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Subj: Batman 112 review
Posted: Tue Sep 07, 2021 at 01:27:03 pm EDT (Viewed 49 times)

More of the same from Tynion, which is just basically a rehash of previous Batman stories done in the past. In this it's Knightfall. Batman is replaced by a more violent version that kills and hears voices.

Batman has to, through shear force of will, fight off the attack that was meant to cripple him. In Knightfall, it was his back, here it's Scarecrow's mental games. You may say that's different, but I am declaring variation of theme.

Calling in Ghost who wears white bed sheets is just like how Batman called in Azrael. It's not a one to one parallel, but it's pretty close. All the actual action took place in another side book. So this issue is all exposition setting up the new paradigm. St. Simon Says wants to go through with his plan even though he knows it's been hijacked by Scarecrow. I think Tony Stark holding a whiskey glass might have something to say about that.

We see Batman with Oracle, the Batgirls and they talk and talk and talk yet do nothing. You can't have a main story where all the action takes place elsewhere. That's just a bridge too far for me. In these multi issue crossovers, the main action takes place in the main story book, and the side issues can be skipped, but do offer a fuller viewing of the main story. That's the way it was done in the past when the kids stayed off my lawn and I see no reason to change that now.

We still don't really know a lot about the, what is it - third?, group created by Tynion as a reaction to Batman's war on crime. I can't even remember their name. And what's their goal? What's their manifesto? Their purpose? What holds them together? Damned if I know, but I will admit to only reading the stories once, so maybe nuance has been lost on me.

I am SO SICK of the "Batman has to shake off the villain's efforts to break him through his awesome Batwill." That's been done to death in Knightfall, City of Bane, Snyder's Batman run, the Joker Wars, and God knows how many other stories in the past years. Here's a thought, instead of robbing Frank Miller's Batman yet again, why not try something different. A Batman who is smart, treats his fellow heroes well, and can be seen actually helping people. I kind of like Adam West's Batman. Jokes aside, his Bruce is seen as being caring, tolerant and working toward a better world as both Batman and Bruce. He suggests the study of music and math because they can bring people together. Instead of condemning hippies, he notes their flower power stance is meant to bring peace to the world and therefore should be applauded.

Now that would be a brave and bold stance, writing a Batman who is actually nice and well-adjusted. That attitude certainly didn't hurt Steve Englehardt's famous Batman run in the 1970s.

The art was nice, but the story was, again, just there and just a rehash of Batman stories from the past. These stories can be easily accessed because DC has continued to put them out in books that can be bought at any comics and regular book store. Do something original.

Or I could be wrong.

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