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Subj: Batman RIP: Possible hint of what’s to come? + My thoughts
Posted: Tue Jul 29, 2008 at 11:49:03 pm EDT

I have noticed on Wikipedia that on the article about the Batman RIP story, Jean-Paul Valley is listed as one of the characters involved…hmmmm.

Combined that with his name being thrown around again, such as ‘ Jean-Paul Valley Lives!’ and Manhunter recently being offered the Azreal costume, it looks like Mr. Valley is going to come back to ‘life’ again!

Doesn’t necessarily mean that I think that he is the own behind Batman RIP.

But who knows – maybe he will play a major role in the upcoming months ahead? Maybe even he will once again take the part of Batman again and this time he will be mentored by Bruce? Or maybe, being that he is probably the only man besides Nightwing to have donned the ‘Cape-and-Cowl’, is being recruited by The Black Glove Organization so they can question Valley about what it’s like having the Stress, Pressure, Burden etc of being Batman and use that information on Profiling + Strategizing against Bruce Wayne/Batman? This is the same reason as I think the Joker is being offered a position. No matter what having Jean-Paul Valley step back into the spotlight is intriguing.

My thoughts on RIP:

•I really hope that the Mastermind is not the Devil, like it has been suggested on this MB!

•I think that the revelations about the story about Waynes parents are true, but I hope he is not biologically Alfred’s son. I think it’s one of those cases of the truth being mashed with lies.

•I don’t think that Thomas Wayne is not behind the Black Glove, but I think he is Simon Hurt,one of the members/henchmen

•I think that Jezebel is part of it. Her name being ‘Jezebel’ is a clue. The name Jezebel has come down through the centuries to be used as a general name for all wicked women. Also I can think of another reason he was used is because she is black. One of the few women that Bruce truly felt for was Shondra Kinsolving who happened to be black. Perhaps Black Glove used her knowing subconsciously Bruce would have been attracted to her.

•I hear that The Reaper, may make a comeback. Is that true? Last thing I hear about him was when Joe Chill’s son took it up and his on stopped Batman from taking him out. The Reaper could be the Joe Chill’s grandson all grown up. When that story came out, it had Dick as Robin and the grandson was not that younger from Dick. Now Dick is a young man, so will be the grandson.

Who I think Black Glove is:
Bruce Wayne.
I know this is not a new theory, but I think it’s him (Although if he is, I that would cancel out my theory of Thomas being brought back as a villain.) Why?

Through that Isolation Experiment, his mind was disrupted and only recently, years later after everything he has been through, his psyche split and he formed a split-personality. That can explain the blackouts/missing time.

Morrison has been saying that the answer is in everyone’s face since #1 of his run. Who has been since #1? The main character, of course – Batman!

Also I think another factor that he is doing all this is that Bruce wants to stop being Batman, but he cannot consciously do so. Buy setting alter-self as his adversary he can be beaten and not simply quit. If he quits, he will always will be guilty about doing so. If he was beaten by himself, in a weird way he would have come to terms about ‘retiring’. Also I think the revelations about his parents, I think Bruce/Black Glove found this out and now uses that information to show himself consciously that his parents were not the perfect couple/people he thought them to be. By showing the sordid side of them, Bruce can not feel so guilty by giving up his vow because they will no longer be perfect/innocent in his mind.

Morrison always said that his arc is a psychological one. What better way to have Bruce Wayne – Batman swansong, then to go all the way back into his history and acknowledge + re-establish everything and look at Bruce/Bats from a psychological perceptive then have Batman ‘die’/retire.

Thanks for reading.
Sorry about the long post

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