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Subj: Champions #16: Even An Android Can... Sneeze?!
Posted: Mon Jan 22, 2018 at 06:10:25 pm EST (Viewed 403 times)

Champions 016

PBP reactions to compare if you read it. The synthezoid storyline seems Avengers related enough. Going in expecting something like Defenders for a Day type story, http://marvel.wikia.com/wiki/Defenders_for_a_Day_(Earth-616), anxious to see if they could tell an entertaining version or twist on it....

00 Actually like the poser cover. MU Teen Titans neverbeswannabes all together. Spider-Gwen is an 'acceptable' cheat.

01 Themed forshadowing teaser page packaged like a second cover splash page. Meh. Probably readers are to assume that this scene takes place during the blacked out "SMOOSH" panel on page #9? And for all the exciting drama it suggests it ends up nothing but a big waste.

RECAP https://pixhost.org/show/285/62336663_1516226619627.jpg So. Thaaat's what happened. All that mystery build of the cliffhanger for naught. No in-story explanation needed. Vizh really did and successfully completed a Viv 2.0 copy simultaneously as now human Viv1.0 popped out after being trapped between realms and presumed dead.

-Freckles are now blotches? Grr.
-So. Thaaat's the plot pitch going on. It's vying Vivs vexed with the other's existence. They have dueling narratives, which has been done in Batman/Superman team ups umpteen times, but their ongoing POV's of the other was creative observational comparisons.

03 Vision sneezes??!! The mucusplot thickens. Intriguing. No guess yet. Unless he had to sacrifice some bodily issue to create Viv2.0. And didn't he tell Nadia the synthezoid would only last long enough for him to say a proper goodbye?

-Remind me: Olympus Group is the "HQ" located out west somewhere, right? These constant casual commutes are illogical.
-Makes sense they'd vote on Viv2.0. BUT it makes NO sense they vote no. If Viv1.0 had not come back, tell me they wouldn't have treated the copy as if it were the original? How often has Vizh been rebuilt and treated the same? Plot device. Whatever.
-At least Cho has a love storyline internal to this series. The other 3 got nothing much.

-Ms. Marvel is Giant-Man + Ant-Man + Mr.Fantastic and now Flatman.
-Miles still considers Spider-Gwen his GF? Didn't they have a bittersweet parting? 'Cuz y'know, she lives in another reality?? Now, SHE will she be nomiated for Commuter of The Year?? And what about Bombshell Baumgartner sparks?
-SURELY, the heroes aren't laughing at him in disbelief about Earth-65 existing?! Can we No-Prize that they're just cruel teasing him?

-Nova doesn't know Devil Dinosaur exists yet?? C'mon.
-Aaand we'll never learn if Kam suggest Moon Girl before or after the Secret Warriors disbanded... if she ever mentions her resume at all. Sigh.
-"EYAS" is a great name and let's hope Falcon Joaquin takes it!!!!!!!
-Of course they have Ironheart's address! Her I.D. is public knowledge; not to mention The Champions HQ MUST have some respectable database.

07 Nadia gets some exposition out of Vizh regarding the creation of a synthezoid. Gotta love her for that fact. Vizh presents some thought provoking pseudo-science to be used in debates if Viv2.0 is alive - and by extension how 'alive' Viv1.0 must be after being 'devolved' into a human. A debate that will not be settled (at AMB) no doubt.

08 Fun guest villain choce with Gambonnos. Funny encounter with Moon Girl. But c'mon Devil Dinosaur just walking around NYC after all this time seems like the unbelievable eyesore to replace Attilan that was a floating city above Manhattan before. Sheesh.

09 Devil Dinosaur is a better crimebuster than the cops?! Hmmph. A footnote!! Yay.

10 Meet and greet with a brainiac girl and prehistoric dino that Tyke and NINO didn't know... Kinda fun. Kinda silly. Uhh... where'd they get the rope? *crosses fingers that Lunella said NO*

11 Family embracing change. Sweet.

12 Viv2.0 sneezes now??!! Yikes, that can't be good.

13 Legacy Falcon and Legacy Patriot log some generic facetime rescue.

14 Return of Red Locust. Standard misunderstanding heroes interclash for 1 page.

15 The 3 next gen heroes team up to side with the illegal border jumpers over the illegal border extortionists.

16 The Champions show up up to help the 3 at the (close by?) US/Mexican border after arriving in magicaltimely fashion. Better than nothing fight vs normal gunmen. Miles seems to be battling aenorexia.

17 Teen Titans wannabes expand. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

18 Cho recruits Ironheart. No comment about the recruitment test until someone confirms the equations babbled are serious or silly. That makes (+1)*1/1 new member!

19-20 Back to the battling siblings. The (only) interesting part of this issue. Look like Viv2.0 is breaking down and Viv1.0 is quite fragile. IS it going to be as simple a solution as the two of 'em will have to merge somehow?

Comments? (Defenders for a Day was better, eh?)


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