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Seems awful quick to cancel a series after only 2 issues.

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The marketing on this was ridiculous.

1) Why are these particular people hanging out in Harlem? To solve a particular mystery? Okay. For an ongoing book...nope. Doesn't make sense. Most of them have to spend a majority of their time elsewhere. BP (and Eden) has obligations in Wakanda, Storm all over the world. Luke and Misty I could understand. And don't get me wrong. The character can appear in multiple titles just like other Marvel characters. To relegate them to one geographic location seemed a stretch.

2) When you title the book Black Panther and the crew. They expect to see Black Panther. Hey, ride the momentum BP has received from the movies, etc. No wait, don't put him in the first two issues. Pardon me, he appears in the last page of the 2nd issue. *head smack*

3) I am glad they are going to finish the initial arc.

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