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Subj: Detective Comics #1031: 0-DAY...
Posted: Thu Nov 26, 2020 at 05:30:29 pm EST (Viewed 86 times)

Detective Comics 1031

Here's some 0-DAY online blurbs to comment on and as always its diligently censored copypasta. Your invited to add your reaction blurbs to the mix.

Anonymous 11/24/20(Tue)07:08:55 No.119209694
Detective Comics #1031 Storytime
In which Batman practices crowd control
- HA! Good one. \:\)

Anonymous 11/24/20(Tue)07:13:33 No.119209731
Well, at least Bruce suddenly cares about Damian again.

Anonymous 11/24/20(Tue)07:21:03 No.119209775
Based Penguin cameo
- \(yes\)

Anonymous 11/24/20(Tue)07:22:27 No.119209786
Not gonna lie, kind of disappointed the We Are Robin kids aren't involved in this story.
- Maybe some were part of "I SPARTACUS" scene?

Anonymous 11/24/20(Tue)07:26:09 No.119209817
No going full murder machine?
This kills the Glass

Anonymous 11/24/20(Tue)07:27:20
>Dark Knight berates crowd
Batman is tired of your BS
- Heh.

Anonymous 11/24/20(Tue)07:28:24 No.119209835
Hush had Dick's face the last time we saw him, right?

Anonymous 11/24/20(Tue)07:29:28 No.119209842
Looks like it's up to Damian to save the family.

Anonymous 11/24/20(Tue)07:33:03 No.119209869
Damian looks good.

Anonymous 11/24/20(Tue)07:37:30 No.119209903
>Breaks into house and sits in chair
I see Damian went to the Darkseid school of asserting dominance.

Anonymous 11/24/20(Tue)07:38:44 No.119209911
I thought the last time we saw Hush was in City of Bane. But yh the character needs purpose, he's currently directionless unless the story proves otherwise.

Anonymous 11/24/20(Tue)07:43:29 No.119209947
>City of Bane
Oh, you're right. Though I don't think he showed his face in that one?
He was good in the Dark Multiverse story though.
- Huh. Is http://www.nerdly.co.uk/2020/11/05/tales-from-the-dark-multiverse-batman-hush-1-review/ a must read now?

Anonymous 11/24/20(Tue)07:53:52 No.119210035
What's the use of their costumes, if they don't even protect them from sleep darts? Also, wow, Cass, that's just embarassing.

Anonymous 11/24/20(Tue)08:01:17 No.119210109
>No going full murder machine (Damian vs Hush's ½-sister)
>going from kill/mindrape is the only way
>to just leaving them for the cops to be found
Holy backpedaling Batman, was it really Didio then?

Anonymous 11/24/20(Tue)08:02:57 No.119210125
Robin also steals her cat. Selina will be proud

Anonymous 11/24/20(Tue)08:17:16 No.119210239
It's really underrated how Damian's love for animals is probably his most endearing personality trait.
- Batcow approves this message.

Anonymous 11/24/20(Tue)08:17:51 No.119210247
He should keep that cat

Anonymous 11/24/20(Tue)08:33:43 No.119210387
At this point I'm becoming more and more convinced that Damian isn't going to be in Future State at all(the Batbooks at least). If Tynion is really the brains behind the Magistrate angle then Damian is pretty out because Tynion has never made secret of his love for Tim and a desire to force push Harper Row.

Anonymous 11/24/20(Tue)08:35:33 No.119210406
Yeah, though there's still Red X, I guess? But I don't see him playing any role in the Future State Bat books.

Anonymous 11/24/20(Tue)08:53:25 No.119210572
>hush is alive!
How did he get out of the faceless mirror world?
- Oooh... mirror world... "The Mirror"... connection?

Anonymous 11/24/20(Tue)08:54:21 No.119210584
It's not a family gathering without them jobbing to someone
- Particularly valid burn with such a high Batnumber guesting.

Anonymous 11/24/20(Tue)09:04:07 No.119210695
>"go home and stop destroying public property"
Deliberately topical?
Certainly NOT a bad preach if so.

Anonymous 11/24/20(Tue)09:14:50 No.119210802
I'm out of the loop. When did Hush become good enough to pull this off? Last I recall, he was just a crazy former rich kid who can change his face with skin alone, completely ignoring bone structure.

Anonymous 11/24/20(Tue)09:16:42 No.119210823
Evely should draw everything
It was... okay. Style suited story well enough. What background is the name "Bilquis"?

Anonymous 11/24/20(Tue)09:17:43 No.119210835
What do you mean "suddenly cares for Damian"? Tomasi is the only one that never stopped writing Bruce as caring.

Anonymous 11/24/20(Tue)09:17:56 No.119210840
I’m convinced Bruce was way more affected by the Omega Sanction than anyone is willing to admit.

Anonymous 11/24/20(Tue)09:19:58 No.119210856
Tommy? Tommy ladderbro!?
- Unfamiliar with this reference.

Anonymous 11/24/20(Tue)09:22:44 No.119210892
Double kid fans of The Signal than other in Batfam?!

Anonymous 11/24/20(Tue)09:24:20 No.119210906
>completely ignoring bone structure
Just like batman complete ignoring physics.

Anonymous 11/24/20(Tue)09:24:45 No.119210909

- Poetic props, Anon.

Anonymous 11/24/20(Tue)09:27:05 No.119210943
So who's this mirror guy? He and Hush are working together, right?

Anonymous 11/24/20(Tue)09:32:02 No.119211006
I think Mirror's pretty clearly that Asian dude running for mayor. Maybe his wife as well a la Long Halloween.

Anonymous 11/24/20(Tue)10:11:47 No.119211589
I’m glad Damian is finally starting to be written in character.

Anonymous 11/24/20(Tue)10:17:01 No.119211673
We know we can always trust Tomasi to recuse Damian from the years long bad writing

Anonymous 11/24/20(Tue)10:24:11 No.119211775
Damian is a lot like that Batman guy.

Anonymous 11/24/20(Tue)10:45:00 No.119212122
Honestly, never trust any large gathering in Gotham. Some asshat will either blow up, release some airborne toxin, turn into a monster, or worse, sell you a timeshare.


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