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Subj: Captain Marvel #1: 0-DAY...
Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2019 at 07:12:30 pm EST (Viewed 241 times)

For those of you who don't mind my quick replies to 0-DAY fourchan copypasta in lieu of a formal review...

Captain Marvel #1 (2019)

    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)02:51:58 No.105189779
    Today in the adventures of Captain Retcon, she gets another #1 because dammit this one better sell.


    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)02:53:51 No.105189801
    >>page 1
    Oh nonononono


    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)02:55:49 No.105189824
    >>Recap Page
    Wait... that Kar-El sh*t was real? I thought for sure that would be a fake out by the end of that arc.

Yeah, thank the MCU - that's seems here to stay. What was welcome about that recap info was the definitive confirmation that Carol is no longer head of (or associated with) AFSS. What would've been nicer would be to get who is AFSS Director now. Maybe a footnote placing this story before Avengers #1 should've been in order, too?

    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)02:56:30 No.105189832
    Yeah, she's natty part space alien now.

How ironic would it be if AFSS targets her for some reasons now? ;\)

    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)02:57:24 No.105189844
    Carol gets ANOTHER number one issue? How many relaunches is this for her book, now? Five? Six?

And she admits to a bookshelf full books of mistakes. ;\)

    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)02:58:16 No.105189855
    I lost count, but I think this might be the 6th since Reed's run.

    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)02:58:51 No.105189863
    It should have been "13 year old boys say their dad works at Nintendo", but then that would mean Carol works at Nintendo, and not hint at lesbian sex she's missing out on.

Yeah, that was a weird/dated expression to force into banter simply for the (intended) gag.

    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)03:00:30 No.105189889
    Kar-El? Oh it's real, and it makes absolutely zero sense. Clumsiest and most transparently politically-motivated retcon in ages.

    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)03:02:34 No.105189921
    hahahah what?? she aint no captain america or superman and she does not have the history to ever be

    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)03:03:02 No.105189931

    -no legacy numbering

    -i actually like kelly thompson though so i'm excited to read this

Interesting observation about #ing.

    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)03:03:35 No.105189939
    Because all Carol gets is relaunches.
    She sucks, and will always suck. That should be beyond obvious by now. This is Hawkman levels of retcon malarky.

    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)03:05:17 No.105189967
    Carol is the best and will always be the best.

    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)03:08:10 No.105190009
    How did Rhodey even come back? I haven't been paying attention much since CW2. Since it was crap.

Tony Stark rebuilt himself and Rhodey organically. *koff*

    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)03:10:30 No.105190043
    God this dialogue is painful to get through

Actually, it was alright - for the most part. Only a few groaners. And Hazmat has a totally new POV voice - probably from untold new backstory.

    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)03:12:28 No.105190079
    Why are these books always about how epic and badass the woman is for existing? What are some comics with female characters that are likable because they suffer and persevere?

"OH HELL, NO." Well, that quote when the kraken ate the little girl was awesome badass. And Carol has been the former since after she slapped Thor in the face back when. To be fair she has had her seriously bad days too. Quite a few.

    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)03:12:45 No.105190083
    Is that Superman IV: The Quest for Peace's Nuclear Man?

Heh. Seriously, though, my knee jerk reaction was to hate the return of Mahkizmo (again) with unsatisfying explanation of what happened to the Femizons timeline that Reed obliterated from existence. Same annoyance happened with the introduction of Lyra-Hulk. Maybe Reed remade the timeline after SW to exist in Universe-8? UGH!! Can't believe I just suggested that crap.

    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)03:13:04 No.105190087
    the dialogue was not even written well - just quirky, like a tumblr fan fic

Again, not horrible like the stuff that got her previous runs cancelled. The friendships and kinships felt real. The battle banter was standard comic book - for the most part. Tony has more or less forgiven her previously, moving forward. Rhodey was bound to bump into her for reactions, better sooner than later. Handbook villain. Hazmat and intro of Ripley have potential for new cast. Rhodey and Jess might end up seasoned cast.

    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)03:14:25 No.105190110


    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)03:15:18 No.105190120
    >>last page
    is that quentin

That transition to the last page surprise was brutal. Was it forshadowing or elapse time between issues? Either way it screams contrived - unless maybe those new teammates are just alt-future version of heroes who 'will become' important to Carol in this run. Echo?! Seriously?

    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)03:16:21 No.105190129
    >Marvel employs three whole Thompsons
    >no relation, in fact, never been in the same room together
    >keeps giving the worst one the most books


    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)03:16:27 No.105190130
    >weird portal to a wasteland.
    Wait... IS he a dystopian Russian pimp?

Thought that was a fun quote - moreso than Thor admiring NM's fashion statement.

    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)03:19:08 No.105190152
    Really? &^^$ing Makhizmo? Kelly, are you possessed by Gerry Conway?

    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)03:21:47 No.105190185
    Remember when Captain Marvel was a cosmic franchise about space-borne superheroes exploring the universe, fighting alien warlords, and grappling with the power and responsibility of cosmic awareness?

Ahhh... the good ole Seventh Sense...

    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)03:24:53 No.105190220
    remember when marvel comics weren't written by tumblr freaks who actually hate comics

    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)03:31:29 No.105190290
    Yeah, in the 70s. When that book was &^%$ing cancelled.

    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)03:32:15 No.105190300
    Ugh. WTF did I just read. Nuclear man blowing Carol away and having to say she's just a WOMAN. Carol saying she's an "icon", Tony and Thor saying that Carol made it look "easy". Black Iron Man with a smug face looking at the reader. WTF.

    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)03:33:05 No.105190304
    It's... okay. Didn't care for all the quips and jabs, felt like it was 90% of the comic. Decent action although Nuclear Man is not the best choice and his sudden appearance is weird. The more the comic went on the less I liked it.
    It's not bad. It's not good. It's a comic.

    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)03:33:38 No.105190312
    Reminds me a lot of the start of Reed's run. Really good sign. She's even got a new Anya!

    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)03:35:10 No.105190329
    >It's not bad. It's not good. It's a comic.
    That's been Thompson's career bar her Rogue and Gambit work. Which frankly isn't as insulting as some people make it out to be, but whatever

    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)03:39:04 No.105190375
    every white male marvel villain is now a racist, sexist pig

    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)03:41:39 No.105190407

    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)03:41:41 No.105190408
    Why? Why do they keep pushing this relationship as if Rhodey were the greatest love of her life? The writers hardly showed them interact, the only reason readers even knew they were in a relationship half the time is because it would be in a narration box, this is one of the worst written relationships in any comic because of how nonexistent it was. Puck had more of a relationship with Car-ell than Rhodey did.

Hmm... Eugene + Carol? Hmm...

    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)03:41:44 No.105190409
    Hell, that's Mahkizmo entire shtick. That's like getting mad at Thundra for being WOMAN YAAS

Woman What?

    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)03:51:05 No.105190500
    To be fair, Mahkizmo's whole gimmick was to be super powered sexist guy who fought Thundra, leader of the man-hating femizons.

    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)03:53:14 No.105190514
    Car-ell's an alcoholic alien sociopath, who routinely takes blows to the head, but her some slack.

There's that. And the Rogue sucking out her life of course.

    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)03:54:38 No.105190529
    I only know Kelly from West Coast Flopvengers, and the $#!&ty &^%$ing dialogue she wrote in America.

Did not like America's series.

    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)03:59:49 No.105190561
    >throw it into the sun
    She's just trying to take a little bit of everyone's gimmick.

This is an annoying trope that she also has precidence with, afaik.

    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)04:04:30 No.105190599
    This issue literally presented it as a PR problem for Carol because she was apparently more of a space hero than an Earth one to the Marvel citizens

Irony burn. \:\)

    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)04:11:42 No.105190644
    This CM mess started with her first book as Captain Marvel in 2012 by DeConnick. Then the space relaunch in 2014. Then the Secret Wars mini. Then the Butters-Fazekas book that tied into Civil War with Gage's issues. Then the Mighty Captain Marvel book by Stohl with the awful YA characters in the Secret Empire arc. Then the unbearable Life of Captain Marvel mini. And now this.

    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)04:14:59 No.105190670
    Isn’t Marvel legally bound to make Captain/Miss Marvel books/appearances due to DC’s Shazam?


    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)04:18:59 No.105190697
    i like this outfit design, but you know edna mode would NOT be having that sash

It is a decent redesign. But yeah, the sash is impractical - at least shorten it, Carol. Although Kamala might disagree.

    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)04:26:22 No.105190749
    Well, at least this time they chose a villain whose shtick was already that very thing. It was terrible when they took Creel (twice) to do that, but he was originally written as the anti-Thundra. The only difference with the 70s is that now we really don't get the "ultra-feminists are wrong and overreacting too" angle

Creel's paying for that in Hell right now, eh.

    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)04:28:20 No.105190761

At least someone from the Initiative Book is getting props. Namedropping Cloud 9 in Champions last week didn't cut it.

    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)04:30:21 No.105190775
    >>last page
    really enjoyed this

    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)04:32:07 No.105190788
    It was more like "All of nuMarvel's diverse woke legacy replacement characters flopped, so begrudgingly brought back the characters people actually liked in the most hamfistedly nonsensical and insulting way possible."

    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)04:34:11 No.105190788
    Danvers has a very, very long list of story danglers that should be addressed.

Is this a pro or a con for a reboot?

    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)04:39:54 No.105190842
    The art was great. This dialogue was terrible. Too much --- "witty repartee" where it's not appropriate. When a writer doesn't have a story to tell or doesn't know how to tell their story, they fall back on "banter." Trying to cram in as much dialogue as possible between every character instead of trusting the artists and respecting the character's dynamics.
    I loved the idea of making it an "Arc" about re-purposing her image. They may as well make an arc about exploring her identity before they finally nail one down, after all. A few intriguing interactions with Tony Stark there. But I guess we'll get an arc about "revolutions" instead. Shame.


    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)04:47:09 No.105190901
    Did Connor outsource that cover to an intern? Yikes.

Connor? Besides, what's wrong with it. Seems like a passible launch image if you're gonna go poser.

    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)04:48:34 No.105190915
    Everyone has the same voice and no one sounds like they're older than 25. Tony is the usual bottom of the barrel impersonation of his MCU self that he's been whenever he appears outside of his book now. How is any of that fine?

    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)05:18:06 No.105191110
    liked it. hope the Jess in the nuclear world is actually 616 Jessica and this will lead to her changing back to her old suit

    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)05:35:54 No.105191245
    Anon, for the past 10 or so years, having heroes casually hate on Tony Stark has sadly become a thing. This author didn't come up with the idea.

    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)07:04:19 No.105191813
    So many &^%$ing casuals in this board leaving their worthless opinions where they shouldn't, my god.

Trying to prove your own point? ;\)

    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)07:15:02 No.105191896
    read 3/4 th its not that bad, it did dip when nuclear man arrive
    this carol rendered with the movie face
    >>last page
    oh nononononononono hahahahahaha
    Well this was 'interesting'

    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)07:22:10 No.105191955
    File: PHLASH.jpg (204 KB, 399x480) 204 KBImage

    >she does the movie face
    Yep, casual spotted.
    The half-Kree thing you mean? Literally her new origin even though she technically already was one, just not by birth until recently

    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)07:32:16 No.105192087
    they really should have waited till after the movie for this, they would have gotten a massive bump from that.


    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)07:32:55 No.105192094
    ms.marvel & rogue

    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)07:57:26 No.105192393
    FYI, a warrior is an independent expected to fight for themselves or otherwise be independent in an organization. A soldier fights as part of a unit and is expected to show no independent thought outside of following orders. Plus where’s the “drunk” one?

    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)08:15:43 No.105192632
    >Rhodey + Carol
    This is still a thing?
    I'm positive Rhodey was trying to get hook up a recent issue of Iron Man

During the Baintronics eDating crisis?

    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)08:38:13 No.105192881
    I honestly like when The Avengers have to handle public relations at the same time as superheroics, reminds me of Busiek. Also kinda reminds me of Reeds run where he had a public image consultant.

This must happen before Avengers #1 'cuz right now the North Pole Avengers are generally persona non grata according to the latest issues.

    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)08:52:39 No.105193073
    Besides Nuclear Man I liked it.
    Seems like Thompson has a thing for Quire.

    Anonymous 01/09/19(Wed)08:54:54 No.105193096▶

    This is the fourth relaunch in 6 years, if you don't count Life of Carol Danvers or whatever.

Why wouldn't you count it?


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