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Posted: Fri Apr 28, 2017 at 08:09:55 pm EDT (Viewed 88 times)


    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)09:50:22 No.91863317
    Ultimates^2 #6
    Re: fourchan
    How far will one man go to tie everything together?

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)09:58:07 No.91863418
    I assure you the Celestial attack in CWII was all planned ahead of time and not made on

    the fly. Bendis was in on it.

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)10:00:37 No.91863468
    Do I remember correctly that this Dosstvow guy is involved with Nextwave's Beyond Corporation?

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)10:01:34 No.91863486
    carol bout to go binary even further beyond

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)10:03:31 No.91863517
    Still a bit confused as to why not just use Oblivion, but this guy works okay.

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)10:05:31 No.91863555
    L-lewd out of context.
    Need I even say it?

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)10:05:56 No.91863562
    did monica and adam just combine into one of the servitors mentioned here?

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)10:06:33 No.91863574
    oh, so one of the multiverses was a female? the Waifu-verse?

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)10:07:17 No.91863590
    uhhh I have a few questions

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)10:08:18 No.91863606
    if that is the case, maybe the lesbian Utopia Demiurge created which America Chavez came

    from was his attempt to recreate it in a bottle

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)10:12:05 No.91863677
    I love this kind of chain reaction teamwork.

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)10:15:17 No.91863735
    wtf conner
    you better bring him back galactus

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)10:15:36 No.91863748
    now go forth, galactus, and zap to the extreme

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)10:15:53 No.91863753
    You died well, Anti-Man, thanks for making sure that stone hasn't rolled to the bottom

    of the hill just yet.

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)10:16:38 No.91863765
    is this the shortest career of any herald?

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)10:16:39 No.91863766
    Also this felt totally rushed but satisfactory nonetheless

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)10:19:36 No.91863815
    I think the Asian lady who used to be an Iron Man supporting character who turned into a

    herald in that mini drawn by Tolibao where she made out with the Silver Surfer was one

    for an even shorter time

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)10:20:00 No.91863830
    Yellow Jelly Bean

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)10:21:04 No.91863848
    Did the First Firmament take over Eternity?

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)10:22:56 No.91863880
    So let's see, the FF's initial gambit of using Galactus to just siphon all of Eternity's

    energy failed, as did his attempt to stall the Ultimates, but he still has Logos as his

    top enforcer, and I'm not really sure he needs anything else...

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)10:23:13 No.91863885
    I guess Ewing is saving the THREE-way marvel fusion for sweeps

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)10:24:06 No.91863904
    yeah - Get TRAINING Mac - Head to COLLEGE - that'll put the kibosh on the embodiment of

    metaphysics. just hit up DeVry Technical School of Multiverse Theory and Custodial Arts.

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)10:30:45 No.91864030
    she's taking basket weaving anon and Women and Gender Studies

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)10:37:00 No.91864143
    Was Satanic Cthulu from 3rd 4th or 5th Multiverse?

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)10:40:53 No.91864205
    look at it this way: in one word bubble Ewing explained why America's going to college,

    something whatshername couldn't in two entire issues.

    >Monica is inside Adam, but he lets her drive
    so he's a sub in the bedroom. good to know. and poor Carol didn't get to merge with

    anyone....except to zap the pair with excess energy. threeway metaphor? eh, I prefer it

    to the Rhodey romance.
    what should we call Monica + Adam? Adamica? Mondam? Wait......Madam?

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)10:42:53 No.91864235
    Blue Photon

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)10:44:41 No.91864263
    So if this is canceled and Eternity shows up somewhere, we can just assume it's this

    firmament guy pretending to be him?

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)11:19:01 No.91864889
    I love Cosmic arcs but I think this is not the team for this kind of story. It feels strange.

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)11:23:49 No.91864981
    >not the team for this you think? other than BP they're a bunch of characters basically built for cosmic

    stories, just rarely used for them. Hell, Carol used to roll with the Starjammers. it was a very character defining period for her

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)11:55:06 No.91865639
    Finally SOMEONE explains this.

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)11:57:04 No.91865682
    Galactus should ask Owen for some help.

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)11:57:52 No.91865698
    Ewing goes SMT and DBZ in the same book. How is he not the #1 writer at Marvel yet?

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)12:04:41 No.91865843
    So that explains what that Dark Celestial was, but not what the hell it was doing.

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)12:08:11 No.91865911
    Naturally Emmet Proudhawk is yet another New Universe reference.

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)12:11:53 No.91865976

    Nope, Johnny Storm has him beat. And Deadpool if you consider that story canon.

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)12:12:31 No.91865993
    I'm one of the people who expected Oblivion to be the Jailer so I'm probably biased, but

    I really do hope that it gets some focus eventually. It's always struck me as the be-all and end-all of cosmic villains since those pages from that Thor Annual.


    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)12:16:57 No.91866097
    File: Iron Man v5 013-008.jpg (1.22 MB, 1920x2951)
    1.22 MB

    Dark Celestial's easy to understand once you get Aspirants = Gentry.
    The Aspirants mentioned before in Kieron Gillen's Iron Man... also fighting the

    Celestials. I am guessing that was an earlier attempt to destroy them prior to an invasion.

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)12:21:26 No.91866198
    man, I need one of those hypercrisis play-by-plays that covers all the continuity ewing

    is drawing from for this. I still need to get around to reading marvel boy this weekend

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)12:26:56 No.91866314
    As much as I appreciate Ewing's respect and usage of extremely niche characters and concepts, I can't help but wonder how much better his stuff would sell if he were

    willing to 'toe the line' a little more and do a more classic run with popular

    characters that still showed off his love for the old lore and stranger cosmic stuff. If he reined in the crazy shite for a bit, I think he could get really big and have more

    free rein to do his own really abstract stuff in the long run.

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)12:56:11 No.91867012
    So "PAGE 7" is how they're gonna explain Hydracap, right? The new Madam Hydra is a host to one of these things.

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)12:58:58 No.91867074
    Kek, if Ewing is actually secretly using the Dark Celestials to unify all of the Marvel events into the Eternity War, my respect for Marvel's current writing will increase substantially.

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)12:58:58 No.91867088
    File: starlinverse.jpg (794 KB, 1280x1915)
    794 KBImage

    Will all things Starlin be selectively canon??

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)13:03:14 No.91867169
    >my respect for Marvel's current writing
    lets not give credit where its not due
    Ewing's writing is the only thing earning respect here. Bendis doesn't get to coast off

    someone else making the most of the mess he made

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)13:05:57 No.91867238
    Okay, I'm thinking Eternity War's bringing a bunch of cosmic beings into the mix.
    Which they made Ulysses into by way of Poochy-ing at the end.
    Ulysses is gonna come back at the end of the story and deal the decisive blow against TFF.

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)13:10:29 No.91867346
    >tieing the First Firmament/Astro-Gods from Morrison's Marvel Boy, Aspirants/Celestial

    War from Gillen's Iron Man, the Death Celestials from Fraction's Defenders and the Celestial Destructor from Bendis CWII together effortlessly
    Ewing is the greatest continuity wizard that Marvel has had since Gruenwald died.

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)13:30:02 No.91867799

    You went from a throwaway villain in a mini no one cared about and worked your way up to being the most compelling character in my favorite current Marvel book.

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)13:55:25 No.91868478
    Based Ewing giving a reason for why America even exist as a comic.

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)14:07:16 No.91868787
    Incase the flashbacks at the beginning of the comic weren't clue enough. The thing they were having so much trouble beating, and only won against it because of Galactus, is a servant creation of the Aspirants.

    FF created the Aspirants that the Celestials came from. Aspirants created the energy fetus things to serve them.

    The Ultimates had to pull some serious power plays to beat one of those servants...

    Btw, just saying. Anyone want to bet the Celestial TOAA has been preparing for this since the beginning? What if he is waiting outside of reality in order to spring his master plan surprise attack to destroy the FF? What if that plan has a chance of destroying everything and the Ultimates end up having to fight against TOAA to save Eternity while Galactus and Eternity have to fight against the FF?

    I am actually excited to see where this goes.

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)14:28:44 No.91869399
    >Ewing answers the Shin Megami Tensei question in the letters page

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)14:57:42 No.91870170
    Truth. Ewing even explained why Thanos had that &^%$ing gun in the CWII preview.

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)15:26:37 No.91870952
    Didn't Logos rebel against it in the last chapter? I thought the First Firmament only pushed Order and Chaos into creating Logos to hurt the universe, not that he was controlling them.

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)15:40:24 No.91871382
    Ulysses was taken by the first firmament.

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)15:43:56 No.91871491
    My gods. Is this is the best Marvel book for story and art or WHAT?!

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)15:55:42 No.91871886
    Definetly, and the best part is that he does it in such a way that you don't even need to know that these things are references to understand the story, but if you do get them the experience is enhanced. Ewing sees continuity as a tool and knows how to use its full potential without confusing casual readers too much like Busiek did.

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)16:11:34 No.91872381
    The only way Ewing could possibly go more Hypercrisis would be by acknowleding that the 6th multiverse is the X-Men Animated Universe as shown in the final issue of the comic adaptation of the X-Men Animated Series, or by referencing the Brothers from DC vs Marvel and/or Access.

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)16:53:39 No.91873523
    File: Nemesis_(unrevealed)_Head.jpg (83 KB, 442x350)
    83 KB

    That cosmos kinda looks like nemesis, the being that created the universe and the infinity gems by killing herself at the dawn of time.

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)16:54:46 No.91873539
    The incursions had an interesting premise but nothing actually came from it. The Illuminati got to play god, cost them the universe, and murdered billions to trillions of humans and nothing ever came of it. The most we got to see was Namor and T'challa hissing at each other. Secret Wars was interesting at first, but you knew a lot of the things that were going to happen and it was basically like watching a water bottle slowly roll down a hill as it gains momentum.

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)17:05:55 No.91873805
    >Those cosmic arms and mouth look amazing. I'm surprised at how much foreman has improved since the series started.
    The problem was never the pencils, it was the coloring. There's a new colorist on here and Foreman's not coloring himself anymore.

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)17:12:22 No.91873957
    The Richards disappeared from the multiverse after having had enough of everything in there, the Maker became the guardian of the multiverse, Doom reconsidered his life choices, Namor apparently had PTSD and so he buggered off somewhere too, and we got ANAD. Also, the current storyline from this very comic, due to the multiverse still being weak, in a way.

    I don't really know what else did you expect, the only thing I can take out from your line of thought is the civilians distrusting the heroes after what the Illuminati did(not like it was public knowledge, and everyone but Doom, Richards, and Molecule Man got their memory of the event wiped), and it's not like the Marvel Citizens trust their heroes anyway, since now we basically got into Dark Reign 2.0.

    On a fundamental level, the only actual flaw I can see with the story is that they escalated the stakes so much, that going to regular hero vs hero brawls afterward seem like a massive step down, thus not seeing any tension in what might happen to them(outside of the deal with TFF, that is). But I guess that has more to do with the very nature of comics and them having to keep rolling stories until the day they're no more.

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)17:21:03 No.91874142
    Are those "PAGE 5" guys that had the concordance engine from Fraction's defenders?

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)17:22:15 No.91874177
    that's even part of the recommended reading on the letters page

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)17:22:15 No.91874222
    When was Rodstvow introduced to Phil?


    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)17:51:30 No.91874887

    Surprisingly the whole Incursion-Secret Wars is currently being followed up on in Jessica Jones of all places.

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)18:30:04 No.91875891
    File: Crazyman_1_signed.jpg (86 KB, 816x816)
    86 KB

    This issue's given me complete faith.
    It's not even about nature. Oblivion's nothing. This guy's something. That's why he's got initiative, and resources, and agents.
    I still really hope Big O shows to illustrate the difference but gosh darn it all it makes sense. I 'member an anon suggesting Ewing might make sense of something else and I didn't think he had it in him but here I am getting Hypercrisis'd on.

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)18:39:45 No.91876161
    Oblivion is part of the wheel of time. He's death in the life and death cycle of the multiverse, the isn't to eternity's is. The first firmament is just an absolute everything, he exists outside of the cycle. He's more like a biblical God, he even refers to eternity as his child, and was refered to as "skyfather" in last issue.

    Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)18:47:40 No.91876371
    File: Dr Strange 013_Page_17_Im(...).jpg (1003 KB, 1219x1803)
    1003 KBImage

    I asked him about the general topic once upon a time (reality resetting in Dr Strange, Man-Thing, PAD Captain Marvel, etc..) and his answer was that universe rebirth =/= mulitverse rebirth.
    Seems to me that Galan was a bit of a meme (in the literal sense). The core essence of his being is a holdover from the 6th Multiverse, but his "origin" is strained through a 7th cosmos concept of space-time and fractalized across the branching multiversal, each of which have their own constant self-contained reboots.

    Anonymous 04/27/17(Thu)10:00:45 No.91891714
    I wonder if the Omega marks have anything to do with Ex Nihilo too.

    Anonymous 04/27/17(Thu)10:04:38 No.91891769
    File: 1478134464712.jpg (237 KB, 1817x974)
    237 KBImage

    >He's just a bomb
    buckle up because I'm about to talk out my ass for a while
    in Hindu concepts, there was Brahman. The void. From Brahman came Brahma, and from Brahma came Vishnu the creator and Shiva the destroyer. and from each of them came feminine aspects. and from their union came 'lesser' gods and also came reincarnations and so on and so forth until you get the billions of mortals
    but every single mortal and every single god is just the godhead method acting so well that they forge they are the godhead plaing a role in a play
    now if you place this overlapping Marvel, then The One Above All is Brahma, and the entire fictional omniverse is Brahman.
    when a kalpa ends, usually when evil triumphs over good, the godhead wakes up. in the same wa you wake up right before you crash into the rocks after falling off a cliff, or you wake up right as the mobster pulls the trigger. and then the godhead goes to sleep to dream again and that's a new kalpa.
    now at every single moment within the godhead's dream, ever person the godhead is dreaming of being there is this nagging thought at the back of their mind, in German, a 'hintergedanken', that they are not who they think they are. that 'who they are' is just a role they play

    Anonymous 04/27/17(Thu)10:08:02 No.91891818
    File: AVFV_11_page_25_ArtNet_Scan.jpg (794 KB, 1280x1915)
    794 KBImage

    Now consider the destiny force. that 'latent psionic potential' dormant in all human characters in marvel, and which was manifested in Rick Jones
    In the climax of Avengers Forever, the 'good guys' were swarmed by every evil Avenger from every doomed timeline. Rick Jones had been endoyed temporarily with the full brunt of the Destiny Force. What did he do? He summoned a near-infinite army of ever avenger from every timeline that didn't go bad.
    Why that, rather than just erasing the foes from existance? Because it mde for a better story.
    The destiny force IS being able to manipulate the story for the sake of the better story. and Rick Jones didn't retain control over the destiny force because it wouldn't have made for as good a story as he did. It would be too easy, once he got back Rick Jones would have resolved every problem the Avengers ever faced.

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