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Author Topic: Detective Comics 27-32 and Batman #1: his use of guns and later the no gun/killing code
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Detective Comics 27-32 when Batman first started and he was at the time a clear rip off of the Shadow. Batman had guns and used them.

Detective Comics 33: Batman's origin is first told and we see how his parents were gunned down by Joe Chill.

Every retelling of Batman's origin, shows the mugger/Joe Chill with a gun. I have never seen any retelling where something else was used to kill his parents, it is always a gun.

(It was also a GUN that made Bruce retire in Batman Beyond, NOT his heart problem)

From the article
"From May 1939 to May 1940, the Dark Knight was depicted with a gun in only five of his sixteen stories, and only one of those stories featured him shooting people."

"The first time Batman used a gun, it was to destroy a pair of vampires with silver bullets in Detective Comics #32. After that, he used his gun to set off a bomb or summon police, but put it away when he fought criminals. The only time the Golden Age Bruce used firearms against people was in Batman #1, cover dated March 1940. In the story “The Giants of Hugo Strange,” the titular terrorist-scientist permanently transforms mental patients into giant, super strong, near-mindless “Monster Men.” Strange then has his human henchmen transport the Monster Men to populated areas in trucks. Desperate to stop them before they reach and kill innocent people, Batman fires on the drivers from his plane above while lamenting, “Much as I hate to take human life, I’m afraid this time it’s necessary!”

After Batman #1 in 1940, DC editorial mandated that Batman no longer kill and no longer carry a gun, they wanted Batman to become a super hero and by this point Robin was also in the book and they didn't want Batman to teach Robin how to kill.

Bill Finger also had apparently indicated that he felt Batman should never have used guns or killed at all in the beginning.

Also here is another one:

Yeah, his assorted Bat-Vehicles in the movies do seem to use regular bullets.

I still smile at the part of the Dark Knight Returns comics when the Bat-tank attacks the mutants at the dump "Rubber bullets......honest!"
Rubber bulelts fired from those cannons would do a lot more then just bruise the target! \:\)

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