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Subj: Avengers #45: Did you HEAR this one?
Posted: Fri Apr 23, 2021 at 07:25:20 pm EDT (Viewed 314 times)

Not a satisfying installment...


Namor did not belong on the cover. Bah.

Chronological confirmation \(yes\) that the KiB Event happens after the Phoenix Tourney. Good to know - but not much else as to avoid spoilers before that conclusion hits the stands - except that evidentally Vampires were key in the victory. Wow, things got really messy in NYC at the end, there. It's doubtful PF-Echo helped beat Knull. And it looks like Ghost Rider used Hellcar backfire, or somesuch, to cannon Hellfire at Symbiote Dragons. Whatever.

Cue the downtime...

Celestial bodypart Cameo panel with Captain America fully recharged (﹤ 24hrs post-KiB) and even quantifiably faster. Nostalgic music choice.

Celestial bodypart Cameo panel with Captain Marvel fully recharged (﹤ 24hrs post-KiB) and even quantifiably stronger. Odd jam choice of IRL XB-Valkyrie engine noise instead of music. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LroAlzyb83w]

Celestial bodypart Cameo panel with Jen-Hulk fully recharged (﹤ 24hrs post-KiB) and smarter in Intergalactic Law than before.

Celestial bodypart Cameo panel with Tony Stark recharging (﹤24hrs post-KiB) and his armor is now quantifiably more powerful. WEAK comedic twist on the (odd) modesty and music choices of the Caps.

Celestial bodypart Cameo of Thor the Drunk King. Acting idiotic. Chrono-footnote \(yes\) places this after KiB in Beta Ray Bill #1 [https://www.tumgir.com/tag/Pip%20the%20Troll]. More concerned about "deleting records" than soliloquying about his parentage after 2 Events. Acting idiotic.

Return of the Mandroids. Blade can take at least ½ dozen on his own.

A day in the life of Black Panther. Literally. His day itinerary is fully outlined. He has busywork for Tasha, Cage, Vizh, -and Odin(!) "for self-scouting purposes". Huh. He may or may not have created an A.I.Hologram of his father (like Stark during Secret Empire?). Maybe his ghost dad in the Wakandan Deathscape should be jealous. ;\)

Cameo with Squadron Supreme doing nothing much.

Count Dracula wants his own country. If the Mutants can do it...

Legion of the Unliving are recycled and recharged. Easy peasy.

Blade dumps Boy-Thing. \(yes\) Best thing for both characters. So, he definitely keeps Avengers (Adjacent) status as Sheriff of Vampire Nation. He needs any/all the cross-medium hype for his new movie.[https://www.imdb.com/title/tt10671440/]

No update on Star-baby (floating in last ish cliffhanger).

Cue the LUDICROUS...

A DEAF COSMIC PHOENIX! C'MON! That is so... not smart. The Power to fix Cyke's occular optic blast defect but the repairing an auditory canal is a mystery. Yeah, right. And her TP is on mute? No satisfying aftermath exposition on Echo. And to add insult to injury, the ridiculous implication that GR is confirming her (pending) membership as part of The Avengers now! Whyyyyy??!! Robbie and Maya make idle chit chat for 3 pages while BP runs pedestrian tests on the universally destructive space firebird. Really? Anticlimactic, much?


I miss Dad & Dan.


I miss you, Dan. I miss you, Dad. I miss you, Dan.
I miss you, Dad & Dan. I miss you Dad and Dan. Support Cancer Research.