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Have not yet enjoyed a single new Avengers team book but have been quite surprised by how good Scarlet Witch, Vision, Hercules and Patsy Walker aka Hellcat have been.

I'm hooked on the solos. Hope they continue to entertain. Goodbye Avengers team books.

Sad really, as I have been a faithful Avengers buyer since Avengers vol. I #124. Oh well.

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Vish, and Herc are quite good. Love couch surfing "Gil" Gilgamesh. I also enjoy having Herc live in a Greek Neighborhood. Vision's reads like a tragedy... a good one. Full disclosure I have said that the 1st Vish solo Ltm Series was my all time fav Ltm series. Even tho they have been foreboding some thing dire will happen I just hope it can finally push the character.

Wanda... Gonna read it but dislike Agatha Harkness being her ever present ghost/mentor. Plus they already mentioned a villain that will pop up Emerald Warlock. He seems rather... blah. IMO

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I've been enjoying Vision. Definitely one of the best ANAD titles?

But Hercules? It's 20 % plot, 80 % writer using the characters to tell again and again and again how Hercules used to suck and how great he is now.

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However the different storylines in her solo book,and being more "which" as ever, she reminds me of the strong, dedicated woman who once said she would die an avenger and was a truly selfless heroine...Because I hope one year or so afeter her solo adventures she will be ready for join them again.

This serie is what I would have wanted after Avengers vs Xmen. She began to redeem herself in this saga and now she has to get stronger before being part o I bigger group and regain their trust...The only thing I am missing is her looking for mental help...or mystic help...she should always be cautious about that...Like another poster said, talking only with a ghost after her “issues” is risky to say the less...
I hope the level keeps being so good

I am enjoying Vision serie too, however he is not “my” Vision, is completely different from the one I love. Definitely will read it tho

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