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Green Meanie

...not Stephen Hawkins level but quick to assess and formulate.

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> that really dependa on who you follow, altough not really, they say he is the greatest detective, and that goes without saying to require a certain level of aptitude, but Mr. terrific is the 3rd smartest man on the planet qualifying him to be a superhero, and ofcourse their is brainiac 5 in them legion being he has a 12th levl intelect and humans are only capable of a 7-9 lvl so as far as batman goes he may be more intuitive and have greater deductive reasoning but i dont think they established his I.Q altough he maybe top 3 above Mr.T.

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Blue Beetle


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Batman is certainly up there in intellegence, but science wise, he gets out invented by Marvel big names like Reed Richards and Tony Stark quite often.

However, that may not be revelant. In comics, (and the real world for that matter) using your brains is not all about the science. It's often more about asking the right questions and finding the right answers. As an inventigator, he beats the likes of Tony Stark, and probably comes in somewhat equililant to Reed Richards. It would be hard to say they are equals, because as investigators, they tend to work in different areas. Bruce mostly investigates people (as a detective should) while Reed primarlily investigates the universe (like a scientist).

So to parapharase another comic character, Batman is the best (and smartest) there is at what he does. As long as what he does is being a detective.

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