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Subj: Doctor Strange - Damnation #2: Is ignorance bliss?
Posted: Thu Mar 08, 2018 at 06:09:35 pm EST (Viewed 273 times)

Doctor Strange - Damnation 002

Let's see what we got here:

Two pages of same recap right after the Recap Page. So, The Avengers died at Mephisto's manipulation and turned into "Ghost Riders"?! SEEEMS to ignore the (terrible) retconned Legacy of singular Ghost Riders throughout the ages not to mention dilute the brand even more. It undermines the unique Spirit (singular) of Vengeance concept already spread thin between Blaze, Ketch and Reyes. It also SEEEMS to ignore the fact that Sam Wilson just fought his way out of his fall into Hell and subsequent soul strength to fight off Mephisto's grasp. At the same time a dead honorary Asgardian doesn't score a trip to Hela's realm but does get to keep Mjolnir? Last issue was set up to Strange, Mephisto, and the Ghost Riding Avengers. This issue is all about the set up of Wong recruiting his team of Damnation Fighters...

Blade: SEEEMS to ignore just cancelled Spirits of Vengeance series. Is this a pub in England? "TOTTENHAM" is that a soccer reference? "ARSENAL" is that a 'famous' soccer team?

Elsa: Oooh, they're not talking to the regretfully unnamed Wundagore Monster. They're inviting her here. SEEEMS to ignore Monsters Unlimited and her Kid Kaiju babysitting. A (forced) rivalry begins with Blade for some dialogue spark. Remind me if she ever interacted or formed an POV on the Daywalker before?

Danny: Iron Fist has felt chronologically fluid since he left New Avengers. Frustrating characterization building and reason his many attempts with new titles have fizzled. Who knows that his Chi-Fist status will be 'til they tell us.

Mr.Knight: Okay, they seem acknowledge his current title with the easily interchangable personalities with a confusing transition here if you were unaware. Also, did he just 'magically' change from Moon Knight costume to Mr.Knight 3pce suit? So, what? There's Marc, Steven, Jake, MK, Mr.Knight (and that outerspace personality)? AND he apparently has Avengers Reserve status, ATM? Move over convoluted Egyptian Hawkman. Will Khonsu personally factor in against Mephisto?

Voodoo: Wasn't invited to the Vegas Raising. Didn't detect the Vegas Raising. Matter of factly has teamed up with Man-Thing - after all this time. And he used to call himself Sorcerer Supreme? Ha.

Man-Thing: Of all the books to NOT ignore, they acknowledge his last mini by that novelist guy where Manny gained the ability TO TALK! Bah. Thankfully, he has lost that ability. Also, good news that he is located in Citrusville and not the meeting room of a SHIELD Helicarrier or TBolt sterile cell.

Ghost Rider: See above.

Scarlet Spider: Shows up. Makes sense - he lives there. It also SEEEMS to ignore the mini series where he and Daimon and Andi were Hell Marked and should be drawn here for that reason too.

Wong: Okay, it's good that he's returned to the spotlight and he footnotes Sentry's absence but... Can we assume he recruited Man-Thing first and was porting to invite recruits with him between panels? And what's with wasting time with all the secret folder assignments because he ends up saying it aloud anyways and it pretty much SEEEMS like "You guys stand in a cliche circle and cover me from the Vegas Crazy while I go into Hotel Inferno and free Stephen myself!" *koff* It also SEEEMS to ignore the pre-NO SURRENDER Avengers Assemble call as Wong doesn't consult/coordinate with them - which is fair enough given he was busy but why is the A-Team responding by now given the poorly panel paced recruitment drive must have taken a fair amount of time?

Strange: Looks like Mjolnir was too much for Doc and he died to come back as another "Ghost Rider". Curious cliffhanger.

Will you ignore this Event?

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