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Subj: Homecoming of original 1939 Batman...
Posted: Wed Sep 09, 2020 at 06:21:55 pm EDT (Viewed 211 times)

DC Generations event returns reimagined with the homecoming of “the original” 1939 Batman

>DC's Generations event is finally getting a proper start this December but seemingly reimagined in Generations: Shattered #1, an 80-page one-shot priced at $9.99.
>The original event was put on hold due to comic book distribution delays due to COVID-19 and a major change in DC's executive ranks in the late winter and spring.
>"A threat of cosmic proportion to DC's newest (and oldest) universe compels one of the most unusual groups of heroes ever assembled to take on the most mysterious foe they have ever encountered," reads DC's description for the one-shot. "Join the original Batman, Kamandi, Starfire, Sinestro, Booster Gold, Dr. Light, Steel, and Sinestro in their quest to save the universe before time runs out!"
>The mention of "the original Batman" and the throwback Dark Knight featured on the cover point to the usage of Bill Finger and Bob Kane's Batman as originally designed-and-debuted in 1939's Detective Comics #27. That costume has been tweaked numerous times over the years, as has the continuity of the character. So by using the word "original," DC seems to be inferring the modern Batman is not, continuity-wise, the same as the original from 1939...

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