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Subj: Occupy Avengers #1-8
Posted: Thu Mar 08, 2018 at 10:12:35 am EST (Viewed 259 times)

I'm really glad I bought these issues off eBay. This is a comic I would not have wanted to miss. I say this despite the fact that I apparently completely ignored it when it was staring right back at me on the comics shop shelf.

Issue 8 was a let-down but no surprise there as it was a Secret Empire tie-in. These stupid events ruin comics. They really do. In this case, a book that was all about being small scale became large scale because Secret Empire was a large scale threat that couldn't be ignored. Being small scale was the whole essence of the book. So - yeah - ruined. But I guess it was slated for cancellation any way. A new book with neither web nor snikt just isn't going to last.

The next issue - #9 - ended the series and since it's another Secret Empire tie-in I doubt I'll bother getting it. The only temptation is the art. The art for #8 by Morazzo and Coelho was unworthy of a Big Two book. Really sub-par. But #9 features art by Walta and Bellaire, who did issues #5-7 and were quite good. Still, #9 is a Secret Empire tie-in so I'll pass unless you guys tell me it's not to be missed.

I learned in #8 that JMS's Nighthawk was killed and Deadly Nightshade took up his mantle. I would rather have two characters than one so I didn't like this.

Issues #1-7 gave me the origin and early development of the Hawkeye/Red Wolf dynamic duo. This was important to me because I'm seeing the two of them as brothers in arms in the Avengers weekly series and I wanted to see how all this started. I also enjoyed Deadly Nightshade and Wheels Wolinski, the latter of whom I had never heard of. Deadly Nightshade is a really fascinating character whom I guess I will now have to refer to as Nighthawk because Secret Empire just had to kill somebody because, as we all know, an event doesn't matter unless characters die. Feh, fooey, and fie upon it.

Incidentally, the Occupy series repeatedly depicted Deadly Nightshade as a master of robotics, which of course she is, but it ignored the fact that she is also a master of chemistry. It was she, after all, who used chemicals to change Steve Rogers into Cap-Wolf. Hopefully future depictions of her will feature this aspect along with the robotics.

This series redeemed Hawkeye for me after Fraction tainted him with his Fractionitis. I truly despise everything I have ever seen of Fraction's writing. Thankfully, the Hawkeye of Occupy is flawed yet nevertheless a hero of bigger than life proportions, as he should be. He has an extremely toned down Deadpoolian vibe - for example, many of the people who know him don't like him and often with good reason though Clint might disagree with their reasoning - but he isn't a moron nor even pretending to be one as Deadpool often does. Also Deadpoolian is his tendency to leap into battle with no real plan. He wings it. Makes it up as he goes along. Improvises. You know, like Deadpool. He's just a lot less likely to put innocents in danger while he plays the odds.

Red Wolf is a cool combination of genuine wisdom, amusing ignorance of our present day culture and technology, and a fearless warrior's heart. His constant googling of things people say so he can keep up with the conversation is already classic, to the point where, at one point, Clint actually googles something in advance for Red Wolf.

I wonder if Wheels Wolinski will be the new Nighthawk's sidekick. Has this been depicted post-Secret Empire? Seems like a natural thing to do with the characters.

Did you read Occupy? Did you like it?

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