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Subj: OT: Fall of the Hulks reading order
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Fall of the Hulks reading order...


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Anyone put together a chronological reading order yet for Fall of the Hulks?? Looks like I've come up with......

Fall of the Hulks: Alpha
Fall of the Hulks: Gamma
Fall of the Hulks: Red Hulk #1
Incredible Hulk #606
Fall of the Hulks: Red Hulk #2
Hulk #19
Hulk #20
Incredible Hulk #607

That's all I have so far. Does this make sense to everyone... let me know. appreciate any feedback/corrections! Thanks

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Chronologically, of course, FALL OF THE HULKS: ALPHA is no problem, as its events take place totally separate from the remainder of the event. It goes first.

The biggest issue is, of course, INCREDIBLE HULK #606, because if you read the stories, there is no break between #604 through 606; and yet, several events must take place before Skaar's fight with Doom in that last issue. These mainly include the death of General Ross and other events in FALL OF THE HULKS: GAMMA, and the events in RED HULK #1 and the early part of #2. (The ending fight between Red Hulk and those nosferatu clearly takes place after Doom's defeat and after Red Hulk absconded with T'Challa and Beast in HULK #20.)

I suggest that, after the victory celebration at the beginning of HULK #606, the events of GAMMA and RED HULK #1 with the first part of #2 occur (specifically the Frightful Four's attempted recruiting of Thundra). 606 clearly takes place before HULK #19. (The time interval after Banner and Red Hulk meet in the middle and before Banner makes it to Latveria is too short for the whole events of HULK #19 to take place there.) There is a brief break after #606 where Banner meets back with Red Hulk at the cave, after which HULK #20 and the majority of the events in the latter half of RED HULK #2 take place with Thundra in Latveria, which also explains Rick Jones' whereabouts during the above battles.

Of course, RED HULK #2 must conclude after the events of HULK #20 as indicated in the book itself, and INCREDIBLE HULK #607 is Rick Jones' next appearance, fresh from his mission of tracking Red Hulk in RH #2. HULK #607 provides the hint where everything takes place, and it's long enough for Banner to make a brief appearance in HULK #20 before heading back to assemble his crew of Avengers and lay the guilt trip on Bucky-Cap. By then, Rick as A-Bomb is back with him and they lay siege to the air force base at the end of #607, while Red Hulk is doing who-knows-what in HULK #21, to be released. As shown in the previews, the first moments of HULK #21 take place as early as before INCREDIBLE HULK #604, being a flashback to when Red Hulk struck his deal with Banner (with Red Hulk there appearing shortly after HULK #17).

SAVAGE SHE-HULKS #1 takes place in the middle of RED HULK #2, after Thundra's fight with the Frightful Three but before the flashes to the events of HULK #19-20. It also makes it clear that the Thundra battle itself is a flashback that takes place after the end of HULK #17, because Lyra's appearance with her mother takes place between the end of INCREDIBLE HULK #605 where Red She-Hulk attempts to recruit her, and the beginning of FALL OF THE HULKS: GAMMA where Lyra is clearly shown already in league with the Intel. Of course HULK #19 also takes place in the middle of SSH #1, with the ending on board the Helicarrier taking place afterward.

Wow, what a headache I have explaining all that.

Anyone have any further suggestions on the timeline?

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Fall of Hulks Alpha

HULK #606 - pgs 1-6 victory celebration at the beginning

FALL OF THE HULKS: GAMMA, and the events in RED HULK #1

RED HULK #2 pgs 1-15

INCREDIBLE HULK #606 - pgs 7-27 Skaar's fight with Doom (Dooms Defeat)

HULK #19

HULK #20.

Red Hulk #2 pgs 16-23


Will include SSH #1 after I read! Any comments of corrections??

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I'm taking a stab at a reading order for this thing. A few things to keep in mind on how I tackled this:

1) This is still a bit sloppy; some of the details need to be smoothed out.
2) I've included a number of publication dates. These are cover dates, not dates of release. They're included as reference points only and aren't necessarily indicative of publication order.
3) I've included a number of titles that are not actually FOTH stories. These are comics that were referenced in FOTH. I've included ONLY stories that were included in FOTH. I.e., there's no need to include Spider-Man's first appearance, but I did include Captain America's death because it was very specifically referenced in FOTH: Alpha.

So, here we go:

The Distant Past
- Galactus creates a Cosmic Dataloop designed to probe the universe and seek a mental receptacle to give it form. (FOTH: Red Hulk #1)
- Doctor Doom sends the Fantastic Four back in time to retrieve Blackbeard's Treasure. The Thing assumes Blackbeard's identity and goes on pirate adventures with a time-traveling, Hulkified Deadpool from a different point in the future. (Fantastic Four #5, Hulked-Out Heroes #1)
- A time-traveling team of Avengers battles Kang the Conqueror in America's Old West. Later, Hawkeye and the Two-Gun kid battle a time-traveling Thingbeard, Hulkpool, Devil Dinosaur, and a lot of monkeys. (Avengers #142, Hulked-Out Heroes #1)
- A time-traveling Hulkpool encounters Captain America moments before Bucky Barnes is apparently killed by a German missile. (Hulked-Out Heroes #1)
The Marvel Age
- A gamma bomb explosion transforms scientist Bruce Banner into the Hulk. (Incredible Hulk #1, May 1962)
- General Ross recruits the Fantastic Four to attack the Hulk for the first time. (Fantastic Four #12, March 1963)
- Ivan Kragoff replicates the conditions that created the Fantastic Four; becomes the Red Ghost with his Super-Apes. (Fantastic Four #14, April 1963)
- The Mad Thinker attacks the Fantastic Four for the first time using his Awesome Android. (Fantastic Four #15, June 1963)
- The Cosmic Dataloop inspires professor Gregson Gilbert to build the Dragon Man android. Diablo activates Dragon Man. The Dataloop rejects Dragon Man as a host. (Fantastic Four #35, February 1965; FOTH: Red Hulk #1)
- The Wizard forms the first Frightful Four. (Fantastic Four #36, March 1965)
- An accident transforms Samuel Sterns into the Leader. (Sometime prior to Tales to Astonish #62, December 1964)
- AIM Scientist George Tarleton is transformed into M.O.D.O.K. (September 1967)
- Advanced Idea Mechanics provides psychiatrist Leonard Samson with a “Cathexis Ray” capable of transferring energies. (Prior to Incredible Hulk #141, Hulk #18)
- Samson uses the Cathexis Ray to cure Betty Ross of an ailment. Samson also uses the ray to transform himself into the heroic Doc Samson. (Incredible Hulk #141, July 1971)
- The warrior woman Thundra travels to the past from a future ruled by women. She is recruited into the latest incarnation of the Frightful Four. (Fantastic Four #129, December 1972)
- General Ross is captured by Russians. (Incredible Hulk #163, May 1973)
- Lt Col Glenn Talbot is captured by the Russians while rescuing Ross. (Incredible Hulk #166, August 1973)
- Talbot is interrogated by the Gremlin and the Winter Soldier in Russia. Talbot almost escapes. (World War Hulks #1)
- M.O.D.O.K. uses gamma radiation to transform Betty Ross into a harpy-like creature. She is later cured by Bruce Banner. (Incredible Hulk #167-169, September-November 1973)
- General Ross and team from S.H.I.E.L.D. rescue Glenn Talbot from Russia. (Incredible Hulk #188, June 1975)
- The Cosmic Dataloop inspires the Mad Thinker to build the Cosmic Hulk robot. (FOTH: Red Hulk #1; prior to Eternals vol. 1 #14)
- The Cosmic Hulk robot is exposed to a burst of energy caused by the Eternals and is activated. The Eternals defeat the Cosmic Hulk robot. (Eternals vol. 1 #14-16, August-October 1977)
- The Leader, the Wizard, the Mad Thinker, the Red Ghost, Egghead and Dr. Doom form a coalition of scientists called “the Intel.” (Prior to FOTH: Alpha)
- The Intel steals the contents of the Library of Alexandria from the Eternals’ Antarctic base. They also retrieve the Cosmic Hulk robot. (FOTH: Alpha)
- The Nth Projector is stolen from Project Pegasus. (Marvel Two-in-One #53-59, July-December 1979)
- The Intel raids Project Pegasus but learns the Nth Projector is gone. The Wizard learns Thundra was involved. (FOTH: Alpha)
- Egghead forms the third incarnation of the Masters of Evil. (Avengers #222, August 1982)
- Egghead is killed by Hawkeye. (Avengers #229, March 1983)
- The Intel recruits M.O.D.O.K. to replace Egghead. (FOTH: Alpha; subsequent to Avengers #229)
- The Intel raids a Wakandan repository and learns how ancient Wakandans manipulated cosmic energy to bring down Vibranium meteorites. Dr. Doom creates a tachyon beam that uses similar principles. (FOTH: Alpha)
Secret Wars
- Dr. Doom’s tachyon beam attracts the attention of the Beyonder, who draws many of Earth’s heroes and villains to a distant Battleworld. Doom temporarily usurps the Beyonder’s power. Spider-Man returns to Earth with a symbiotic alien that attempts to possess him. (Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #1-12, circa Incredible Hulk #294-295, April-May 1984)
- The symbiote is badly injured. The Intel revives it. (FOTH: Alpha; apparently around Web-of Spider-Man #1, April 1985)
- The Beyonder comes to Earth and assumes human form. (Secret Wars II #1-9, July 1985-March 1986)
- Bruce Banner marries Betty Ross. (Incredible Hulk #319, (May 1986)
- The Leader mutates further and develops a larger cranium. (Incredible Hulk #332, June 1987)
- The Leader creates the Redeemer armor. (Prior to Incredible Hulk #343, May 1988)
- Betty Ross is poisoned by the Abomination’s blood and dies. (Incredible Hulk #466, July 1998)
- The Intel raids information on satellites from Edwards Air Force Base and discovers the preserved body of Betty Ross. (FOTH: Alpha; sometime after Incredible Hulk #467; most likely after Incredible Hulk vol. 2 #25, April 2001)
Planet Hulk/Civil War
- The Illuminati (Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic, Dr. Strange and Black Bolt) plan to send the Hulk into space. (New Avengers: Illuminati #1, May 2006)
- Dr. Doom informs the Leader of the Illuminati’s plans for the Hulk. (FOTH: Alpha)
- The Illuminati trick the Hulk into battling the Godseye satellite, then send him into deep space. (Incredible Hulk vol. 2 #88-91; New Avengers: Illuminati #1)
- The Hulk is accidentally exiled to the Planet Sakaar. The Hulk marries Caiera the Oldstrong. Sakaar is badly damaged when the Illuminati’s shuttle explodes. The Hulk leaves for Earth for revenge; his child, Skaar, is unknowingly left behind alive. (Incredible Hulk #92-105, World War Hulk #5, Skaar: Son of Hulk #1)
- The United States passes the Super-Hero Registration Act, leading to a Civil War between registrants and non-registrants. Iron Man becomes the head of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Civil War #1-7, July 2006-January 2007)
- Captain America is apparently killed in the aftermath of the Civil War. (Captain America vol. 5 #25, April 2007)
- The Intel raids the final piece of the Library of Alexandria from a library in Atlantis. Doom betrays the Intel. (FOTH: Alpha)
- M.O.D.O.K. proposes channeling cosmic energy through military satellites to combine cosmic and gamma radiation and create a Red Hulk. (FOTH: Alpha)


World War Hulk
- The Hulk and his Warbound return to Earth seeking revenge on the Illuminati. The Hulk is defeated when Iron Man hits him with radiation from several satellites. Rick Jones is badly injured. Unknown to Iron Man, M.O.D.O.K. manipulates the satellites to hit the Hulk with cosmic energy. General Ross takes the Hulk and Jones into S.H.I.E.L.D. custody. (World War Hulk #1-5, August 2007-January 2008; Incredible Hulk #600)
- The Warbound escapes S.H.I.E.L.D. custody. The Leader creates a dome of gamma radiation over Stoneridge, New Mexico, but is defeated by the Hulk’s surviving Warbound. Kate Waynesboro inherits the Old Power of Sakaar. (World War Hulk: Aftersmash #1; World War Hulk: Warbound #1-5)
- The Red Hulk kills a Wendigo in Canada on his way to Russia. (King-Sized Hulk #1)
- The Red Hulk kills the Abomination and retrieves a sample of his DNA. (Hulk #1; FOTH: Red Hulk #3.)
- The Intel transforms Rick Jones into the new Abomination, A-bomb, and his wife Marlo into a new Harpy. The Intel plants a subliminal command into A-bomb to kill Bruce Banner. A-bomb escapes with Marlo's help. (FOTH: Red Hulk #3)
- The Abomination’s body is found in Russia by S.H.I.E.L.D. (Hulk #1, March 2008)
- The Red Hulk destroys a S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier. S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Clay Quartermain is apparently killed by Samson and/or the Red Hulk. The Red Hulk battles A-bomb. The Hulk escapes his prison at Gamma Base. The Red Hulk nearly kills the Hulk and Thor. The Hulk, A-bomb and Thor confront and defeat the Red Hulk. A-bomb is captured by Samson and General Ross. (Hulk #2-6, April-November 2008)
- Thundra travels to the past from the alternate future of Earth-8009 to obtain a cell sample from the Hulk. (Hulk: Raging Thunder #1; [exact placement in timeline uncertain])
- Thundra’s time machine fails, and she remains trapped on Earth-616. The Fantastic Four are unable to send her home. (FOTH: Red Hulk #2)
- The Hulk, Sentry, Moon Knight, Ms. Marvel and Brother Voodoo battle Wendigos in Las Vegas. (Hulk #7-9, December 2008-February 2009)
- She-Hulk assembles the Lady Liberators (Thundra, Valkyrie, and several other female heroes) and unsuccessfully attempts to capture the Red Hulk. The Red Hulk captures Thundra and offers to send her home if she joins the Intel. (Hulk #7-9, December 2008-February 2009; FOTH: Red Hulk #2)
- The Intel retrofits the destroyed S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier, renaming it the "Hellcarrier." (Subsequent to Hulk #4)
Secret Invasion/Dark Reign
- The Skrulls unsuccessfully attempt to conquer Earth. Norman Osborn replaces Tony Stark as the head of S.H.I.E.L.D., which he disbands and replaces with H.A.M.M.E.R. He assumes the identity of the Iron Patriot and assembles a villainous team of Avengers. (Secret Invasion #1-8, Dark Avengers #1)
- The Grandmaster and the Collector pit the Hulk and the Defenders against the Red Hulk and his team of “Offenders.” (Hulk #10-12, April-July 2009)
- Skaar is exiled to Earth. (Skaar: Son of Hulk #10)
- Skaar comes to Earth and battles the She-Hulk and the Fantastic Four. (Planet Skaar Prologue, July 2009)
- Skaar battles the Warbound and the Hulk. (Skaar: Son of Hulk #11-12, August 2009)
- The Hulk and Thundra’s daughter Lyra arrives on Earth-616 in an attempt to impregnate herself via Norman Osborn. Lyra battles the She-Hulk and the Dark Avengers. She-Hulk rescues Lyra from the Dark Avengers. Lyra is allowed to remain on Earth-616 as an agent of the Alternate Reality Monitoring and Organizational Response Agency, A.R.M.O.R. Lyra becomes known as the second She-Hulk. (The All-New Savage She-Hulk #1-4)
- The Hulk is captured by M.O.D.O.K. (Prior to Incredible Hulk #600)
- She-Hulk and Leonard Samson infiltrate M.O.D.O.K.’s Gamma Base. Leonard’s “Samson” personality becomes dominant. The Hulk escapes, but his power is permanently removed by the Red Hulk. A-bomb escapes with Banner. She-Hulk is captured by the Red Hulk. (Incredible Hulk #600, September 2009)
- Lyra battles the Cyber-Sidhe from an alternate Earth. (The All-New Savage She-Hulk #4, Incredible Hulk #600, September 2009)
- Norman Osborn sends Ares to investigate the Hulk’s disappearance. (Hulk #13)
- Lyra leaves A.R.M.O.R. to find the missing She-Hulk. The Red She-Hulk attempts to recruit her. (Incredible Hulk #601-605, Savage She-Hulks #1)
- She-Hulk attempts to escape from the Intel headquarters. Red She-Hulk stops her by breaking her neck. The Intel sends Red She-Hulk on a mission. (Incredible Hulk #606-607)
- The mutant Domino nearly sees the Red Hulk’s human identity. With the help of Samson and General Ross, the Red Hulk assembles a team called “Code Red” (Deadpool, the Punisher, the Crimson Dynamo, Thundra and Elektra) to find her. Code Red battles the mutant team X-Force, who is hiding Domino. Domino and Elektra suspect a conspiracy and escape to investigate. (Hulk #14-15)
- Red She-Hulk attacks Elektra and Domino. (Incredible Hulk #607-608)
- The Red She-Hulk helps the Red Hulk escape X-Force. The Red Hulk is betrayed by Samson, Red She-Hulk, and Code Red. Thundra triple-crosses Samson and aids the Red-Hulk in escaping again. (Hulk #15-17)
- Banner tracks down Skaar and begins training him in heroics. Skaar fights the Juggernaut and Daken. (Incredible Hulk #601-603, October-December 2009)
- Bruce Banner and Skaar rescue Kate Waynesboro from H.A.M.M.E.R. custody. Norman Osborn re-exposes Banner to gamma radiation, giving him the potential to become the Hulk again. (Dark Reign: The List—The Hulk #1, December 2009)
- Bruce Banner and Skaar discover that the Leader has transferred Betty Ross’ harpy mutation onto Rick Jones’ wife, Marlo Chandler. Banner and Skaar prevent the Mole Man and Tyrannus from conquering New York City. (Incredible Hulk #604-605, January-February 2010)
- A-bomb stops Ulik the Troll's rampage. A-bomb and Marlo temporarily separate. (World War Hulks #1)
- Samson “kills” the “Leonard” side of his personality. (Hulk #18)
- The Wizard attempts to recruit Thundra. Thundra rejects their offer and fends off the Frightful Four with the Red Hulk’s help. (FOTH: Red Hulk #2)
Fall of the Hulks
- Red She-Hulk attempts to escape the Intel with Jennifer Walters, but fails. (World War Hulks #1)
- The Red Hulk reveals his identity to Bruce Banner. (Hulk #21)
- Lyra finds and unsuccessfully attacks Thundra. (Savage She-Hulks #1)
- The Wizard recruits Lyra to join the Frightful Four. Lyra battles the Red She-Hulk. (Savage She-Hulks #1)
- General Ross attacks the Red Hulk wearing the Redeemer armor. The Red Hulk apparently kills Ross. Samson, Bruce Banner, and Rick Jones attend his funeral. Captain America (Barnes) recognizes Glenn Talbot at the funeral. Betty Ross also reappears alive and visits General Ross' grave with Talbot. The Intel reassembles to declare war on the Red Hulk. The Red Hulk and Bruce Banner form an alliance. (FOTH: Gamma)
- Captain America (Bucky Barnes) recalls how he almost helped Talbot escape in Russia. (World War Hulks #1)
- A-bomb and the Red Hulk accidentally awaken the Cosmic Hulk robot at an A.I.M. base. Afterwards, the Red Hulk, A-bomb and Banner begin planning against the Intel. Red Hulk reveals that Banner has a daughter, Lyra. (FOTH: Red Hulk #1-2)
- New York City holds a parade for Skaar and the Fantastic Four. Banner sees Betty Ross alive. Banner meets with the Red Hulk in New Mexico. The Cosmic Hulk captures Dr. Doom in Latveria. (Incredible Hulk #606)
- Glenn Talbot battles the Cosmic Hulk robot. (World War Hulks #1; sometime after the Intel captures the robot.)
- Samson tests the Cathexis Ray on A.I.M. soldiers using She-Hulk as a lens. (World War Hulks #1)
- The Frightful Four attacks the Baxter Building and captures Mr. Fantastic. (Hulk #19, Savage She-Hulks #1)
- The Red Hulk and Banner meet at the Gamma Cave after the attack on the Baxter Building. (Hulk #19)
- Red She-Hulk attacks the Avengers and captures Hank Pym, despite the intervention of Banner and Skaar. (Incredible Hulk #607)
- The Intel begins trapping the eight smartest men within the Liddleville Technology. (Hulk #19)
- The Red Ghost and the Super-Apes capture the Black Panther and the Beast. Red Hulk kills one of the apes. The Red Hulk and Banner meet at the cave again after the Black Panther and Beast’s capture. (Hulk #20)
- Thundra and the Red Hulk capture Dr. Doom’s time machine. Thundra returns to Earth-8009 to impregnate herself with the Hulk’s DNA. She promises to return if the Red Hulk needs aid. A-bomb regresses to his less-intelligent personality. Banner and Red-Hulk overcome the Intel's sublimina command in A-bomb. (FOTH: Red Hulk #2-3)
- Lyra finds Jennifer Walters imprisoned within the Hellcarrier. (Savage She-Hulks #1)
- Deadpool runs a $30,000 tab at a nightclub and seeks payment from the Red Hulk. Red Hulk recruits Deadpool for the assault on the Hellcarrier. (World War Hulks #1)
- Banner, Skaar, the Avengers and the Red Hulk invade the Hellcarrier. Amadeus Cho attempts to rescue Betty Banner from Ft. Bowland, Arizona. Banner is captured and trapped in Liddleville. The Intel uses the Cathexis Ray on the Red Hulk to create a Hulk army. The Avengers, Fantastic Four, X-Men, and Deadpool are transformed into Hulks. (Incredible Hulk #607-608, Hulk #21)
- Deadpool, transformed into "Hulkpool," finds Bob, Agent of Hydra now working for A.I.M. "Hulkpool" recruits Bob to take him back in time to kill Deadpool. (World War Hulks #1) While time-traveling, Hulkpool returns to the present and encounters Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy. (Hulked-Out Heroes #1)

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