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Subj: Detective 964 Review. Has Spoilers and Spoiler.
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Quick review. My lengthier one got deleted through my incompetence.

Two Threads.

First one deals with Clayface. He visits Mudface the female Victims Syndicate member he created by holding her down in chemicals. She's glad for the company but points out when he mentions a possible cure that that doesn't erase the massive pain he's caused her. A cure would be great but that doesn't wipe the slate clean.

He gets mad at mustache twirling evil scientist who's timing how long it takes for his him to go evil without his wrist controller. She finds out. Cass, who left him a holo message on said wrist controller saying she believes in him, shows up. They fight and she jams wrist controller on him. He settles down and self-pities himself off the stage.

Second thread. Down in jungleland, or rather under Monstertown. It seems that Anarky has built a whole mole society, complete with lights and gardens. Harper the Bluebird of Stupidity has drunk the Kool-aid and wants Steph and Cass to join. Harper now hates the bat logo too. (We also see Leslie Thompkins providing medical care).

Batman shows up and says that Anarky tells Steph the truth or Bruce will. Anarky admits he gave the Victims Syndicate their weapons and destructive sense of purpose. He wants to recreate the world. His plan makes as much sense as Bin Laden's.

Steph says no, I'll skip the Kool-aid.

Anarky is captured, Steph returns to the surface. Bruce says the mole people can stay, but Anarky can't. Harper is stealing cable and apparently is a mole person now.

Oh, and Bruce says Tim is alive. How he knows, we don't know.

What I liked. I liked that Mudface let's Clayface know that some things can't be undone. She'll feel what he did to her forever, and his good intentions won't change that. Redemption isn't easy. He will have to find a way to live with what he did, and go forward in a positive way.

Nice. All to often writers seem to portray forgiving oneself as letting oneself off the hook. Clayface won't be left off the hook. He has a lot of work to do, and no matter what, his slate won't be wiped clean. (Though the whole evil mustache twirling female scientist thing is just obvious and lazy.) I like that Cass believes in Clayface. Now he has to believe in himself and his capacity for change and for good.

The Anarky side of things. I did not like this.

First, when Steph says Anarky has talked down to her, I really can't recall seeing that. It's been told, not shown. From what I remember, he's always saying what a dynamite lady she is. But maybe in my stupid male way, I've missed the subtext. I've been wrong before.

An underground city. First, it's a rip-off of the classic 1980s show "Beauty and the Beast." Second how does it work? How are they getting water, power, sunlight. Rickets is no joke friends. How is waste and sewage disposed off? Where did the soil come from?

Leslie providing medical aid. Again, I hate it when writers depict good as naive and easily fooled. Genuinely good people tend to be pretty smart and saavy. Leslie would have to know that people living underground away from society are deluding themselves. They have no way of improving their lives and escaping the mental trap they are in. Plus they are vulnerable to disease, both physical and mental. They are thieves, so they could be busted and they are vulnerable to crooks.

Bruce knew about this and did nothing? What does the Wayne Foundation exist for if not to help people like those of Under Monster Town. H

Bruce followed Steph around for what reason? How did he know Anarky set up the Victims Syndicate. Again told, not show. This is called Detective Magazine. Seeing a little detective work wouldn't hurt.

We see Steph reject Anarky. Great, but is it still her mission to stop the Bats? How has she grown. I am just not buying her character arc. It is random and doesn't make sense if you think about it for 10 seconds.

The art. Got to say, I like the art.

So a mixed bag. Some really good stuff, but overall bad characterization and weird plotting outweigh the genuine good of showing, and yes Tynion does know who to show and not tell, this is evidence of that, how hard true redemption and repentence is.

Hopefully, Steph is back. I really like the character and want to see her grow as a Bat person, not be a mole person.

Or I could be wrong.