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Subj: Avengers #4: You almost have to laugh...
Posted: Thu Jul 05, 2018 at 04:28:02 pm EDT (Viewed 675 times)


    Anonymous 07/04/18(Wed)08:02:06 No.101482699 Archived
    AVENGERS #4 Storytime

    Anonymous 07/04/18(Wed)08:09:42 No.101482766
    Somewhat curious, does Strange still have the Ankh of everlasting life or whatever? Is he still immortal?


    Anonymous 07/04/18(Wed)08:11:10 No.101482779
    That Starbrand's just &^%$ing Red Hulk with glowing chest tattoo, they're not even trying to make it look like some kind of caveman.

    Anonymous 07/04/18(Wed)08:12:09 No.101482788
    I'm not Eternal expert but didn't they need to be torn apart at molecular scale to die?

Terrible update exposition on Eternals - not to mention Strange and Stark's interaction with them

    Anonymous 07/04/18(Wed)08:12:27 No.101482790
    >Celestials dead
    >Inhumans dead
    >Eternals dead
    They're really going scorched earth on the Kirby creations, aren't they? At least Devil Dino is safe thanks to the power of All-Ages.

Heh. Never read the Inhumans Special out now, yet. Colour me worried.

    Anonymous 07/04/18(Wed)08:13:13 No.101482798
    Four billion years ago?

It's not the fact that new revealed information can't evolve and enhance the MU. Heck, even -arguably- some carefully coordinated retcons. But Loki matter of factly throwing around all these number changes and backissue disregards was really confusing and irritating. Now, he could be lying but probably ain't. The changes could be Universe 8 related but probably ain't. Or it could be just disagreeable editorially approved writer direction.

    Anonymous 07/04/18(Wed)08:13:30 No.101482801
    I don't know about molecular scale, but "bleeding out" isn't really a particularly big threat for them. They can manipulate matter. Closing a wound should be trivial for them.

    Anonymous 07/04/18(Wed)08:14:40 No.101482811
    Pretty sure Doc lost Ahnk when he got murdered by Doom. Also the later writers just totally forgot about it it seems like

Really? What ish?

    Anonymous 07/04/18(Wed)08:16:38 No.101482826
    I think they said something like molecular scale in their first book. I know I have seen Sersi come back from basically dust.

Well, they have the 'clone concept' from the recent maxi too. When did Sersi revive from dust?

    Anonymous 07/04/18(Wed)08:17:22 No.101482833
    He lost it, along with his intelligence, personality and powers

No-Prize acceptable. ;\) On the plus side, it looks like maybe he's finally lost his axe at this time.

    Anonymous 07/04/18(Wed)08:19:19 No.101482856
    Wait, is the Horde pretty much the 616 version of Gah Lak Tus?

Does anyone else see parallel from the 1610 reality that was KINDA eradicated from existence?


    Anonymous 07/04/18(Wed)08:20:30 No.101482872
    >big kiss
    At least one constant remains that it is still easy to hook up with Shulk


    Anonymous 07/04/18(Wed)08:21:01 No.101482878
    Aaron really likes making Thor look like a wimpy bitch.

It's been frustrating.

    Anonymous 07/04/18(Wed)08:21:40 No.101482887
    Nah Gah Lak Tus swarm ate everything
    those are just a virus to the celestials
    I guess Odin created them somehow

That can't be right.

    Anonymous 07/04/18(Wed)08:22:19 No.101482898
    The only strong Thor in Aaron's eyes was the cancerous one.

    Anonymous 07/04/18(Wed)08:22:25 No.101482900
    File: Terrible.jpg (31 KB, 270x430)

    Anonymous 07/04/18(Wed)08:22:50 No.101482901
    This. Marvel is finished.

    Anonymous 07/04/18(Wed)08:23:26 No.101482907
    I'm pretty sure that the abstracts are bigger and stronger than those guys.

Still trying to process who's who and what's what with these cosmic deadweights.

    Anonymous 07/04/18(Wed)08:25:45 No.101482931
    Man, this fresh start is more stale than week old bread.


    Anonymous 07/04/18(Wed)08:26:42 No.101482944
    Lmao how is this even an “event” just convince Eternity to reshape everything :^)


    Anonymous 07/04/18(Wed)08:29:31 No.101482971
    Why exactly is Loki full on evil again?

His motives and chronology with War of Realms is still (sadly) unclear.

    Anonymous 07/04/18(Wed)08:31:04 No.101482985
    I should be mad at Aaron for killing Ikaris, Makkarri and Sersi but honestly with the announcement of the movie I know they will be back someday anyways.

Ikaris ain't dead yet so maybe he will serve as crazy contrived catalyst for their return.

    Anonymous 07/04/18(Wed)08:31:34 No.101482992
    >GK II = God Killer?
    Please let that be a version of the Godkiller Tony can use

That would be a smart story point.

    Anonymous 07/04/18(Wed)08:31:41 No.101482995
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Cap becomes a backseat driver! \:\)

    Anonymous 07/04/18(Wed)08:34:36 No.101483038
    apparently Aaron wants to pretend that no one else has written Strange since his crappy run ended.

    Anonymous 07/04/18(Wed)08:37:08 No.101483066
    All the magic died. Then got restored by Cates only to be killed again by Waid.

Marvel dropped the ball with it's Shared Universe tradition in regards to Last Days of Magic.

    Anonymous 07/04/18(Wed)08:37:48 No.101483078
    Finally, best girl appears 8 pages in.
    Could these be the same bugs Carol saw in Traveller's parallel universe?

    Anonymous 07/04/18(Wed)08:38:45 No.101483093
    Doc lost Eye when the magic murderer and science squad did something and magic died, it was really stupid.

    Anonymous 07/04/18(Wed)08:40:40 No.101483120
    >Killing Sersi
    WTF Aaron.

    Anonymous 07/04/18(Wed)08:43:12 No.101483146
    Lmao what? Looks like I have some catching up to do

    Anonymous 07/04/18(Wed)08:45:13 No.101483188
    She-Hulk referring to herself as Hulk is still weird. Pointlessly weird.


    Anonymous 07/04/18(Wed)08:47:05 No.101483222
    Eternals can be killed, it just doesn’t *stick* for more than a few moments. Even completely disintegrating them only takes them put of commision for a day, as their bodies reconstitute themselves. Supposedly, the only thing that *should* be able to kill them permanently is the destruction of “the Machine”, aka Earth.


    Anonymous 07/04/18(Wed)08:48:18 No.101483238
    Where is Eternity?

Newbie reader. Ahhh... remember those days when it was always exciting and fun to learn new MU facts...

    Anonymous 07/04/18(Wed)08:49:12 No.101483252
    >avengers bc
    >mcu avengers
    >dark celestials
    this book just needs to die

Anyone care to share Diamonds Sales results?

    Anonymous 07/04/18(Wed)08:50:11 No.101483270
    this is just awful good thing i decided to drop it

    Anonymous 07/04/18(Wed)08:51:30 No.101483289

    Anonymous 07/04/18(Wed)09:00:03 No.101483395
    There was a time when Odin was more nice and wise.

That whole flashback retelling of the Cavengers was hard to swallow (again). Hey, will Freya's reaction to 'the other woman' Phoenix done 70s sitcom style? \:\)

    Anonymous 07/04/18(Wed)09:03:28 No.101483433
    Yeah, but Aaron only ever writes him as a raging ass. Even when he's doing something nice, Aaron still writes him like an ass.

    Anonymous 07/04/18(Wed)09:08:22 No.101483501
    >None of the Eternals are truely dead
    >They're just really depressed to the point of just laying in pools of their own blood for a few weeks

Heh. But just to be clinical, it was mostly hours not weeks.

    Anonymous 07/04/18(Wed)09:09:58 No.101483520
    It's not worth it, Aaron can't write magic to save his life. And he keeps recycling the same plot about a guy going around slaughtering a specific group.
    He did it in ghost rider, then in Thor, and again in Strange, the man needs to come up with a new storyline.

    POFG 07/04/18(Wed)09:22:08 No.101483672
    There's something very satisfying about this cover.

It WAS a good cover.

    Anonymous 07/04/18(Wed)09:30:45 No.101483773
    Still annoyed that Odin is using Mjolnir instead of Gungnir. Don't writers read the source material to adapt in their own stuff?

    Anonymous 07/04/18(Wed)09:40:00 No.101483878
    OK, somebody explain this to me.
    So a Celestial came to Earth to die billions of years ago. Why does that mean that humans were a "mistake" that "weren't supposed to be here"?
    And how is the fact that the Celestials experimented on humans a lie? We know for a fact that they did. This contradicts so many old stories.

Bah. Now we need an issue wasted on some reputable character confirming/explaining all this garbage dump Loki gave.

    Anonymous 07/04/18(Wed)09:46:47 No.101483946
    We knew they did... In Universe 7.

    Best Emma !MARA.QPFVA 07/04/18(Wed)10:03:01 No.101484123
    I just could not care any less about this comic. Marvel are putting out some great comics atm, but this just isn't one of them. I'm not even getting the satisfying cheesy OH LOOK WE'RE THE AVENGERS, LETS WHACK A GUY from this. I'm gonna go reread Marvel Rebirth, but I didn't enjoy most of that either.

That was about 1/2 of the 0-DAY fourchan copypasta. Much of the rest of it was writer bashing. You almost have to laugh at the undigestible tidbits readers get fed this issue. AFSS's underdeveloped international purview is still very maddening but at least they're doing some outerspace marshalling even if it's uncreatively all done thru Captain Posterchild. Meanwhile the Avengers are all over the place. Surprisingly to GR's credit he's attacking the immediate problem head on, while Strange and Stark heroics involve them wandering off to literally a dead end. Ha.


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