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Subj: Uncanny Avengers #30: Breaking up and getting together...
Posted: Wed Dec 20, 2017 at 04:23:05 pm EST (Viewed 533 times)

Uncanny Avengers 030

So good! Some no action issues are boring, some not. This was not with fine characterization and footnote attention to significant danglers ignored by other books.

Perfect cover! Inside art was superb!

Wanda and Simon break up (again) was maturely beautiful. Interesting that Simon new flying form.

Johnny and Anna 'getting closer together'. Seems a bit rushed that Wasp jumped to that conclusion and it's... surprising to see the impication that writer is moving in that direction for them. Interesting to learn an unknown developer bought the Baxter Building - look forward to reading details in MTiO #1 tomorrow! Johnny is maturely dealing with his newfound fortune. Good news for Avengers Mansion and Jarvis! Does this imply Johnny owns AVENGERS MANSION INC. or he set it up as separate legal entity?

Attilan GH, Hellion, T-Mist, Royals in Space, new NuHuman doc, Synapse's actual injuries... more welcome deets in Emily's engaging scene. All topped off with the heartfelt contents of the letter that Pietro left her. It was nice to see him too - but a visual clue of what he's headed would've been nicer.

Wanda and Jericho 'getting REALLY closer together'. Seems just plain rushed that Wanda threw herself at him. She's alludes to how she's grown (during her cancelled series); otherwise, their talk is lite. Interesting power implication that she (apparently) could 'see' (some way) her brother (where ever he was) via some kind of meditative monitoring. Nice that she cares after her abrupt 'break up' with him.

Shocker trial and Secret Empire Darkforce Crisis more welcome deets. Is Rogue going to give him a shot on the Unity Squad? It the US court recognizing Anna Marie as Miss Rogue or does the writer just not have clearance to make up a last name for her? ;\) She is very likable this ish. Rogue is inching back up my Top X-men Faves List.

Nice better-than-nothing cameos for Wasp, Jarv, and Hank... followed by a SHOCKING SHOCK appearance of Cap! Given his nomad status in his title and unresolved S.E. danglers his negotiating Official Avengers Status felt the MOST RUSHED story element of all - if not unbelievable. Still, it feels right -and at the same time wrong- she keeps UNITY SQUAD but breaks up with the franchise not to mention the flippin' book title name. Hmm... where's that going to go.

Finally, that last page subtle introduction (at least in these pages) of Voyager made for an awesome last page splash.

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