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Subj: Batman 100 review
Posted: Tue Oct 06, 2020 at 10:23:22 am EDT (Viewed 224 times)

Is it just me? I see the "professional" reviews and for the most part, they loved the Joker War.

But all I saw was a bunch of nothing. It's another all-out Gotham war. But Tynion's plot makes no sense. He restores the status quo (we don't know how much money Bruce has, but we all know in the end, he'll be or become a billionaire again. We know Alfred is returning).

Punchline knows who Batman is. Instead of getting the last word and telling the world that, she plays "victim" to the Joker. Harley ties Joker up with a bomb and Bats walks away, but we're told the Joker escaped, not shown how he did it.

The Joker sits around a diner with his hoodie up and no notices him? He jokerizes a sap and tells him that his body will be found and taken as the Joker. Like anyone would buy that. We have fingerprints and DNA and dental x-rays and the ability to search for scars. Tynion, stop moving your plots forward by making everyone so dumb.

What we don't see is how the Bat family rallies around Bruce, how they love and respect him and each other, how they support him and his goals and how he has influenced them to make sacrifices with their lives. We haven't seen anyone mourn Alfred, not really. Instead we get another empty spectacle where no one acts human and the logical consequences of the plot are not played out or explored. Just more blather about how Gotham is different and Bats is a Joke from the Joker and "no, I'm not" from Bruce.

Hopefully, Fifth-gen or whatever DC has coming next will smooth the edges. Tynion has also introduced the next "Bats is an incompetent vigilante, I'll take over and show him how it's done" guy. Like we haven't seen that before with the Reaper, with Az-Bats. Just more retreads of old plots.

The art was nice.

Just echh. Or I could be wrong.