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Subj: Batman 37 review
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I really liked this issue a lot. That doesn't mean I don't complaints/nitpicks/whiney entitled fanboy observations.

First, what I liked. A lot of the humor actually landed. Much of King's humor fails in my eyes. But this is supposed to be a light-hearted issue, so the jokes work in context, and some of them are just plain funny.

I particularly liked that Selina and Lois, after sharing a flask of something (I suspect hard liquor), are sitting on the ground and Selina says "I'm getting married". In my head she says it in a way that emphasizes the fact that the marriage is becoming real. Lois "you're too young." Selina replies, "I AM too young. Thank you." Lois says you're welcome.

Anyway, some plot set up. The place they agreed to go to was the Gotham County Fair. Bruce is a grump. I don't blame him. Lois and Clark can go to the finest eating places in Gotham or Metropolis on Bruce's dime and they vote to go to a place where the dining philosophy is "if it isn't fried, it isn't food."

Anyway, it's superhero night, and all attendees must be in a cosplay outfit. I didn't know that was a thing- themed nights at county fairs.

Anyway, Bruce is still a grump when the idea of them switching outfits comes in. Bruce dresses as Superman and Clark at Batman, Lois as Catwoman and Selina in Lois' dress. Selina uses her hotness to meow in the carney ticket taker's ear. He lets her through.

Frankly, Bruce should have used his true superpower - extreme wealth - to get in. Just slip the carney a $100 bill. It's not like these folks take sacred oaths. Bruce as Money Man or Captain Cash to the rescue could have been funny. That could have been followed by a joke where the others refuse to violate the sanctity of superhero night and insist on following the rules. But King wrote the story, not me. I really shouldn't complain that he did something in a way that I wouldn't have done.

Anyway we see shots of everyone but Bruce eating corn dogs. Again, points to Bruce for avoiding the cuisine. The tunnel of love shots show Lois and Clark cuddling as they come out of the tunnel and Bruce and Selina Making out like their lives depend on it. A nice touch, the married couple with a child enjoying the chance to have a quiet moment versus the just engaged couple who can't keep their hands off each other.

Somewhere in the fair, Bruce has won Selina a giant stuffed kitten. We don't see it. The couples break off and Lois and Clark ask Bruce and Selina why? Bruce is a grump and Selina is a crook. They both say "when I fall he/she is there to catch me."

Jokes I liked. Lois looking at Selina's costume and when told that it stretches, says "it better." Bruce saying does the S stand for hope, followed by the bat standing for a bat.

Lois and Selina share their feelings over a flask. Bruce and Clark hitting baseballs at the batting cage. Bruce comments it's too easy and Clark saying I could pitch some to you, but I'm too fast. Bruce says bring it.

The last shot is Bruce actually hitting a Superman fast ball out of the park. They have switched back to their regular costumes.

Overall, I have no complaints about the structure, the humor or the content. I do have complaints about the dialog. It's too on the nose. the parallel structure of Lois and Clark asking the same questions and getting the same answers is too on the nose for me. I also didn't like how King portrays Clark as a real rube. The mild-mannered thing is a ruse Clark does. I actually see the real Clark as truly relaxed because he's got all the super powers in the world. Being able to not have to put on a "Kill Bill" disguise strikes me as something he doesn't get to do all that often.

I also question the notion that Lois carries a flask of hard liquor with her. (Clark asks Bruce is he ever gets tired of drinking ginger ale all the time. Bruce says every damn day. I take that to mean that posing as a playboy who substitutes ginger ale for champagne gets boring. Shame on you Bruce. Ginger ale rules).

Meanwhile the girls are drinking the real thing. Again a nice touch. Men bond over activities while women bond over talk, and apparently whiskey.

The art was solid, but I do object to seeing Lois looking at the catwoman suit. She is drawn wearing underwear a super model might advertise, and her physique is also super model thin. That kind of kills the "it better" stretch joke. Lois, as portrayed is every bit as thin and beautiful as Selina. Muscle tone on women is not a sin, comic artists.

But my objections are minor. I do wish that King would show us a Bruce that is not EXTREME all the time. Just as Clark can be Clark in Lois, Bruce can actually be warm and nice with Selina.

A solid, fun issue.

Or I could be wrong.

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