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Subj: Voyager membership is made clear. What about the others...
Posted: Wed Feb 07, 2018 at 01:54:22 pm EST (Viewed 276 times)

Interesting to note, for those unaware, that the official[?] Marvel wikia site has been updated to included VOYAGER as a "documented" founding member as of now:

Also, does anyone have comment or answer to any of these questions that present themselves from that webpage:

Alaska/USA recognizes the "Ultronic Territories"?!

"Avengers Unity Division" skill acknowledged in spite of being officially disbanded? Ditto USAvengers?

Avenger X is trapped in Microverse - did we see her "banishment" destination? Also, why is she not given the same NOT A MEMBER retroactive addendum that Ravonna/Nebula gets?

Ultimates are still active. Does/shouldn't that membership preclude Avengers authorization protocols or not? We still don't know for sure. They are conspicuously/offputtinglly not even mentioned yet in NO SURRENDER Event.

Hellcat has been noted as having had full membership status in past stories, has she not? And as recently as her last cancelled series?

MUST. READ. MARVELS PROJECT #1. How did Two-Gun die?? It was a surprise he ended up in Hell, in Falcon #4, right?

Wasn't Simon given membership in his intro issue before he went into his coma and should be noted as such - just like other villains are listed when they were inducted?

It is a relief if it is now acknowledge that Mar-Vell was NEVER given any kind of official status in-story of any back issue, afaik.

Was Alex Porcupine Gentry given any official honorary status akin to Moira Brandon in that ish where Cap said he'd honor him and put his armor in the HQ display case?

Moon Knight is listed as "ACTIVE BUT NOT PART OF ANY TEAM". Interesting in itself but also curious why so many other entries don't note the same - implies they are NOT active as is unfairly implied by writers as weak plot device.

Voyager is updated - aaaaand yet Lightning is NOT updated entry yet.

Did the Mercs for the Money disband or not?

"Battleworld" should be called Battlerealm. Also Dr.Druid should be listed at least as "membership under review".

Ditto - Scott Lang should be listed at least as fugitive and/or "membership under review".

D-Man is coma-dead at best.

Stingray got booted from Mercs, eh?

Bring back Deathcry!

Masque was a bio-duplicate to be specific.

What issue did Delroy officially switch to 3-D Man codename?

Luke Cage should be on Defenders. Or at least H4H again. C'mon, updaters? At least do the obvious ones when you log in.

Logan is metal poisoned dead. Or rumored to be roaming the globe now.

Sentry was resurrected by Dr.Strange or the Apoc Twins?

Remind me why Iron Lad destroyed Jonas?

How can Cho be active if HE QUIT??

Please confirm Flux was only given Honorary Membership in-story asap. Ditto Aman. And any exclusive Secret Avenger. Valkyrie ACTIVE but Venom HONORARY is contradictory!

Clarify Carter and Hill's designation. And why isn't Hand on the list with them?

"Current whereabouts and activities unknown." Frustrating. At least state "presumed" status. Also the author[s] of this page must have "last seen" info to share. SERIOUSLY and in the tone of a broken record playing, there should be a separate column with the CURRENT AVENGERS MEMBERSHIP STATUS - even if it is listed as presumed.

What other danglers should be noted??

roll call line-up

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