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Subj: Infinity: The Hunt #4: Nada...
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Infinity: THE HUNT #4 [of4]

This conclusion was terrible - the story had an overkill of silliness. Off characterizations of pre-Hunt established characters - of what little amount it managed with such a large cast. And the artwork was certainly not my cup of tea.

This was not about Shuri but overall she did fine. Better representation of the Hutat Zaraze, Dora Milaje, and Wakanda Forces would have been nicer. Understandably, though, this was meant to be all about the kids (with the blandbiguous codenames). Here are Player by Player reactions:

Finesse only spoke twice to motivate the kids out of inaction. Ironiclaly, she does NOTHING of merit/note in this issue. Sadly, only 2 Two good panels out of 20 pages. \:\(

Striker respectively used his powers to get in one shot against the GAG(Generic Alien Giant) enemy. Other than that: nada. Oh, he was used tangentially for a gay joke. Uh, when was the last time he was seen able to fly?!

Gang is seen as a potential tech & intellect force to be reckoned with. For the sake of silly/abrupt comedic irony they toss in he has the hots for a mystical demoness. However, he was one of 2 kids that did not stink as heroes - though it's funny 'cuz It appears maybe his real senses are heightened and his one weakness, via forced convenience, is that he is sans smell.

Pom Pom had some kind of in your face attitude in one panel, IIRC, but other than that: nada.

Shri... who?!

Genesis continues to be so boring ever since his Dark Angel origin.

Quire. Terrible. His narrative was spot off. He sounded to banal with none of his snarky reputation that sells. He wasn't even given his fun captioned t-shirt. Or his "KID OMEGA" codename - if for Roll Call symmetry only. That blue brain veins showing was an interesting visual (or artistic license?) that would've been neater on a new character without established telepathy f/x.

Sprite knows when to bow to show oriental respect. And she flew with her wings at some point in the story.

Asha, Blocks, and Bull continue still to interest me. The ongoing subplot with Atlantean/Wakandan tensions played out decently. Yet what they brought to the table in the fighting: nada. Oh, Blocks and Bull did some kind of power showing in one panel against GAG in one panel. And Asha? [sarcasm]She would've taken care of all the aliens if looks could kill 'cuz she's so hot.[/sarcasm]

3 Moloids... seriously, why not the 4? They brought nada save a huge drilling machine they seemingly pulled out of their back pocket and amazingly weilded with Herculean ease to help bury GAG.

Bentley=23: Nada. And he was upstaged by Gang for a supersilly 'What are the odds?' type joke.

Lock shambled around doing nada.

Box: Nada. (Still has me extra curious how this Brit boy is connected to the original Canuck by genes and citizenship.)

Pan: Nada.

Morg: Nada.

Demona: Saves the day. So she gets props for that. She was given equally as key to the story as Gang. And her teleport showing were as impressive and her presence. She had some fun 'tude and was properly cryptic with her "PRINCESS OF HELL" title. Dr.Doom doesn't realize how lucky he is to have her.

Whalesong was a cipher. Her sudden appearance, her claimed concern/connection to Atlantis, her unexplained transformation origin and baffling inability to speak/psi a human language. But to her credit she did not bring nada - she brought the Pet Whale Monster! Pet Whale Monster upstaged ALL the kids in their own mini series and still came across as a ridiculous story element. It's clear, Marvel is trying to capture the early mystique of the Acanti but it failed. Maybe if it was established that it also was an alien creature that only recently arrived to bond with Whalesong only to die from its mortal wounds here then Pet Whale Monster would have been somewhat more favourable.

Link to previews:

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