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Subj: Detective Comics (2016-) #1006
Posted: Fri Jun 28, 2019 at 10:36:41 pm EDT (Viewed 671 times)

Detective Comics (2016-) #1006
> Detective Jim Corrigan has been shot on the streets of Gotham City—and the Spectre must reach out to Batman to help him find the secret assassin!


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    Anonymous 06/26/19(Wed)05:09:20 No.108366604
    I like the moody art

    Anonymous 06/26/19(Wed)05:11:57 No.108366635

    Anonymous 06/26/19(Wed)05:13:50 No.108366648
    >Spectre went to Gotham
    >Didn't immediately smite the entire city as he almost did in Gotham by Midnight
    Completely unrelated, but it was my first thought upon reading OP

    Alf Anon 06/26/19(Wed)05:19:30 No.108366699
    And a bonus extended preview of White Knight sequel were welcome pages.

    Anonymous 06/26/19(Wed)05:24:15 No.108366733
    I don't know much about the Spectre, but was he always a seperate entity of the host body? I thought the host just became the Spectre, instead of Spectre flying out whenever he wants

    Anonymous 06/26/19(Wed)05:42:26 No.108366897
    nice cover

    Anonymous 06/26/19(Wed)05:48:16 No.108366946
    Digging Hotz art

    Anonymous 06/26/19(Wed)05:48:46 No.108366953
    I hope the Spectre joins the JSA when they come back.

    Anonymous 06/26/19(Wed)05:53:48 No.108367006
    >Corrigan taken
    Are you &^%$ing kidding me. The &^%$ing Spectre, the right hand of GOD can't sense him? WTF?

    Anonymous 06/26/19(Wed)06:29:20 No.108367286
    Nu52 retcon, maybe? Spectre did behave differently in the older post-flashpoint mini

    Anonymous 06/26/19(Wed)06:39:10 No.108367401
    Magic has logic, even divine magic. Same reason Spectre was effectively sidelined in Final Crisis.

    Anonymous 06/26/19(Wed)07:31:01 No.108367849
    The Spectre has no place amongst superheroes.

    Anonymous 06/26/19(Wed)07:51:40 No.108368015
    >Batman runs away?
    when is ever a good thing for a giant spectre to call for you like that ?

    Anonymous 06/26/19(Wed)07:54:16 No.108368045
    Near the end of Ostrander's run, yes. Corrigan and Aztar became so different from one another that they could look at each other and talk but that only happened because of all the character development the pair got.
    Now they've just made the Wrath of God a Stand.

    Anonymous 06/26/19(Wed)07:54:47 No.108368051
    i really love how the spectre and his swirls are drawn in this and that's a nice cape update

    Anonymous 06/26/19(Wed)08:45:36 No.108368544
    As Specter punishments go at least this one was quick, unless that poor guy is now sentient blood that is.

    Anonymous 06/26/19(Wed)08:54:37 No.108368651
    There is no internal logic, just writers writing stories they think are good enough for a comic.

    Anonymous 06/26/19(Wed)09:14:11 No.108368948
    Tomasi isn't the greatest writer of all time but the work is usually average or above. The spectre has been shown to be vulnerable to magic (particularly pseudo kabala/Solomon/judeo-Christian magic) so we'll get an explanation even if it's not a great one.

    Anonymous 06/26/19(Wed)09:42:25 No.108369390
    So it's a cult worshipping Spectre?

    Anonymous 06/26/19(Wed)09:48:35 No.108369474
    He was sidelined because Vandal Savage had the Spear of Destiny, the Spectre's Kryptonite, and used it against him.

    Anonymous 06/26/19(Wed)10:24:04 No.108370021
    beautiful art and finally spectre is back

    Anonymous 06/26/19(Wed)11:40:39 No.108371256
    >that cover
    Didn't they tease a cover like this after Final Crisis and people thought DC was gonna bring Bruce back as the Spectre?

    Anonymous 06/26/19(Wed)12:43:57 No.108372315
    >giant Spectre walking
    All I can think of is the Ghost Busters scene with the Stay Puft Marshmallow man

    Anonymous 06/26/19(Wed)12:44:28 No.108372326
    After Crisis on Infinite Earths, Steve Gerber was supposed to write a Spectre series. He asked Wolfman (in CoIE), Moore (for Swamp Thing), and Thomas (Last Days of the JSA) to depower The Spectre because he wanted to write smaller stories.
    Then he never finished his scripts, visited the Howard the Duck movie set instead of writing, and got fired. Doug Moench was hired on to try to continue what Gerber had planned, and that resulted in a very weird Spectre series.
    In it, The Spectre and Corrigan were two distinct beings, and whenever the Spectre wanted out, it would cause Corrigan intense pain.

    Both of them had to reunite every 24 hours or they would both die.
    The Spectre himself was just as strong as a regular ghost. So no big punishments, just possessing doors and shit.

    Anonymous 06/26/19(Wed)12:46:43 No.108372364
    File: TheSpectre#001-23.jpg (972 KB, 1280x1999)
    Madame Xanadu with the exposition here.
    But like the other anon says, Tomasi should be well versed in Spectre lore. He was the assistant editor on Ostrander's run after the first year or so.

    Anonymous 06/26/19(Wed)14:03:43 No.108373655
    File: 1552287928447-1.jpg (1.02 MB, 1200x1093)
    Adding to >>108372326 the Spectre being able to separate from his host like this actually dates all the way back to the Golden Age near the end of his time in More Fun Comics. It's a lot older than Moench's take. Here's an explanation of it from the Silver Age.

    Anonymous 06/26/19(Wed)14:58:49 No.108374691
    File: Justice League (2011-) 042-023.jpg (315 KB, 1000x1537)
    >I am God's Vengeance.

    Anonymous 06/26/19(Wed)18:26:01 No.108377859
    The Spectre's pretty crazy, but at least he isn't Stardust.

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