www.comicboards.com/php/image.php?msg=mub-2015070815140800&att=secret-wars-checklist.jpg&fullsize=yes acknowledges that Holy Wood and Forest Hills are now removed from the Battleworld Map. Missed opp not showing more clearly where this was happening on the big map in "THE CITY" Zone.

• Sooo, if the teasers that some series/characters will just carry on after this, SOMEHOW, might be how The ORIGINAL Guardians of the Galaxy stay in the MU forever known as JUST The Guardians... BAH.

Your interpretations from this conclusion?

battleworld map 6= Valley Of Doom 14= Doomgard 19= Doomstadt
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