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"Gangsta Lean, Part 2 of 6"

Take a look at Marvel's BP solicitations. #32 was solicited as "Little Green Men," and #33 as "Little Green Men Part 2." #34 was originally solicited as "Gangsta Lean Part 1 of 3," and the solicitation was then changed to read "Gangsta Lean Part 3."

Which would presumably make this issue, #32, Part 1. But the issue itself says "Part 2." Which means that #31 was "Gangsta Lean Part 1," even though its own title page called itself "Dead or Alive Part 1." And the solicited "Part 3" is actually Part 4.

Of course, now it all fits neatly in a trade paperback: Black Panther: Gangsta Lean, collecting #31-36. Co-starring the Thing and the Human Torch. Arriving in stores July 2008.

Regardless, the same holds true of the series as when #34 was solicited: by the end of #36, it will have been 18 issues since T'Challa so much as set foot in Wakanda. For all of the early hype Hudlin talked about his version of Wakanda, he sure goes to some serious lengths to avoid using it.

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This whole volume of Panther stories is becoming pathetic. I have stopped buying the trade paperbacks becuase the storylines have become boring, and although I like having all of the Panther's adventures, I can't see myself reading the past few months' storylines over again in the future.

To me it feels like Hudlin is just going thr motions with Panther and Storm, and it is becoming boring to read. If he is too busy running BET to put forth better effort in monthly Panther and Storm tales, then perhaps the writing duties on the book should be given to someone else.

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I noticed that too. I think basically the number is in reference to the entire post-Zombie-but-still-space/dimension-hopping arc. So hopefully the end of this arc will find them back in 616 world and done with the Golden Frogs stuff. BTW this means that without delays we won't see T'Challa in Wakanda until probably April of 2008. Sales will surely plummet by then. Hopefully Black Panther will crossover with the Secret Invasion. =/

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