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Subj: Batman 25 Review
Posted: Wed Jun 21, 2017 at 05:13:45 pm EDT (Viewed 9 times)

Man this issue has been hyped. Did it live up to said hype.


King gave interviews saying he's doing something that he's surprised that no one thought of before. That interview was posted on DC's Youtube channel. Look it up.

One big problem. I honestly believe that King really doesn't get the Riddler and the Joker.

We see Riddler in prison or Arkham and learn that cops go to him for his help in understanding clues. The cops are so dumb that they don't search the Riddler or handcuff him to the table when interviewing him so he shanks a cop 26 times. One time for each letter of the alphabet we're told.

When the TAC squad shows up the narrator (I think it's Bats) says the Riddler made friends with a guard and learned personal details about the TAC squad. So when confronted by Riddler, Rids says some names of loved ones. This terrified guards to much that Rids is allowed to walk out.

I just saw METV's honoring Adam West. Last weekend they broadcast the first two shows of 1966 Batman. Man, did Frank Gorshin do something interesting with the Riddler. He laughs at strange moments, making the character scary. The joy the Riddler shows with his riddles is great fun to watch, and we are shown why the Riddler does what he does. It gets him off. For a comedy aimed at kids, that stuff really works.

The Joker

We see the Joker killing comedians in some sort of try out. Apparently make the Joker laugh and get - something. Fail and get killed.

There's a lot of words about how Joker and Riddler have different views of Batman. They're going to war, different criminal factions will line up on different sides.

This is all in the past because Bruce is telling Selina a story about the worst thing he ever did. Apparently Bruce wants Selina to know that before she answers last issue's proposal.

What I liked? Nothing.

What I disliked? Everything. Wait, let me explain.

Let's begin with the framing device. It's basically "Marry me. Of before you answer let me tell you a deep dark secret. I really like Hitler, or I am responsible for the death of a lot of puppies. Something dark."

That's the sort of thing you tell someone BEFORE you pop the question. You wait and see if they still like you or understand or forgive you or also like Hitler.

Don't give me the Bruce is bad with people and emotions schtick. So am I, and even I know you don't do what King has Bruce doing.

Second, the Riddler. His escape is predicated on no sort of behavior I recogize. I know a little bit about how prisons work. Dangerous prisoners are handcuffed to tables. They are searched. Cops question them in pairs and there's protection. Guards also know not to give out personal details about their lives. That's really a taboo. That's prison 101 stuff.

I know guys get out prison by seducing lonely employees. (See a recent New York State prison break for details). But we are told the Riddler made friends with a guard, we aren't shown.

So what does a heavily armed TAC squard do? The bitch out. All someone had to do was KILL the Riddler and problems are solved. Don't tell me that wouldn't happen. That would solve so many problems, especially since the Riddler just hacked a man to death with a prison shank. NO questions would be asked, other than how stupid was the cop.

Joker. A joker who doesn't laugh? Not buying it. The Joker doesn't get clinically depressed. The whole Joker-Riddler have differeing views on Batman and will fight it out tell me that King doesn't get the characters.

Also, I don't care how desperate a comedian is, trying out for the Joker while he is surrounded by the bodies of the people who tried out before you? Kings will have to do a lot more to convince to buy that premise.

I found this issue lacking in coherent characterization, plot and it stops a HUGE plot advancement from last issue dead in its tracks.

Not a fan of this issue is what I'm saying.

Or I could be wrong.

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