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Subj: Avengers No Surrender (free) Poster
Posted: Sun Jan 14, 2018 at 08:52:22 pm EST (Viewed 529 times)

Did you get yours?

It's double-sided. One side is the alternate time line version of the Avengers #1 cover (it has Voyager on it). The other side is a cool George Perez image which I've attached below.

Regarding the Perez image:

1. Hey Reverend - Gilgamesh is included!

2. Bah - Doctor Druid isn't. Curses!

3. It's a Wasp many costumes extravaganza! Love it. Love her.

4. Hank Pym appears in several of his various guises. He's not pimp-slapping anybody. He's just there and proud as he should be. Take that, Shooter. Pffft!

5. I think that's Namor with the long hair and goatee. Very Aquaman-esque.

6. The Vision is very prominent, as he should be. Thank you, George. At least YOU remember.

7. The entire Fantastic Four are there. Reed has Sue in one arm and She-Hulk in the other. You are a stud, Reed.

8. Starhawk and the original Guardians of the Galaxy are there. I didn't know they were Avengers. Very educational poster.

9. Moon Knight and Darkhawk are there. I didn't know they were Avengers. This poster is like a crash course in Avengers lore.

10. I think that's Hyperion next to Gilgamesh. Right?

11. Thunderstrike! Love that guy. Didn't always. Do now.

12. Swordsman! I love his costume. Always did. Always will.

13. Rage is there. Triathlon isn't. Thank you George. Yes, Kurt, your story line was stupid. The Black Panther is there. The Falcon is there. Photon is there. War Machine is there. So that's five black Avengers. Triathlon was a bit late for the revolution, Kurt. Go back to sleep. (Googled him to make sure he wasn't dead or dying, as would be my luck.)

14. Spider-Man is there. Wolverine isn't. That's odd. Luke Cage and Jessica Jones aren't there either. The original Spider-Woman isn't there. But the Spider-Woman some of us like better is there. Let me just say: sometimes, my friends, force works.

15. I think that's Wonder Man with some woman draped around him. I don't know who the woman is.

16. Two Gun Kid is there. But of course he is. George would obviously include him.