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Subj: Is Hush The MOST Overrated Batman Comic/Storyline Ever?
Posted: Mon Sep 18, 2017 at 03:17:44 pm EDT (Viewed 155 times)

I think that it just might be. At least to me, it is. I remember reading the issues when they came out, and I did like quite a bit of it. I was very excited for this. Jeph Loeb, Jim Lee, Batman and his rogues gallery? How could this go wrong, right? But the conclusion was very disappointing, and it gave us Tommy Elliot, who for some reason has become a classic member of the Rogues Gallery now. This character is just terrible, and him and Two-Face just sunk this story by doing things that didn't make any sense at all:

Why, for example, would Tommy do all of this anyway? Even given his stupid motive here (Which was later fleshed out. It still didn't make any sense, but at least Paul Dini tried.), he's a successful rich surgeon who already GOT AWAY with murder. Why would he risk jeopardizing all of that? If he still really hated Bruce that much, and if he knew that he was Batman, surely he could have found another way to ruin him WITHOUT dressing up in bandages and risk implicating himself in murder. Couldn't he have just leaked his secret identity? Or ruined him financially? Or, heck, he had him on the operating table, why didn't he just screw up his operation and leave him permanently brain dead or paralyzed or something? Again, this guy is supposed to be some kind of criminal mastermind here, but this just makes him look stupid. Also, how is Elliot, who we first see as a BRAIN surgeon, able to repair Harvey's FACE and fix Harold's BACK and SPEECH? He doesn't have any kind of magical or supernatural powers (To my knowledge, anyway.) in this story or any other stories, so what gives? I read some complaints that he shouldn't have been able to fight Batman physically, but that's just suspension of disbelief. I mean, this is a comic book after all, so that doesn't really bother me. Doctor Octopus shouldn't be able to fight Spider-man physically, but that's stuff that is just taken for granted.

And speaking of Two-Face, he got his law license back? I mean, yeah, he got his face fixed and all, but even in Gotham, him being reinstated after all the crime and killing sprees that he went on is just too hard to swallow. The Joker being FREED from Arkham by Two-Face? Again, no matter how corrupt Gotham is, even THEY'RE not crazy or stupid enough to let The Joker out on the streets. Not to mention that The Joker is far from innocent of the crime, and that he was out of Arkham ILLEGALLY to begin with! Why didn't Harvey just give Gordon his gun back? Why did he use it to shoot Tommy with? If this was supposed to be part of a larger game that would be one thing, but in this story Harvey went back to being a "good" guy after his face was restored.

Did Jim Gordon forget that he wasn't a cop during this storyline? How could he arrest Harvey, anyway? When he stops Batman from killing The Joker, he threatens to arrest him and lead a manhunt search for him. How could he do this if he's not a cop anymore? Really, who edits this stuff?

Batman had to be the world's worst detective ever in this. Didn't he examine the crime scene after "Tommy" got killed? Didn't he look at the autopsy? And after he found out that Clayface was involved, shouldn't he have maybe questioned Tommy's involvement in all of this? It was also pretty sad that Batman STILL couldn't guess that Elliot was Hush even after Tommy threw him clue after clue.

I mean, I could go on and on (Why was Harold wearing that trenchcoat? Why was Harvey?). And the plot was so convoluted that The Riddler literally had to explain the other rogues involvement in all of this. I'm afraid to go back and reread The Long Halloween, because maybe that had the same problems as this (And I liked The Long Halloween.). There just might have been too much continuity in this as well. I appreciate that Loeb was trying to just make this an entertaining, reader-friendly story, but I would like to think that readers would question the above problems. Despite great art by Jim Lee (Which, if you ask me was the REAL selling point!), this story was very disappointing. It wouldn't be that bad if it wasn't regarded so highly, but for some strange reason this makes the top 10 lists of greatest Batman storylines. Why, people, why?