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Subj: Crisis on Infinite CW Earths?
Posted: Wed Jan 08, 2020 at 10:47:41 am EST (Viewed 120 times)

Crisis on Infinite CW Earths...

Some random blurbs just seen online to consider/refresh that possibly Ruby Rose: Batwoman should familiarize with...

Supergirl and Batwoman at center stage.

First look at Oliver as the Spectre.

Huh, y'know I dropped out of the CW way back but Green Arrow as the Spectre is actually a pretty novel idea. I always liked how certain DC heroes have connections to each other entirely decided by weird coincidental gimmicks and I'd like to see how someone like Green Arrow would react to having such almighty powers.

Everyone but 7 people in the entire multiverse died. One of them was Routh Superman. But then Superman faded away and was replaced with Lex, who wrote his own name in sharpie in the magic book, replacing Superman. Sounds dumb but it was probably the best moment of the crossover so far. Lex finally won.

Luthor killed several Supermen from across various Earths by using the Book of Destiny, including erasing Reeves Superman by altering destiny to make himself one of the chosen ones rather than Superman. The rest of the Supermen, including the ones from Smallville and the Arrowverse, were erased by the anti-matter wave.

I'm surprised that stalwarts like Black Canary and Steel really are sitting the crossover out entirely.

Legends were promised no more crossovers - so they had to get Mick from an alt universe and his waverider. It's weird because the only ones left who even took part in the last crossover are Nate and Mick. And a version of Mick showed up anyways. So it's just Nate that the writers seem to hate

Nash Wells but not Pariah... Huh. I was just expressing surprise that Nash got transformed into Pariah and yet here he's depicted in his original form.

Which Black Canary? Because Earth-2 Laurel has a chuckworthy costume now.

It's our Ollie, after they find him in purgatory he's given the Spectre title by Jim Corrigan. It's quite random, but as long as Ollie gets to do something I'm happy.

I'm surprised Killer Frost made the poster but Vibe Cisco didn't. Also they can't even put J'onn in Martian form for a damn poster?

We're lucky if we see the Elongated Man. Him and Martian Manhunter are expensive.

Constantine already said that the Jim that appeared wasn't the same one he knew. so it's a character 3/4th of you have never seen.

At least with Lucifer, Birds of Prey, Titans, Jonah Hex we had seen those guys before in some capacity. This guy just walked onto the set like a Shakespearean comedy relief character gave some exposition and suddenly Ollie's the Spectre. Now I know who Corrigan is. You know who Corrigan is. The average normie? Hmm must be a reference to another show?

God/Presence, I would assume, sent Jim Corrigan to Purgatory at the right moment to recruit Oliver and prevent his creation from being (permanently) destroyed. The Spectre is God's enforcer.

Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin Snow, Killer Frost is preggers IRL.

Anti-Monitor would be dead immediately if Luci had Azrael's blade on him. It can kill God himself. But as far as I know it only exists on Lucifer's Earth. And he doesn't deal with superhero nonsense, he likes screwing around with police procedurals.

The scene during COIE was set before the start of Lucifer's own show. The storyline of the show didn't really start until Lucifer had already been on Earth, and away from Hell, for 5 years. So Lucifer's entire show is set after COIE!

Alex should have kept her Kryptonite sword

How big will Lena's tantrum will be when she learns Kara is OK with Kate having kryptonite but she got all the bullshit when she made synthentic kryptonite?

It's fact that The DCWverse is now pushing Batwoman and Supergirl as the new Oliver and Barry. Which could have been good but the two characters are so horribly written I literally don’t care about either, they have been the worst part of the crossover this year.

Thanos went on a diet for that poster?

Are YOU excited with this TV Crossover Event?

I miss you, Dan. I miss you, Dad. I miss you, Dan.
I miss you, Dad & Dan. I miss you Dad and Dan. Support Cancer Research.
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