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Subj: New Avengers # 7
Posted: Fri Jun 21, 2013 at 04:07:27 pm EDT (Viewed 533 times)

Hickman continues his slow burn adding yet more kindling to the Illuminati blaze. The cover while anticipatory of an upcoming fight between the Black Panther and the Sub Mariner belied the well written verbal exchange the two of them engaged in. The skirmishes between Atlantis and Waknda has the water breathers up two to one, with increasing casualties on the Afrakan side.

Namor revealing to Tchalla that Shuri has enemies among the Wakandan people should come as no surprise to him. Is this some kind of foreshadowing that hints at Shuri loosing the throne or worse yet dying in battle? I do not want Tchalla to reacquire the throne through some unregistered character's (General H'llah) betrayal that leads to Shuri's demise.

Hickman's Shuri is coming off correct. She speaks with conviction and confidence. His Tchalla is obliviously contradicting himself as if he were in a Maberry written story. Tchalla reiterates his threat to kill Namor during a war council meeting while in the same breath opts for peace. How can there be any lasting peace between Wakanda and Atlantis if the Black Panther kills the monarch of the submerged nation. He should see the obvious contradiction. This kind of doublespeak takes something away from Tchalla.

While Deodato's art was spot on in depicting all the characters (I especially liked his Namor) his Tchalla seemed a little too cowed in his discussion with Namor. It gave me a twinge of Maberry...just a twinge. None the less he draws a handsome Tchalla unmasked. He drew a dynamic Wakandan cityscape. I would have loved to have seen it larger.

I know how and why Tchalla and Reed are bonded due to the circumstances of Tchalla's inauguration as King of the Dead but I would prefer the Black Panther consulting with his inner council, Shuri and Bast in regards to affairs of state, war with Atlantis and the incursions. The former and latter match up sequentially for arguments sake.

Suspension of disbelief aside there is no way Doom would not know about an incursion.

My pet peeve surfaced again. I am constantly displeased with the Wakandans perpetual use of spears. The most advanced military in the world and they have yet to update the spear. Talk about belaboring the stereotype. The least that could be done is to compose them of some form of energy or design a particle weapon that would resemble a spear.

Speaking of advancement in the field; the traditional diving gear while portraying a realisitic scene; left me feeling that the Wakandans came ill-prepared for an undersea battle with the Atlanteans. Why not have them chewing some aqua gum or wear an environmental belt for under water activity. Demonstrate their prowess and preparedness in advanced warfare.

Conversely I'm thinking that the Black Panther and Wakanda maybe able to lay claim the teleportation device used to transport the Illuminati to Latveria, the tech used to imprison Black Swan and Terrax and the materials needed to construct the anti matter bombs. That's a step in the right direction assuming Reed and Stark didn't import the materials and equipment.

Finally I would like more attention paid to the Dora Milaje at Tchalla's side. There should be more interactions, some hints at their intimacy as we witness both her and Tchalla's skills and powers emerge. Give her a name and a meaningful purpose. You want a love interest for Tchalla here's where you start.

Overall an entertaining issue. The war is declared. Let us now witness the full firepower of the Wakandan military as they engage both Atlantis and the threat that is Thanos.

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