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Subj: Avengers #677: This is not going to hurt...
Posted: Wed Jan 24, 2018 at 11:22:16 am EST (Viewed 476 times)

Avengers 677 (2018)

Just going to preface that by saying, HOPEFULLY this is the real Earthlings on real Earth at that's been transported to an as yet real unrevealed location. And not some altered reality that will all be RESET and forgotten at the end of the Event. Things that happen here and now, stay that way later. This should not preclude the writers from doing/revealing whatever they want with Voyager and the reborn villains but would make for more drama and less Holodeck-ish Aventure angst. If this ends up getting tied in with the long overlooked Universe 8 change - well, that will probably get messy too.

And now to the praise... This is getting good! (Although not without flaws that need mending.)

Here's my PBP reactions for you to compare:

00 Perfect cover. Loved Pietro's spot on narration throughout.

RECAP: Berto and Toni should've dumped those codenames 'til now. Weird that Hank and Simon decided to stay on with the 2nd-string Avengers. Probably less demands w/UnitySquad but also less Official Avengers props, imo.

01 Nice 1st response detection ability. But technically/erroneously didn't Falc beat him to that?

02 Repeat splash page of the cliffhanger. Whatever. Sets the stage.

03 Oh. They're all there. Proxima must have ported first and blasted then the others ported in between issues. One of 'em are levitating the Order, eh. A dash of decompression.

04 So, it was Voyager as guessed. It almost creatively had to be. She's faster than Pietro too. No new injuries. This supports the argument she really sides with "good".

05 A bunker HQ. Makes sense. "MILES AWAY" is not definitive enough for me. Good regroup confab for the team.

06. Ahhh. So it's Grandmaster against a mystery opponent. More guessing game fun. Grantland Rice???

07 OK, some AMBer should be good to guess with that facial clue. It can't be Bruce Willis. Curious pyramid angle to the game. Wonder what the 5th Element is, though.

-Jarvis condition as surmised. Malady still to be guessed at.
-Drones ferried supplies suggests time passed. Now definitive pacing is offputting. And is that an Iron Patriot armor shell brought to this HQ after she gave up that ID?

09 Crisis gets worse. Weird (ie.unclear) pawn movement of the 2 badguy teams. Hard to get intrigued but anticipation of the 2 big location clashes is okay.

10-11 Fun picking teams. Clever "STRIKE TWICE" smack talk. Poor Pietro. Okay, dramatically it makes sense that Rogue said NO. But he was Identicard summons, so he is considered an Avenger *koff*by the convoluted membership plotdevice*koff* therfore he should have been picked by Falc or given an HQ assignment. The frikkin world in jeopardy, Rogue!

12-13 Rome fight. Not bad, not good. Just there.

14 Peru fight. Not bad, not good. Just there.

15. OMG!!!!!!!! A footnote! AND the bunker HQ is frikkin' canon! Cool! Obviously Stark forgot about it since he had his ANAD team hole up in a decrepid hangar. And what about that sewer-HQ/Avengers-storage that was shown in the pages of Deadpool? Good Wanda/Pietro scene. [REQUEST: Somebody should post that 1965 page the site was introduced.]

-It could've been narrated cleared why he chose to run to that site first. Also the time delay to get there hurts the pacing toon. Both teams must be jobbing (which is a trope of first encounter battles for the heroes - whatever).
-"Vision may work best as a test case. If anything goes wrong, well, you still got me as a lover." ;\)

17 OH SNAP. The THOR MB will explode at that showing. Has it eve been done with Mjolnir before? Surely Magneto has tired?

18 Quicksilver rocks!...

19 DAMMIT. That damned unexplained flabberghasting freezeframe phenomena thingamajigger! Are the chess masters allowed delayed 'removal from play' option? That undermines the already generic underwhelming actionfest.

20 THAT'S GOTTA HURT! But not the art - lovin' the art this ish.

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