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Subj: Who, here, couldn't attend an Avengers alumni party... 'cuz they're dead?
Posted: Tue Aug 29, 2017 at 08:37:37 am EDT (Viewed 412 times)

As far as online collage alumni mashups go - this is a great one.. It generates so many fanfic ideas and terrific topical tweakings! Just the guessing game alone of where each clipart image came from would be quite the industrious challenge! Any takers? ;\) Tempted to actually use this pc wallpaper for a day or two... Couple questions:

··· Which of these heroes are DEAD as of this posting?
··· Who else thinks it a big mistake to put John Walker in his Captain America duds from New Invaders in the group instead of his iconic USAgent look?!!
··· What issue did Silverclaw take that avian form in top right corner? It would be interesting to see an issue count for her and how many of them she flew in.
··· What issue did THOR use that armored look??!
··· What issue did MANTIS use that tiara look??!
··· Who is that between Black Knight and Beast? Rick Jones?
··· Who is that between She-Hulk and Stingray? Wanna say future Aaron Stack since Vizh is elsewhere...
··· Who is standing behind Hulk's shoulder? Wanna say a bald Jocasta since since Vizh is elsewhere...
··· Hmm... did Black Knight and Swordsman, or alt-versions, ever swordfight each other?
··· Give a No-Pize suggestion what Black Widow and Spider-man are hanging from? \:D

Your thoughts?
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