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Subj: Avengers Wakanda Forever #1...
Posted: Tue Aug 28, 2018 at 05:44:50 pm EDT (Viewed 697 times)

Avengers Wakanda Forever 001

How to $ell a Dora Milaje adventure.
1. Bank on the success of the movie (-and ya GOTS TO include T'Challa).
2. Make it a special #1 issue (-and if you want more sales make it a 2-parter with two separate #1's for $5@).
3. Throw in some big name X-men and Avengers, say 3 each (-'cuz uhhh good things come in 3's).
4. Have the heroes stalemate against copies of themselves made by mimicky Mimic-27 gloop (-maybe made memorable in the "Black Panther: Long Live the King" book).
5. Take a perfectly usable murderous C-List supervillainess, retrotweak her backstory for the plot device, redeem her in a mere 20 quick pages, then kill her off (-even though Marvel has a shortage of foes that are both black AND female).

Did you like and/or buy this adventure guest starring THE AVENGERS: Black Panther, Captain Droopydrawers, She-Bulk, and Spider-bones?



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