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Subj: Is Avengers #200 As Bad And Disgusting As People Say That It Is? Would The Alternative Have Been Better?
Posted: Sat Dec 02, 2017 at 04:17:27 pm EST (Viewed 622 times)

I have no desire to read this because it's usually listed as one of the worst Avengers issues (I remember Bendis trashing this in Wizard when he was starting his Avengers run.) and stories, but I was wondering if it's not as awful as it's reputation. I'm sure that it got retconned at this point anyway, but from what I understand, Ms. Marvel (Carol.)got raped and impregnated by: Immortus? Marcus, the Son of Kang? I don't understand either of those two characters, but I do remember one of them appearing in the (Somewhat underrated.) Kang War by Kurt Busiek. I remember the issue where he had Carol and Marcus talk and interact, but I couldn't get through the issue (I found it to be boring, and I didn't really care enough about the history between them.). Anyhow, is this true or was it blown out of proportion (Kind of like how people say that Hank was a big wife abuser when he only hit her once in a psychotic rage.)? I also hear that the Avengers just let it happen and watched as the bad guy took off. This kind of reminds me of the end of Disassembled when Cap just hands Wanda over to Magneto and he just takes off.

As to the original plan, I read that it was supposed to be the Supreme Intelligence who did this to her and or impregnated her. Would this have been better or have made any sense? Did she ever have the baby? This doesn't sound like other writers followed up on this. Did the Avengers really just abandon her like that? If it was followed up on, wasn't she mad?

Thanks for the help.