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Subj: Champions #15: VIVIAN?
Posted: Thu Dec 21, 2017 at 01:20:43 pm EST (Viewed 356 times)

Champions 015 (2018)

PBP reactions to compare if you read the WORLDS COLLIDE crossover conclusion...

00 ...Okay cover.

01 The series thematic No-Prize opening splash is not that offputting for a pleasant change. It would be nicer to actually get chronological deets. How long after Avengers #674 (when Spidey and Vizh also visited her grave) did this take place?

Recap: OK.

01 She's "ALIVE"! Of course, READERS already knew that. She has more freckles than before. Of course, her immediate situation followup and reveal that somebody is there with her is appealing.

02 H.E.'s "alive"! Of course he is. Still, it makes sense. And he's hungry? not so much. Probably just metatextual "food for thought". \:D

03 Remind me if readers were told that Visions hometown was identified as GEORGETOWN? Guess his Lab is the better choice over G.I.R.L.'s Lab or the (forgotten) Avengers Hangar HQ for remaking a synthezoid body, eh. Like the hex pattern of Wasp's wings. It's confirmed they now have easy access to Counter-Earth, via Mjolnir, but SADLY the story arc conclusion has no followup or closure to the status there.

04 Why not have Jarvis (at least) pass on kind regards for OTHER past allies of Viv instead of Spidey (again) - like Wanda for example?

05 Identicard's holovision showing detail. Jarv's cameo suggests #674 also the actual funeral day. Sign, Kamala has a burr up the butt - again.

06 Good reason to quit. Only 4 more excuses for 4 more members... ;\)

07-08 Evolutionary give pseudo-science that they survived. As good as any comic book fantastical reason. Neat digital visual for surviving 'bodies'. Heh, "Pinoccchio" online observations actually noted. "LIVING SIGNAL" could DEBATABLY serve to explain other presumed sentient A.I.'s in the MU. Clever observation defining the term UNNATURAL.

09 Decent Nadia/Vizh moment. It would be nicer to actually reveal Viv's engram source rather than torture readers with the cruel teasing question. Theoretically, if not logically, who could it be? ONLY family member identity was Vizh's dead wife was revealed to be from Wanda's brain in the maxi series, right? Also nicer if -rather than emotional busywork- that Vizh would've confirmed he was also attempting to capture Viv's 'digital soul' as his had been recovered several times in his past.

10-11 Empty casket buried in the backyard. Good to know. Falcon survives an undeserved Chulk haymaker; Kam finds more burrs to put up her butt; NINO flips and decides NOT to quit. Annoyances to unfold.

12-15 Don't get suckered, Viv! Don't do it! ...Good for you! This is why you're the best character on the team.

16-18 Here we go... She's about to show Xavier's soulself how it's done... Wow, Vision is a regular waterworks this ish... Man, they're stretching this SUPERSIMPLIFIED resurrection issue out... At least, we don't have to wait around for the synthetic return of...

19 WHOLEY CRAP! Never saw that fantastical splash page coming.

20 "VIVIAN?" Indeeds!! This mediocre at best series nails the last page ending again. (Anyone think Wyndam could've jumped after to bodyjack the one?)

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