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Subj: Batman 109 review
Posted: Tue Jun 01, 2021 at 09:34:30 pm EDT (Viewed 114 times)

You know, I used to complain that today's comics were all pictures and no words. Well, Tynion has gotten around that problem by putting in a lot of words without any action. And what action there is, is just hitting without context.

We don't see how Bats actually out-think his opponents. He just hits them. And when that doesn't work, he hits them harder -and that works. We don't see him analyze, out-smart, out-think and out-plan his opponents. He just gets told information by Oracle and goes to the place and hits people.

The real problem is that we know what's going on, but Bats doesn't. It makes him seem slow, it makes the story slow, what with us going "get on with it. We know the deal. Let's get Batman caught up."
I also have a problem with Gotham. The Mayor has given control over to Simon Saint and Simon says he's building his own army. But last time I checked, Gotham is in the United States. There is the Constitution. There are checks and balances. Say what you will about "No Man's Land" (a story line that I hated, hate and will always hate) DC came up with a reason for why no one helped the city. It was a stupid reason, a really stupid reason, a reason that made no sense until you realize that it was in a comic book. But if you are going to have any kind of pretense toward reality and having heroes in a world that resembles ours, you have to acknowledge certain facts. Like the Constitution.

That's the problem when you take kids' stuff and make it "real" and grown up. You run up against reality and adult thinking.

As to Bruce being poor - doesn't matter. He still has a Batcave, a Batmobile and an Oracle. It's not like he has to shop on bargain night at "Heroes R Us." Plus, being poor and unable to afford the toys is Spider-Man's schtick, and it has been for 60 years. Tynion's whole deal is setting up a world that doesn't fit the Batman paradigm.

We also see his "Anti-Batman" character in action. It's a whole case of Penis-Envy. Batman has a dinosaur, so Anti-Batman has to have a bigger one in his "Haunt" cave. Bats has Catwoman as his criminal sidekick, so Harley Quinn is going to be Anti-Bat's criminal sidekick. (That's cool, calm, collected Cat versus nuts, off-the-wall, impulsive Harley). Bats has empathy, Anti-bats doesn't.

The thing about comics, is that they need forward momentum. They came about in a time of cliff-hangers and such. The Batman TV show got that. Each issue has to make you want to read the next one. Even in a six or 12 issue story, each issue must have some action that excites the reader and draws him or her to the next issue. Each issue has its own discrete charms, that while part of a larger whole, drive the story forward with its own action.

With Tynion, it's just talk, talk, talk. All the important stuff happens off stage and there's no sense of drama. No ticking clock. It's all so dreary.

The art is nice, but I am getting tired of the color scheme. But that's me.

Overall, I am not impressed. But I could be wrong.

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